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PMG Chapter 1014: Humiliating the Yang Clan

PMG Chapter 1014: Humiliating the Yang Clan
Lin Feng flapped his silver wings and ran away with incredible speed. He was holding Yang Zi Ye. It seemed that if she moved, she could die from the wings instantly.

“Silver wings spirit, Chou Clan, who are you?” said Yang Zi Ye coldly. Surprisingly, members of the Chou Clan actually kidnap her. That was unimaginable.

“Did you hear that Jun Luo is dead?” said that person coldly. Yang Zi Lan was quite surprised, “What are you talking about? Chou Jun Luo killed Lin Feng, stole his treasures and left with them. Why are you saying that he’s dead?”

“Hmph, people of the Yang Clan are so shameless!” said Lin Feng. They thought he was a member of the Chou Clan so Lin Feng played along. The more tensions between their clans, the better.

“Lin Feng saved your sister and you still act so shamelessly. You sent Jun Luo and the others to kill him, to help you all because you wanted your boat back. You used my brother, Jun Luo! He broke the talisman to tell you he was in danger, but you didn’t come, you let him die! You shameless bastard!” shouted Lin Feng furiously so that everybody could hear.

Yang Zi Lan and the others looked upset. Everybody knew that the Yang Clan wanted to kill Lin Feng but it wasn’t official. Now, surprisingly, one of Chou Jun Luo’s brothers was there, exposing the truth. The Yang Clan was losing face.

“Chou Jun Luo broke the talisman and… died?” Yang Zi Lan was surprised. He thought Chou Jun Luo had stolen Lin Feng’s treasures and escaped. Now, his brother was saying that Chou Jun Luo was dead?

“Indeed, he died.” said Lin Feng coldly. Yang Zi Lan could see that Chou Jun Luo’s brother was furious.

“What about Lin Feng?” asked Yang Zi Lan. If Chou Jun Luo was dead, what about Lin Feng?

“He died too. Everybody died, it was a total destruction, jade and stone burned together.” said Lin Feng coldly.

Qiu Yue Xin’s heart was suddenly crushed. He was dead. There was no hope anymore. She started crying.

Lin Feng looked at her, his heart hurt so bad, but he couldn’t do much. If he told her anything, everybody would know who he is.

“Jun Luo was my friend. I’m so sad to learn that he’s dead. Besides, Lin Feng killed him, why would you take my sister as a hostage?” said Yang Zi Lan in a gentle way, because he was now scared for his sister.

“Yang Zi Lan, don’t you think you’re acting ridiculous? You’re shameless. You make me want to puke. My brother died because of you and you dare spread rumors about him and tarnish his reputation. That’s what you do to your friends? You tarnish their reputation when they’re dead?” said Lin Feng. He was secretly exulting. He felt like he was secretly spreading poison amongst all those people.

“Maybe I was wrong, but I didn’t know that Jun Luo was dead. Now that I know, I will do what I can for the Chou Clan to forgive us. Let my sister go and our clans will stay friends in the future.” said Yang Zi Lan gently.

“Friend? Lin Feng saved that girl and took her home, that’s how you treat your friends?” said Lin Feng mockingly. Yang Zi Lan was getting furious and impatient by this point. Everybody would think that his clan was only shameless.

“Don’t be selfish. Think about your clan.” said Yang Zi Lan coldly. He was starting to threaten that person.

“My clan will kill shameless people like you because you’re inferior to us.” said Lin Feng fearlessly. If a great war started between the clans, that would be great.

“You want to die!” said Yang Zi Lan releasing energies. Lin Feng flapped his silver wings and Yang Zi Ye shouted in fear. She was wounded.

“You’re scared too. Unfortunately, when someone tried to save you, you didn’t show how grateful you were.” said Lin Feng mockingly. Yang Zi Lan recalled his energies. Lin Feng smiled coldly. He had tarnished Yang Zi Lan’s reputation and created tensions between the Yang Clan and the Chou Clan.

“Qiu Yue Xin has done nothing. Let Miss Qiu Yue Xin go.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Yang Zi Lan was speechless. Lin Feng was still holding Yang Zi Ye and now he was asking them to liberate Qiu Yue Xin?

“Don’t you think that you’re going too far?” said Yang Zi Lan. However, Lin Feng was still holding Yang Zi Ye so Yang Zi Lan couldn’t do anything.

“Ah!” Yang Zi Ye shouted again, blood dripped down her throat.

Yang Zi Lan looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes.

The crowd was astonished. The Chou Clan had some insane people. They kidnapped Yang Zi Ye and then threatened the Yang Clan, that guy had balls.

“I will not repeat myself again, let Qiu Yue Xin go.” said Lin Feng. Yang Zi Lan didn’t know what to do, but in the end, the members of the Yang Clan flew away and let Qiu Yue Xin go.

Qiu Yue Xin looked at Lin Feng, she didn’t understand why that person was helping her. She nodded at Lin Feng and also flew away.

“Now, let my sister go.” said Yang Zi Lan coldly.

“Not yet.” said Lin Feng with a cold smile. He looked at Yang Zi Lan and said, “Take out your boat and remove the connections you have with your boat.”

Yang Zi Lan looked furious. That guy wanted his boat?!

The crowd was astonished too, but they were excited. Things were getting interesting.

“Yang Zi Lan, are you that shameless? Would you let your sister die because of a boat?” said Lin Feng mockingly.

Yang Zi Lan said, “If I give you the boat, you must release my sister.”

“Of course.” said Lin Feng nodding. He had saved Qiu Yue Xin and was taking another one of their boats. Not bad. The two siblings wouldn’t have a boat after that, they wouldn’t be able to escape dangers in the future.

Yang Zi Lan shook his hand and a boat appeared. He immediately removed his connections to the boat.

“Take it.” said Yang Zi Lan. That boat was incredible and was worth a lot of abstruse crystals.

Lin Feng established a connection between him and the boat. In a flash, the boat became alive again.

He flapped his silver wings and landed on the boat. However, the silhouettes of the strong cultivators of the Yang Clan flickered, they wanted to stop Lin Feng. They also released a powerful energy.

“You can let her go now.” said Yang Zi Lan coldly.

“If I let her go in these circumstances, you’ll just kill me. Why would I ask for the boat if it was to die five minutes later?” said Lin Feng with a cold smile.

“What do you want?” asked Yang Zi Lan in a piercingly-cold way.

“Let me pass!” said Lin Feng coldly.

“If I let you pass but you don’t let my sister go, what will I do then?”

“If I kill your sister, you’ll go insane. I’m not that cruel. I have everything I want now so let me pass. I will let her go.”

Yang Zi Lan remained silent and said, “If you don’t let her go, I guarantee you that you will not leave Tianjing City.”

Yang Zi Lan waved at the strong cultivators telling them to move away.

Lin Feng moved away with the boat and about ten thousand meters away, he said to Yang Zi Lan with a cold smile, “You better not come to the Chou Clan, otherwise, we’ll chop your sister’s body into a thousand pieces.”

He then flapped his wings, threw Yang Zi Ye away at Yang Zi Lan and left with the boat. In a flash, he disappeared.

What a humiliation for the Yang Clan!

“Go back to the clan and inform them about what happened.” said Yang Zi Lan coldly. People shivered. They understood, things looked bad for the Chou Clan!

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