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PMG Chapter 1017: Xuan Yuan’s Success

PMG Chapter 1017: Xuan Yuan’s Success
“You only have half a day. Then, the staircase will close and you won’t be able to climb the stairs!” said the Sadhu laughing. A time limit was necessary, otherwise it would take too long.

“Only half a day!” many people were upset. Many people released pure Qi and started climbing the stairs right away.

It was incredible. All their energies were so shiny.

“Let’s go!” said Qiu Yue Xin.

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “We don’t need to go now, we still have time.”

“Alright!” said Qiu Yue Xin. More and more people were running up and their energies were making them suffocate. The flight of stairs was completely packed with people.

“If there weren’t 18,000 steps, they couldn’t hold so many people.” said many people laughing. There were so many strong cultivators, it was incredible.

The sun was shining upon all those people and their energies were twinkling. The flight of stairs looked like real gold.

“Even in normal circumstances, that would already be quite a distance.” thought several people. There were already some people arriving before the last 81 steps.

“Some people are starting to step on the first group of the final steps!” some people gazed into the distance and noticed some people starting the final test of that first challenge.

They stopped. They looked nervous. One foot first.

Finally, a second foot.

“Bzzz!” A bright light illuminated the atmosphere and it was dazzling. That person turned into a beam of light and was propelled far, far away.

“How scary.” the crowd ah’d. That person crashed onto the ground behind him and he sat down cross-legged and started practicing cultivation. That was a strange reaction.

“What?” Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin glanced at each other. What was going on? The first time Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin tried, Qiu Yue Xin was wounded but hadn’t been propelled that far, to the extent that she needed to practice cultivation to recover.

“It seems even more difficult than when we tried before. They must be doing that to prevent people from trying a second time. Otherwise, there would be too many people trying all the time.” said Qiu Yue Xin. Lin Feng nodded. Trying a second time would be troublesome.

Although most started running immediately, there were still many people who thought had the same idea as Qiu Yue Xin and Lin Feng.

“That guy was the first one to arrive at the bottom of the 81 steps, he was faster and stronger than many people, but lost anyways.” many people were thinking. Now people weren’t feeling as confident as they once were.

After that, other people tried. A dozen people were blown away as well. Besides, the key was on the last step of each group of steps. So far, nobody had managed to grab the first key.

At that moment, someone arrived near the last 81 steps. His feet seemed to quake like mountains on those steps. People around him let him pass. There was nobody around him anymore.

“Xuan Yuan!” many people stopped and looked at him. Nobody had managed to grab a key so far.

“I hope he manages to get through all nine groups of steps.” many people favored his victory. If he managed to do that, they’d probably be able to get through two groups of steps.

“Xuan Yuan has imperial blood and a powerful blood spirit. He is an extremely gifted fighter as well. His goal is to rank first amongst Tian level cultivators.” said Qiu Yue Xin.

“I know.” said Lin Feng smiling. He recognized Xuan Yuan.

“Let’s see how many he can do.” said Qiu Yue Xin. He went up ten steps in a flash. He was now standing on the first step of the second group of stairs.

“How strong!” thought the crowd sighing. Xuan Yuan was incredible. Other people hadn’t even managed to walk on the first group of steps. Xuan Yuan had directly gone to the second tier.

Xuan Yuan’s hair and clothes were fluttering in the wind.

“Is he afraid to go up the steps of the second group of stairs?” thought the crowd petrified. If Xuan Yuan was afraid, what about them? It would be too difficult for them as well?

Many people had already failed.

Finally, Xuan Yuan moved. Even though they couldn’t sense what he was feeling, they could imagine. There was an incredible wind around him. Then, suddenly, Xuan Yuan went up another ten steps and arrived on the third group of steps.

The crowd was astonished and clenching their fists. Everybody was watching him. Nobody else was trying.

“He’s moving again.” thought the crowd. Pure Qi was rolling in the atmosphere and surrounding his body. He went up nine steps, but it seemed even more difficult. At that moment, he was stepping onto the first step of the fourth group of steps, his body started shaking violently. He released blood strength and finally stepped on the fourth group of steps.

“Argh…” Xuan Yuan groaned with pain. He released more blood strength and climbed up ten steps again. He arrived on the fifth group of steps.

“His blood strength is incredible.” thought the crowd. Xuan Yuan’s body was twinkling with dazzling lights. It seemed like nothing was impossible for him.

“Boom boom boom!” Everybody was gasping with amazement. People’s hearts were beating at the same pace as Xuan Yuan’s. Xuan Yuan arrived at the last step of the fifth group of steps. He had the opportunity to take a blue key there, was he going to? Or not?

Xuan Yuan raised his head. People were feeling nervous for him.

Xuan Yuan put one foot onto the first step of the sixth group of steps, but took it back. Xuan Yuan turned around and looked at the crowd, “That’s the most anyone can do. Nobody can step onto the sixth group of steps.” He sounded extremely confident. He took the blue key and then suddenly disappeared!

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