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PMG Chapter 1: Spirit Awakening

This was done by a translation group – Alice Translations. They stopped translating altogether so I have picked this up after chapter 4.

Martial arts. It decides your fate as well as your life and death. The weak is humiliated while the strong looks down on the world.
Martial Spirit. The innate talent of the people in the continent is considered as the warrior’s soul. It can be said that the achievements of a warrior is closely linked to their martial spirit.
There are numerous types of martial spirit. Nature spirits such as fire, ice, hurricanes, lighting, etc. Weapon spirits such as knifes, guns, swords and halberd. Beast spirits such as the white tiger, the crazy rhinoceros, the violent ape and the dragon snake. In addition there are also many powerful soul spirits such as the immortal spirit.

The martial spirit, it will evolve and increases its strength with its master’s cultivation.
The city of Yangzhou, Lin family mansion
Lin Feng opened his eyes and stared at the ancient and unrefined room. In this strange yet familiar room, his eyes revealed a hint of bitter frustration.
“To think that I survived!” Lin Feng whispered in his heart. At that moment, his bitter smile vanished and a hint of a smile appears on the corner of his mouth.
That’s right. He was originally a senior student from Hua Xia Jiang Nan School. However, due to a car accident, Lin Feng crossed over to another world and ended up possessing a junior that shares his name.
Lin Feng felt somewhat depressed but it was not due to the face that he crossed over to another world. On Earth, he was an orphan and was single-handedly bought up by his grandfather. One day, after seeing Lin Feng’s college admission notice, his grandfather finally felt relieved and died due to overworking. He left Lin Feng enough money in his bank to pay for his college. This amount of money can be considered a fortune in the village. And for his grandfather to save up this last bit of inheritance for Lin Feng, he neglected his health.
Lin Feng studied very hard in college and would always get best scholarship. He wanted to rely on his own effort to change his fate, to fulfill his grandfather’s wish. But Lin Feng gradually understood that no matter how hard he work and how much effort he put in, it means nothing in this era where your parent’s influence plays an important role.
During his senior year internship, a cocktail party was held in one of the hotels. During the party, a wealthy second generation kid made a female student that intern with him drunk. After that, people started to silently leave. Understanding what was happening; Lin Feng went to stop him.
In the end, his four years of effort came to naught. He was expelled from school on the grounds of indecent assault on his female schoolmate. In fact, the evidence was irrefutable as the female identified him personally.
His kind-hearted actions bite him in the end. He was sued by the female he helped as well as the wealthy kid. With both witnesses and evidences there, Lin Feng who has neither money nor influence was unable to fight against the law suit. His fate at that point of time was already sealed. Sentenced to jail for eight to ten years, he was completely derailed from society.
When he saw the wealthy kid and the female schoolmate happily hugging each other when being affectionate in an Audi car, Lin Feng jumped into a random car and with a smile, he drove into the Audi. Lin Feng vaguely remembers the two fearful yet dirty faces that contain the dirtiness of this corrupted world.
In his previous life, Lin Feng no longer has any lingering worries. Therefore, he was not depressed due to the fact that he crossed over to another world. He was depressed due to the factthat he seemed to have possessed the body of a trashy young master with a trashy spirit.
This Young Master Lin that possesses the same name as him was originally an outer sect disciple of Yun Hai. In the Yun Hai Sect, he was frequently bullied by his own cousin, beaten nearly to death and finally kicked out of the sect’s doors. It was due to the fact that the young master was half dead did Lin Feng managed to seize the opportunity to cross over and possess his body.
“Since I managed to gain a new life, I will never let the tragedy repeat itself” Lin Feng said while he lay on his bed and clenched his fists. To the young master soul that was reluctant to completely disperse, Lin Feng said “Do not worry. From now on, you are me and I am you. I will no longer let myself be bullied.”
Having fused with majority of the original “Lin Feng” soul, Lin Feng was very clear on what kind of world he is currently in. The strong is respected. As long as you have sufficient strength, all power and influence would have to bow down in front of you and this includes even the supreme imperial authority.
And to those who seek to walk the Martial Arts path, not only do they need to have talent above others but they would also need to have a strong heart as well as incomparably tenacious will. The former young master “Lin Feng” was somewhat weak but the him now is different. The current Lin Feng barely escaped death and crossed over to a different world. In addition to the pain and suffering he went through, his will is no doubt much tougher than the young master “Lin Feng”.
