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PMG Chapter 1010: Swallowing Spirits!

PMG Chapter 1010: Swallowing Spirits!
Lin Feng was staring down Chou Jun Luo with his dark pupils.
All his friends had burnt alive and were now dead.
Those people were close to the Yang Clan and Qiu Clan and they had high social statuses. They had strong blood, strong spirits and good fighting abilities. So many people had attacked and they all failed. The consequences were tragic. Even though Lin Feng’s illusion had broken, Lin Feng had still killed them.
“Do you still want to kill me?” said Lin Feng. Chou Jun Luo looked distressed.
“We’re not enemies.” said Chou Jun Luo.
Lin Feng was surprised to hear that. He smiled mockingly and said, “Why would you want to kill me if we weren’t enemies? You tried to kill me so you are my enemy.” said Lin Feng shaking his head.
He looked at Chou Jun Luo in a despising way. The other day, Chou Jun Luo had looked at Lin Feng in that same despising way. He thought that with his status, he could humiliate Lin Feng, but in fact, he couldn’t. He had lost the first time and now the second time would cost him his life.
“Do you know why I didn’t kill you before?” asked Lin Feng.
Chou Jun Luo suddenly looked full of hope again.
“Why?” asked Chou Jun Luo.
“You despise me because you have a strong spirit and strong blood. I want to show you my spirit too and I want you to taste my blood strength.” said Lin Feng laughing indifferently. Chou Jun Luo was petrified. Buzzing sounds spread in the air as Lin Feng released his blood strength. It sounded like a furious ocean gushing out.
What was Lin Feng’s spirit like then?
Very quickly, a nine-headed dragon appeared behind Lin Feng.
A dragon! He had a dragon spirit. Even if Lin Feng’s blood wasn’t strong, he would have still be surprised. Lin Feng’s ancestor had a dragon spirit.
But on top of that, Lin Feng’s blood was also strong, dragon blood.
Lin Feng’s dragon spirit was incredible.
It seemed like that nine-headed dragon was going to swallow the world.
“Roar!” the dragon roared and threw himself at Chou Jun Luo. Chou Jun Luo was nervous, terrified even. He opened his wings and wrapped himself up.
“Hmph!” Lin Feng smiled coldly. His dragon opened his mouth and started eating the silver lights.
“Kacha, kacha…” the dragon was nibbling the silver wings. He could only nibble at them because they were so hard.
“No!” Chou Jun Luo was in pain. His face had turned deathly pale.
He opened his wings again, this time he wanted to escape.
“Roar…” the dragon roared. Chou Jun Luo started shaking violently. He couldn’t move.
The dragon was hungry.
“Roar…” he was chanting. The heads moved towards Chou Jun Luo and bit him. They were eating his legs, his arms, his entire body.
Chou Jun Luo was deathly pale. He was terrified.
One of the heads opened its gigantic mouth and ate one of his wings whole.
“What are you doing?” shouted Chou Jun Luo furiously. He was going to die!
“I let you live because I want absorb your spirit.” said Lin Feng. The dragon opened his mouth again and ate the other wing.
“Ah…!” Chou Jun Luo gave a horrible shriek. Lin Feng wanted his spirit.
“We’re done now. See you.”
Then, the dragon ate Chou Jun Luo, entirely.
The dragon moved back towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes and sensed the spirit.
Back then, when his spirit was still the celestial fangs spirit, he could already absorb other spirits. Now that Lin Feng had absorbed dragon blood, his dragon was bigger and could absorb stronger spirits.
Lin Feng was wondering if he could use all the powers of the spirits he absorbed now.
The dragon was curling up behind Lin Feng.
At that moment, silver lights appeared and the dragon slowly disappeared. The dragon was turning into the silver wings.
“I can still absorb spirits and use them, great!” thought Lin Feng. He now had bright and dazzling silver wings protruding from his back.
Lin Feng was using Chou Jun Luo’s silver wings.
“Bzzz, bzzz…” He started flapping the silver wings.
“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng as he started flying away with incredible speed.
In the distance, a boat arrived and stopped. It was Yang Zi Ye and Yang Zi Lan as well as a powerful Zun cultivator. Chou Jun Luo had called them just before dying.
“What happened here?!” shouted the Zun cultivator furiously. There were no corpses. They had either burnt or were swallowed.
They didn’t know if Lin Feng was dead or alive either.

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