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PMG Chapter 1009: Lin Feng The Terror

PMG Chapter 1009: Lin Feng The Terror
The Continent of the Nine Clouds was vast and there were many extraordinary people. Without powerful blood, a cultivator’s spirit was quite weak.
Blood and spirits were two different things. A cultivator inherited from a spirit and blood was transmitted from Zun level ancestors. Having a powerful blood strength contributed to having a powerful spirit.
Lin Feng had a strong blood, that’s why he thought Lin Feng’s ancestor was a powerful cultivator. Besides, he also knew an empty space technique and had the Tian Ji Sword. Only rich people had such things usually. Lin Feng’s ancestor had to be incredible.
Lin Feng rose up in the air and glanced at Chou Jun Luo, “Your powerful blood granted you extraordinary abilities. However, you’re wasting your abilities acting like a dog for the Yang Clan. I will show you with just my blood that I don’t need a sword to defeat you.”
Lin Feng jumped forwards and released an incredible amount of strength. The dazzling silver lights paled in comparison.
Chou Jun Luo was incredulous. Last time he had seen Lin Feng, he had broken through to the second Tian Qi layer, now with the strength of the third Tian Qi layer and a powerful blood spirit, Chou Jun Luo was less confident in himself.
Lin Feng slowly walked towards him. His feet were absorbing the force of the Earth and the sky. The atmosphere changed as snowflakes were falling.
“Die!” shouted Chou Jun Luo furiously. He rose up in the air opening his wings. His wings were as sharp as blades. If he reached Lin Feng, he would certainly kill him.
“Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique.” said Lin Feng in a mystical way. His snowy tunnel appeared. Chou Jun Luo pierced through Lin Feng but nothing happened, as if Lin Feng was an illusion.
“This empty space technique again!” Chou Jun Luo was furious. That technique was too difficult to deal with. Last time, he took great efforts to destroy Lin Feng’s illusion technique.
Chou Jun Luo was furious, he couldn’t afford being stuck in the illusion this time.
“Are you not coming to kill me? Why aren’t you willing to fight me?” said Lin Feng laughing. Chou Jun Luo looked at the others and said, “That’s an ancient illusion technique, help me, we have to destroy it.”
“Alright.” The others nodded and surrounded Lin Feng while releasing terrifying energies.
“His illusion technique isn’t perfect. It’s quite small. If our attack is powerful enough, we’ll destroy it easily. Everybody, use your most powerful attack to destroy it.” said one of them while releasing his spirit, a gigantic sword.
That gigantic sword diffused dazzling lights and looked quite scary.
“Yes, let’s break his illusion and kill him. We don’t need to waste any more time here.” said another one coldly. He released his spirit too, a gigantic mountain which was seemed to possess a bit of speed.
Everybody was releasing their spirits or using various attacks to destroy Lin Feng’s illusion technique.
“Sounds like a plan. Let’s kill him as fast as possible then.” said Chou Jun Luo nodding. Lin Feng’s blood had become too strong, they couldn’t easily kill him. Joining hands was the better solution.
“They really strong indeed.” thought Lin Feng. The Earth and sky had changed drastically with all those energies.
However, could they kill Lin Feng that way? Lin Feng still had some tricks.
“Since you’re joining hands, I should kill you all at the same time now.” said Lin Feng laughing. The others were surprised. Was Lin Feng insane? How could he laugh? Killing them at the same time?
Lin Feng released pale dark lights and his eyes turned pitch-black. He looked like a demon.
Chou Jun Luo opened his wings, one couldn’t see the sky anymore under all those powers. He fixedly stared at Lin Feng and said, “No matter who you are, you’ll die today.”
“Die, die, die!”
They all released their energies at the same time. The gigantic sword fell upon Lin Feng’s snowy tunnel.
At the same time, the gigantic mountain spirit also fell down on the snowy tunnel and caused it to crack.
Chou Jun Luo landed in the snowy tunnel.
The snowy tunnel started shaking. Lin Feng’s illusion created another world so if the attack wasn’t powerful enough, it couldn’t be dispelled.
Even though it was a small one, it was difficult for Tian level cultivators to destroy such spells. Even while inside, they couldn’t notice any characteristics that would normally inform them that it was an illusion spell.
“Come and break it then.” said Lin Feng. Rumbling sounds spread in the air. The Earth and sky were shaking along with the snowy tunnel. Then, the energy of the snowy tunnel disappeared.
It was broken!
“Die!” said everyone laughing. However, Lin Feng released demonic energies and moved his hands, it looked like he was dancing.
“Demon destruction!” yelled Lin Feng in a piercingly-cold and deep voice. In a flash, black lights invaded the atmosphere. Everybody felt like they were stuck, as if encased in cement.
“Killing so many noble cultivators at once, what a pity!” said Lin Feng. Then, he shook his hand and a black fire appeared.
“Boom, boom!” Lin Feng punched those cultivators with the fire and they started burning while emitting horrible shrieks.
“Bzzz, bzzz…” Lin Feng was extremely fast. Before anyone could react, he had punched all of them and they were all burning in a black fire.
Chou Jun Luo was higher up in the air so he didn’t get caught up in the attack. However, he already didn’t feel like fighting anymore.
How scary. Lin Feng possessed pitch-black pupils and looked like a demon. What a powerful demon cultivation.
For a cultivator at the bottom of the Tian Qi layer, he wasn’t bad at all!

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