It was as if the soul felt Lin Feng’s strong will, it finally started to slowly weakened and at last the two souls fused together perfectly.
“Hong!” The moment the soul fused together, Lin Feng felt the soul tremor and the stun knocked him unconscious.
Time passes and Lin Feng finally opened his eyes again. His brow wrinkled slightly and he carefully felt the throbbing of his soul.
Sitting up, Lin Feng moved his conscious. Immediately, a particular atmosphere spread. At this moment, Lin Feng felt that he was wrapped in shadow.
“Did you hear? Lin Feng that trash is still not awake. I bet that he is near death”
“Ha, a trash like him is better off the sooner he dies. He throws the face of the Lin family.”
Their talk in the distance had travelled to Lin Feng yet he was not angry. Instead, he showed a strange look. The voices apparently transferred from a long distance away yet the him now could hear everything clearly. Not only that, he was able to hear all the noises within several hundred meters.
Moreover, Lin Feng discovered that his vision became even better and he became even more sensitive to his surroundings. In addition, he suddenly understood the previously misty and unclear marital arts path.
Moving his conscious once again, a small snake spirit appeared behind Lin Feng. Its small body curled up, this snake was the one that people laugh at to be a trash spirit. As the snake’s species is unknown, he was unable to increase his ability.
“Twin Spirit!”
At this moment, Lin Feng was not worried about the snake spirit. Instead, he had a stunned look on his face. Slowly, a hint of smile appeared on his face. That’s right. The black mist spirit was a newly awakened spirit. Even though he does not know what type of spirit the shadow is, but with the snake spirit, he possesses two spirits.
A person that was born with two spirits is also known as twin spirit. In fact, in the mainland, people who can cultivate two spirits are known as geniuses. The trash that everyone looked down on at this moment had twin spirit.
“Let’s call you the dark spirit for now.” Lin Feng showed a faint smile. To be able to have twin spirit must be due to his fused soul. Having two souls being combined into one, having two spirits is not surprising. As for this spirit’s ability, at this moment it would seem that it is able to enhance his physical fitness.
Closing his eyes, Lin Feng began to meditate. Slowly, the world’s essence started flowing into Lin Feng’s limbs and bones while nourishing the body and martial spirits.
Two hours later, Lin Feng stopped meditating and started to emit a milky foul air from his nose. Right after that, he felt that his whole body became fresh and he felt carefree as even the soreness of his body disappeared.
“So this is the cultivation of a warrior, fascinating.” Lin Feng looked at his fist and with just a little strength, a crackling sound full of energy sounded out.
The speed of his practice seems to be faster as compared to his memories. Lin Feng walked out of his room and in front of him was a huge courtyard. In the courtyard, wooden stakes and stone pillars are there for him to practice.
Arriving in front of the stone pillars, Lin Feng used the martial technique “Nine Heavy Waves”. The wind started whistling and pierced the air. It was as if space was being twisted by waves after waves.
At this point of time, Lin Feng shouted. He straightened his waist and abdomen and sent out a meteor-like punch onto the stone pillar, creating a loud thunder sound. The stone pillar instantly exploded into piles of dusts and scattered onto the ground.
Moreover, the air pressure continued on even after shattering the stone pillars. The air pressure produced several loud sounds and caused the air to move forward like waves. This air pressure created cracks at another stone pillar two meters away.
“This punch should have over 6000jin strength.” Lin Feng was very satisfied with its effect. Right now, his power has been restored to the peak and his Qi has reached the fifth layer. Even the martial technique “Nine Heavy Waves” that he trained in has turned even stronger. Previously he could only achieve five heavy waves but now he had actually broke through to having six heavy waves. It was due to his breakthrough that he was able to use his Qi and send out 6000jin of strength.
“Seems like the dark spirit not only enhanced my vision and hearing but also my speed and comprehension” Lin Fen smiled. He being called trash was not only due to his snake spirit but also due to his poor comprehension ability. The talented at his age would have already reach the sixth Qi layer or higher. Yet, he was only at the fifth layer. In addition, his comprehension ability was also lower as compared to the others. Even when he practiced only one martial technique, he was stuck at the fifth heavy wave, causing him to be ridiculed.
But now, the cultivation problems he faced seemed to varnish with the appearance of the dark spirit.
Being able to enhance the overall martial arts quality of a person, it seems that the dark spirit is no ordinary spirit.

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