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PMG Chapter 1003: Kiss kiss!

PMG Chapter 1003: Kiss kiss!
“Yue Xin, that’s fine but shouldn’t you think about our clan? Do you think they will like him?” asked Qiu Mei smiling.
“I don’t care. I can live the life I want.” said Qiu Yue Xin coldly.
“Since that’s what you want. I can’t say anything…” said Qiu Mei with a smile. She turned to Lin Feng and said smiling, “Do you actually think you deserve to be loved by my sister?”
“Your name is Lin Feng?” said Qiu Mei smiling at Lin Feng but that smile was evil, despising, arrogant.
“Indeed.” replied Lin Feng indifferently and expressionlessly.
“Do you know who my sister is?” said Qiu Mei smiling.
“I know. You said it a few times already, the Qiu Clan.” said Lin Feng.
“Since you know, I’ll tell you something, Yue Xin is a young woman of my clan and is quite outstanding. She’s famous, many men want to marry her, of them, many are way stronger than you. So let me ask you, even though she likes you, do you deserve that love? Do you think you are a good match?” said Qiu Mei.
Everybody was staring at Lin Feng. It didn’t matter if Qiu Yue Xin liked Lin Feng, he was a cultivator at the bottom of the Tian Qi layer, could he be with her?
“What does that have to do with you? Do I need you to tell me how to live my life? Just who do you think you are?” said Lin Feng coldly. Qiu Mei was surprised and smiled coldly, “You have to be somewhat aware of the situation. You’re just a nobody, do you think an ant can follow dragons to become a dragon?”
“Let me tell you something now, you should be careful with that stinky mouth of yours, nobody will ever want you if you keep talking like that.” said Lin Feng mockingly. Qiu Mei was furious.
“You want to die.” said Qiu Mei. Nobody had ever humiliated her. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would lose his temper too.
“Lin Feng, come here.” said Qiu Yue Xin.
Lin Feng walked towards Qiu Yue Xin.
“Hug me.” said Qiu Yue Xin with an infatuating smile. The crowd was astonished. The ice-hearted girl suddenly looked so warm in front of Lin Feng, he made her melt. The guys who were there couldn’t stand seeing her act like that with another man.
Lin Feng was suddenly drenched in cold sweat. Was she serious?
“You don’t dare?” said Qiu Yue Xin using telepathy. She was still smiling at Lin Feng with a resplendent smile.
“Why wouldn’t I?” said Lin Feng. He then stretched his hands and put them around her waist. Qiu Yue Xin shivered and became rigid. She looked nervous.
The crowd was astonished. The members of the Qiu Clan looked furious. Those who liked Qiu Yue Xin were furious. They all wanted to kill Lin Feng. His hands were now on her waist…
Qiu Yue Xin smiled shyly. She looked so sweet. The crowd was getting even more furious.
Qiu Yue Xin turned around and wrapped herself up in Lin Feng’s arms. She looked at the crowd coldly and said, “Nobody can tell me who I can like. If someone dares touch him, I will kill them. Now, fuck off!”
Qiu Yue Xin then released ice energies and a cold moon appeared above her.
A cold autumn moon, just like her name suggested. (translator’s note: Qiu means autumn and yue means moon).
The moon looked solitary and cold. Qiu Mei frowned and turned deathly pale. She didn’t want to fight Qiu Yue Xin.
“Piss off!” said Qiu Yue Xin coldly.
Qiu Mei frowned and said, “Alright, sister. Let’s hope the clan will not be furious. I hope that you two will always be happy.”
Qiu Mei was furious. By saying “Let’s hope the clan will not be furious”, she was threatening Qiu Yue Xin.
Qiu Mei coldly glanced at Lin Feng and then everybody left. One of the most beautiful girls in Ba Huang had fallen in love with a nobody. What a tragedy. Remembering Qiu Yue Xin’s beautiful smile when she looked at Lin Feng made them even more furious.
Qiu Yue Xin looked at those people leave. Lin Feng was shivering. Her spirit was incredible.
Qiu Yue Xin turned around and left. She went back into the room, without saying anything.
Lin Feng followed her. Qiu Yue Xin turned around and smiled at Lin Feng, “What? You want to hug me again?”
“If you’d allow me.” said Lin Feng shrugging.
“You’re audacious. You actually dared to hug me in front of so many people. Are you not scared of the Qiu Clan? Are you not afraid for your future?” Qiu Yue Xin was smiling in a resplendent way. She was staring at Lin Feng and looked impatient to hear his reply.
“I’ve always been audacious.” said Lin Feng smiling. “Besides, how could I refuse when you asked me so sweetly? You’re too beautiful.”
“You’re glib-tongued but have you never thought of the consequences?”
“No, I haven’t.” said Lin Feng shaking his head. He was still smiling.
She walked towards Lin Feng, slowly and gracefully. She got very close to him. It seemed like she was trying to arouse him.
“By acting like that, it means that you will marry me, would you dare?” asked Qiu Yue Xin in a gentle way. Her breath was brushing against Lin Feng’s face. It was difficult for Lin Feng to control himself.
He stretched his hands and put his arms around her waist. Qiu Yue Xin shivered and looked at him, “You’ve got balls.”
“I told you. Since what I did means we’re going to get married, why wouldn’t I dare?”
“Is that so? Kiss me, then.” said Qiu Yue Xin approaching her lips towards Lin Feng’s face and slowly closing her eyes.
She was so beautiful.. Lin Feng couldn’t resist. His mouth approached hers.
“Boom!” a terrifying cold energy surrounded Lin Feng. It was piercingly cold.
“Seal!” shouted Lin Feng and released sealing strength. He was firmly holding her in his arms and sealed her pure Qi.
Qiu Yue Xin opened her eyes. Lin Feng had anticipated her move.
“You dare!” said Qiu Yue Xin coldly.
“I told you, why wouldn’t I?” said Lin Feng and then he kissed her. It was if a lightning had pierced through her body.
Lin Feng then abruptly turned around and left as fast as he could. Qiong Qi looked furious as Lin Feng left.
“I didn’t see anything!” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng grinded his teeth. Qiong Qi was shameless!

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