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PMG Chapter 1018: Insects Defy the Laws of Physics

PMG Chapter 1018: Insects Defy the Laws of Physics

“He’s in Tiantai?” the crowd was astonished. That key was magical and it served as a magical portal. They also noticed that all the keys had different colors, did it mean anything? Did it have anything to do with what the Sadhu had said, that each key offered different benefits?

“Xuan Yuan is really proud and arrogant. According to him, if he didn’t manage to step onto the sixth group of steps, then nobody else could.”

According to Xuan Yuan, nobody could surpass him.

Some people were feeling uncomfortable. Xuan Yuan was extremely strong and had the ambition to rank first amongst Tian level cultivators so what about them? He had put one foot onto the first step of the sixth group and gave up.

On top of that, before Xuan Yuan, nobody had managed to get any key.

The atmosphere became very calm. But very quickly, several people started again.

Apart from Xuan Yuan, some people managed to get a key, however, it was only the first key. They would be guests in Tiantai, but couldn’t continue competing to become imperial cultivation disciples.

Two, three, four… people managed to get the first key. Many others were propelled backwards, like the first one. All those people sat down cross-legged and healed themselves at the foot of the flight of stairs.

Time passed slowly and a few people succeeded.

Lin Feng looked at the crowd. More and more people had failed.

Lin Feng looked at the sky, there wasn’t much time left. Ten thousand people had managed to go to Tiantai and only half were eligible to continue through to the competition.

There weren’t that many people. People from Tiantai were observing quietly. They wanted to see the potential candidates succeed.

“Those who managed to go to Tiantai are already quite numerous, I think. There are many strong cultivators in this world.” said Qiu Yue Xin, she sighed, “Like the master said, this is as hard as reaching the clouds, but still, so many people want to try.”

“Yue Xin, you belong to a rich and powerful family, you inherited incredible abilities, you’re noble, you’ve never suffered, how can you understand poor and weak people’s feelings?” whispered Lin Feng. “Weak people can’t protect their parents, cowards can’t protect their loved ones. When bullied, they can only hope to become stronger. Strong people look at them and despise them and humiliate them, that’s the life of us weak people.”

Qiu Yue Xin looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “I understand that because that’s the world of cultivation. If you’re not strong, you can’t do much and nobody will respect you.”

“Like those stairs, only the strongest people can make it to the top. The higher you go, the fewer people there are around you.”

“You’re right. People like you belong to the lower layers of society, and surprisingly, you dare talk about such profound topics with Miss Qiu.” said someone at that moment. Qiu Yue Xin and Lin Feng turned around and saw Yang Zi Lan, Yang Zi Ye and some other people.

“Miss Qiu, I trust you have been well since we last met.” said Yang Zi Lan coldly. He was still angry because of what happened last time.

“There are always those people who think they’re the best, who want to humiliate others, even if they are despicable. Those kind of people are weak yet self-confident. In the world of strong cultivators, those people are trash and are worthless. They don’t understand true cultivation principles. They are lucky to have rich families, but all in all, they are nobodies and they end up dead.” Lin Feng said as if he hadn’t seen Yang Zi Lan and the others. However, he was implicitly talking about them and Yang Zi Lan looked furious.

“You’re right, many people end up dying. Very often, your conditions at birth determine the rest of your life. If you come from a rich and powerful family, you can despise other people. If you come from a poor family, you have to take great efforts. What a rich and talented cultivator can do in ten battles, a poor cultivator can do in one thousand battles. Unfortunately, those poor cultivators often die in their first attempts, rich cultivators then look at their corpses in a despising way and then everybody immediately forgets about them.” said Yang Zi Lan.

“Look at their corpses in a despising way?” said Lin Feng with a cold smile. Then, he pointed at Yang Zi Ye and said, “She has broken through to the same cultivation layer as me, Yang Zi Ye comes from the Yang Clan, a prestigious, powerful and rich clan. What you mean to say is that she can despise me because I’ll always be weaker? Well, what about a fight between her and I?”

“What?” Yang Zi Lan stared at Lin Feng. He wouldn’t have thought that someone would actually challenge his sister.

“Why not.” said Yang Zi Ye coldly. She envied Qiu Yue Xin who was so much stronger than her. She wanted to show everyone that she was as strong as her.

Now, a stranger who was with Qiu Yue Xin was challenging her.

Qiu Yue Xin and Yang Zi Lan moved away. Yang Zi Ye faced Lin Feng. She couldn’t recognize him with his mask.

“I want to see how an unknown and weak person can challenge me.” said Yang Zi Ye walking forwards. She released blood strength and threw herself at Lin Feng with remarkable speed.

Lin Feng condensed invisible strength in his hands and slowly raised them.

“Boom boom!” Lin Feng condensed the force of the Earth and sky in his hands and blocked her punch. Yang Zi Ye’s energies immediately disappeared and her fist felt very sore.

She was aghast. How could Lin Feng be so strong?

“Boom boom!” Another explosion sounded as Yang Zi Lan attacked and destroyed Lin Feng’s punch to protect Yang Zi Ye.

Yang Zi Lan looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m a candidate to become an imperial cultivation disciple. So, do you despise people like me?” said Lin Feng smiling. “Proud people are always like that, they think they can despise anyone and in the end, I always wonder why they act so confidently. If such people traveled alone, they’d die quickly. How pathetic.”

“Shut up!” said Yang Zi Lan furiously.

“Insects can also become dragons if they take great efforts, not like incapable show-offs.” said Lin Feng mockingly. Then, he added, “Dragons and snakes can’t mix. Yue Xin, let’s climb the stairs!”

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