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PMG Chapter 1008: Chou Jun Luo Is Scared!

PMG Chapter 1008: Chou Jun Luo Is Scared!
“You want to escape?” said Chou Jun Luo. He opened his silver wings and they were as dazzling as before. Chou Jun Luo turned into an illusion as he moved towards Lin Feng.
The others were also very fast and closely followed Chou Jun Luo.
Lin Feng had a level six wind intent. At the same time, he knew how to use the Xiao Yao agility technique, so he was as fast as lightning. Chou Jun Luo was actually surprised by his speed.
“That’s… the Xiao Yao agility technique?” The Xiao Yao agility technique was a technique of the Godly Xiao Yao Sect from Ba Huang Province. It was an imperial skill. Everybody knew the Godly Xiao Yao Sect. How could Lin Feng know it?
Was Lin Feng a member of the Godly Xiao Yao Sect?
“Impossible, Yang Zi Ye told me Lin Feng was a foreigner. He must have learnt it from someone.” thought Chou Jun Luo. Many people wanted to learn the Xiao Yao agility technique from the Godly Xiao Yao Sect because it was one of the most efficient in terms of agility.
But Chou Jun Luo was still confused though. Many people learnt the technique from the sect, but their speed was always limited. However, Lin Feng’s speed was terrifying, Chou Jun Luo couldn’t even catch up with him.
“If he can use the real agility technique, he would be even faster.” thought Chou Jun Luo. Lin Feng had to die. Lin Feng could even use the strength of the Earth and sky with his Xiao Yao agility technique.
“Bzzz!” a dazzling white light illuminated the atmosphere. He opened his wings which turned into a thousand wings. Chou Jun Luo suddenly became a lot faster.
Lin Feng just smiled coldly. He shook his hand as if he was using something. He suddenly much faster and a sonic boom was even heard.
Chou Jun Luo was astonished and looked upset. He couldn’t catch up with Lin Feng in terms of speed, how could he kill him?
Chou Jun Luo had a talisman in his hand, if he broke it, Yang Zi Lan would immediately know that he was in danger. In that case, Yang Zi Lan would come back using a boat.
The Yang Clan had powerful blood and precious treasures. That’s why they had so many boats.
Qiu Yue Xin was a member of the Qiu Clan, but didn’t possess such treasures.
Lin Feng slowed down and flew to the ground. Chou Jun Luo was surprised and stopped. He smiled coldly, this was his opportunity to kill Lin Feng.
Lin Feng landed in a desolate place, it looked like a wasteland. Many people had gone to Tiantai so there weren’t many people in the surrounding areas.
Chou Jun Luo followed Lin Feng closely. His wings were still dazzling.
He didn’t attack immediately though, he waited above Lin Feng in the sky.
“You seem scared of me? Why do you fight then?” said Lin Feng mockingly. Chou Jun Luo was still relying on his wings spirit. If he didn’t, Lin Feng could kill him with one sword strike. The others weren’t getting too close to Lin Feng either.
“Hmph, if you didn’t have your sword, I’d kill you easily.” said Chou Jun Luo coldly.
“That’s the same as me saying: if you didn’t have a spirit, you’d be dead already!” said Lin Feng laughing. Chou Jun Luo was pathetic.
“My spirit is part of my natural abilities. It comes from my body. Your sword is an external strength.”
The others quickly surrounded Lin Feng again.
“Many people want to kill me, you should attack together while you still have the opportunity.” said Lin Feng glancing at the crowd.
“I can kill you alone, the others can protect me from your sword, that’s enough.” said Chou Jun Luo coldly. He then started flapping his wings again.
Everybody remained silent and vigilant. Those people had come because of Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye. Some others were there because of the Qiu Clan. They didn’t care about who killed Lin Feng or not. The most important thing was that Lin Feng died.
“Die!” shouted Chou Jun Luo furiously. In a flash, his wind spirit emitted whistling sounds again.
“Destroy.” said Lin Feng while punching the atmosphere. His punch emitted explosions as it headed forward.
“Bzzz!” Chou Jun Luo’s blood started boiling and his blood strength rolled in the air.
“And now your blood strength.” said Lin Feng. He was surrounded by waves of blood strength.
Lin Feng released his own blood strength. It slowly rose up in the air. At the same time, he condensed the force of the Earth and the sky.
The atmosphere was distorted as the wind was still moving towards Lin Feng.
Chou Jun Luo was confused. What was it now?
At that moment, he condensed an infinite amount of silver energies. However, Lin Feng was standing there, in the middle of those energies with a certain strength surrounding him. It was barely visible, but contained the force of the Earth and sky.
“Blood strength!” Chou Jun Luo quickly realized. How could Lin Feng have such a powerful blood strength? He was confused.
“Indeed, blood strength, you’re not the only who has blood strength!” said Lin Feng coldly which made Chou Jun Luo come back to his senses.
The others were surprised too. Lin Feng’s blood strength was quite powerful. It was even emitting very loud sounds. It was actually stronger than theirs.
They all frowned. Lin Feng’s ancestor were probably extremely strong. Had he told them the truth about his social status?
“Are you really not a member of the Lin Clan?” asked Chou Jun Luo.
“I told you I’m not!”
“Well then, what clan do you belong to?” shouted Chou Jun Luo furiously.
Lin Feng smiled mockingly, “You’re scared.”
Chou Jun Luo was scared, indeed. What a powerful blood strength.
A good fighter, empty space techniques, a terrifying sword, fine, he could understand that those things could be learnt, but blood strength? Where did it come from?
All those elements combined meant that Lin Feng’s ancestors had a terrifying blood strength, his clan had incredible secret books with powerful techniques, and powerful items, otherwise, Lin Feng couldn’t be this scary!

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