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PMG Chapter 1011: Problems at the Qiu’s

PMG Chapter 1011: Problems at the Qiu’s
“There are some silver lights over there, Chou Jun Luo must still be alive.” said the Zun cultivator. There was a pale silver light in the distance.
“Right, Chou Jun Luo’s blood is also quite strong. With his silver wings spirit, Lin Feng couldn’t possibly kill him. Lin Feng must have gotten injured and tried to escape, then Chou Jun Luo chased him.” said Yang Zi Lan. Seeing the silver wings lights relieved him. Chou Jun Luo wasn’t dead and had called them because he needed some help. Now, he was probably chasing Lin Feng.
“Let’s go and see if Lin Feng is buried already. To actually take our boat, he was begging for his own destruction!” Their boat streaked across the sky in the direction of the silver wings lights.
However, halfway across the sky, the silver lights disappeared.
“What do you think?” asked Yang Zi Lan to the Zun cultivator.
The Zun cultivator’s facial expression was ice-cold, “No battle energy and the energies stopped so suddenly. There’s only one possibility, the battle is already over and Chou Jun Luo removed the traces of his energies.”
“What?” Yang Zi Lan was surprised and looked upset.
“You think that Chou Jun Luo made us come here on purpose and then left?” said Yang Zi Lan coldly.
“I wouldn’t be surprised. Lin Feng had a boat and one thousand abstruse crystals, a precious sword and many other precious items. Chou Jun Luo probably wanted all of those for himself.” said the Zun cultivator. Chou Jun Luo might have that idea. However, what they couldn’t figure out was the silver lights they just saw wasn’t actually released by Chou Jun Luo.
Yang Zi Lan looked at the Zun cultivator, he was furious too. Chou Jun Luo was actually this shameless.
“Should we continue looking for him?” asked Yang Zi Ye coldly.
“No need. Chou Jun Luo isn’t stupid, he must have planed everything ahead.” said the Zun cultivator. Yang Zi Lan nodded and said, “We know it’s him anyway. We can settle accounts at any time.”
Then, they turned around and left.
After they left, in the distance, Lin Feng raised his head. He had changed his face.
He took out his mask and had an ice-cold expression. The Yang siblings wanted to kill him so badly, Lin Feng was furious.
“Since you want me dead, I can pretend I’m dead for the time being.” thought Lin Feng. Besides, letting them think it was Chou Jun Luo was great, they would want to settle accounts with the Chou Clan.
Dazzling lights appeared and Lin Feng opened his silver wings again.
“My nine-headed dragon spirit can swallow spirits and blood, it’s even stronger now. I’m happy I can use the silver wings spirits.” thought Lin Feng while flapping his wings. He then streaked across the sky like a meteor.
After Yang Zi Lan returned to his clan, he told many people about how Chou Jun Luo was greedy and wanted their boat. He told everyone Chou Jun Luo had killed Lin Feng and taken his treasures for himself.
Lin Feng’s death didn’t have anything to do with them anymore, it was Chou Jun Luo who wanted to kill Lin Feng and steal his treasures. Besides, those who had gone with him were also from prestigious and rich clans, now that they were dead, those powerful clans wouldn’t be too happy with what Chou Jun Luo had done.
Many people spread this gossip. However, Chou Jun Luo and Lin Feng weren’t that important. People’s favorite topic remained Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s recruitment process, only a few days were left before it started.
In Tianjing City, there were many strong cultivators. Many disciples from rich and powerful clans were there already, disciples of the Yang Clan, of the Qiu Clan, of the Lin Clan. But potential candidates did not only travel from the northern part of Ba Huang Province, there were also those from other parts of the province who belonged to influential groups, for example the Ye Clan from the western part of Ba Huang Province, the Man Clan from the eastern part of Ba Huang Province and so on. Apart from them, there were other imperial cultivation disciples sent by their own teachers, emperors, to congratulate Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu for their initiative.
After Qiu Yue Xin left, the coldness didn’t disappear from her face. People couldn’t even talk to her or get close.
The Qiu Clan was a prestigious and powerful clan and Lin Feng was a nobody. Qiu Yue Xin didn’t need to go and see her grandfather, she already knew he would never accept their union. They thought that with Qiu Yue Xin’s natural abilities, beauty and social background, she had to be married with a genius from Ba Huang Province who had a very high social status.
Otherwise, the Qiu Clan would lose face. Xuan Yuan would probably rank first amongst Tian level cultivators at the recruitment process. Then, he would ask for Yang Zi Ye’s hand officially. Qiu Yue Xin was stronger and more beautiful than Yang Zi Ye, therefore, she had to find someone better than Xuan Yuan. If she stayed with Lin Feng, everybody would make fun of the Qiu Clan.
Next to a lake in Tianjing, someone was sitting, fishing. Nobody knew what he was thinking, but they looked majestic and dignified.
“Come and see me.” said the old man at that moment.
After a short while, Qiu Yue Xin’s third uncle walked up to the old man and said, “Father!”
“What do you think of all this?” asked the old man.
“Father, our clan in one of the most prestigious in the north. We’ve never considered weak by anyone else. The Yang Clan and the Xuan Yuan’s clan are going to fuse soon. Yue Xin is one of our strongest and most outstanding children, she can’t marry an ordinary man. Everybody will laugh to death if we accept.” said Qiu Yue Xin’s third uncle. Birds of a feather flock together, that was the rule applied by powerful clans, including the Qiu Clan.
“Yue Xin is quite stubborn and quite cold. There are many outstanding men who are interested in her but she doesn’t like them, I don’t know why. Surprisingly, she’s interested in an ordinary person. We can’t make her change her mind though.” sighed the old man.
“Father, you mean…” said the uncle coldly.
“Go. Don’t let her know you did it.”
Qiu Yue Xin’s third uncle smiled and said, “Father, I already took the initiative. When I asked Yue Xin to come, some people attacked him. Not only people I sent but members of the Yang Clan as well.”
The old man frowned, shook his head and said, “I will ask your brother to go and see. If it worked, Yue Xin will need to be cheered up. If it didn’t work, you can do as I said, go now.”
“Understood, father!” said Qiu Yue Xin’s third uncle and left. So many cultivators of the fifth Tian Qi layer had attacked Lin Feng, he had to be dead. The uncle had already planned everything.

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