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PMG Chapter 102: Aggression and Brutality

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Duan Feng and Jing Yun came out from the carriage and when they saw the scene they were overcome with nausea.

How cruel and heartless. There was too much blood. For these bandits, people’s lives were like trophies to be taken.

“Uncle Wang, you’re the one who made Lin Feng leave! What should we do now? They want to kill us. We’re going to die!” shouted Wan Qing Shan furiously

Even if Lin Feng was a spy, they should have kept him, at least, they wouldn’t have died but Uncle Wang had made him leave even though Lin Feng was the only who could save them from such a predicament.

“Are you blaming me?! Are you not the one who called him a piece of trash?!” shouted Uncle Wang furiously at Wan Qing Shan.

“But at least I didn’t make him leave.” replied Wan Qing Shan furiously. He hated Uncle Wang at that moment. He was still young, how could he die so young?

It was already too late and it wasn’t a matter of wanting to die or not. They were already doomed and were really going to die.

“And saying these things will save our lives? Is it useful?” said Uncle Wang in such an arrogant way that it made Wan Qing Shan grow more furious.


The bandits were not planning to stop their attacks. Their long daggers up in the air were diffusing a resplendent yet deadly light.

“Ahhhh!!” shouted Wan Qing Shan furiously. Wan Qing Shan wanted to escape from this situation as he didn’t want to die.

But in front of Wan Qing Shan there were two bandits standing with their daggers ready. They could kill him at any moment, his fate had already been sealed.

“Why do you want to kill me?” asked Duan Feng to the chief of the bandits with an innocent yet stubborn look on his face.

“Young master, you should have never accepted your brother’s request to go to the Imperial City!” shouted Uncle Wang filled with bitter feelings.

“Why do you need to know? You are going to die anyway.” said the chief bandit calmly. He was looking at Duan Feng the same way he would look at a corpse on the road.

“Kill him.” ordered the chief of the bandits. At that moment, two of the bandits released a strong Qi.

“Jing Yun, sister, Uncle Wang, I’m sorry for getting you into trouble.” said Duan Feng  while sounding sincerely sorry. When Uncle Wang heard Duan Feng, he shook his head. As far as Jing Yun is concerned, she was thinking about the fact that she had escaped death when she had left the Yun Hai Sect but death was following closely behind her. She wouldn’t have thought she would die so early. It seemed like she could only escape her death for this long.

At that moment, the sound of a horse galloping spread through the atmosphere. It seemed to come from quite far away but it surprised everybody who then looked at the horizon.

“Stop!” shouted a voice in the horizon. The horse was moving closer and closer.

When they saw the silhouettes standing on the horse, they were surprised.

“Lin Feng and Meng Qing!” thought Duan Feng. He wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng would suddenly come back.

The chief of the bandits turned his head around and stared at Lin Feng. He was in no rush to kill Duan Feng.

Meng Qing was urging on the horse even more using the whip. At that moment, they had already galloped past the bandits and arrived next to Duan Feng.

Lin Feng saw some heads lying on the ground which used to belong to the guards and grew furious.

These bandits were like animals and their methods were truly cruel.

“Lin Feng, big brother!” said Duan Feng looking extremely happy and deeply grateful. Even though Uncle Wang had disrespected Lin Feng, Lin Feng had come back to save them in spite of the potential risks.

Lin Feng indifferently nodded to Duan Feng and kept staring coldly at the bandits.

“Army troops, disguised as bandits and on top of that, you are killing your own people. Are you not ashamed of yourselves seriously?”

When Lin Feng finished talking, Duan Feng, who was standing next to him, looked astonished. Army troops!?

The chief of the bandits was astonished. He was staring at Lin Feng and asked him: “What makes you think that we are army troops?”

“Bandits on horses would never adopt such a precise formation and be as disciplined as you are. They wouldn’t even understand the meaning of the words formation or discipline.” said Lin Feng coldly to the bandits. Each and every single one of them was speechless.

Real thieves and bandits had no methods of moving in formations as this required years of training. The only rule they followed was complete chaos. How could they be so organized and so incredibly strong? Besides, Lin Feng had sensed the same Qi as that released by the soldiers in the Stormy Gorge. It was not as strong as what he had felt in the Stormy Gorge but was definitely the same type of Qi.

“The camouflage of the thieves we encountered earlier was much better than yours. They looked like real thieves.” continued Lin Feng.

“You mean that you killed that group?”

The dagger of the bandit chief started to glow. He was evilly staring at Lin Feng.

“Indeed and I will kill you the same way I killed the animals that came before.” Said Lin Feng confidently.

“You talk big but you’re overestimating yourself. You will die for this.” shouted the bandit chief aggressively and then added: “Kill him!”


The two bandits who wanted to kill Duan Feng then turned around and moved towards Lin Feng with their glowing daggers.

Lin Feng looked calm yet firm. When the two bandits arrived near him, he moved his hands slightly.

“Sword unsheathing.”

A bright silver light flashed between the two bandits and Lin Feng at amazing speed.

Lin Feng’s sword attack was incredibly powerful. Suddenly, two trails of blood spayed into the air. There were even some drops of blood which had landed on Lin Feng’s horse.

“Ling Qi Layer.” said the bandit chief while looking surprised and then added in an indifferent tone: “No wonder that he acts so arrogant and had the power to kill the other group.”

While looking at Lin Feng, he added: “Even if you are not weak, boy, let me tell you, your strength doesn’t justify your arrogance and I will show you how ignorant of the world you truly are.”

At that moment, a strong and oppressive force rushed towards Lin Feng.

“You see? I have broken through to the third Ling Qi layer so you, who are only at the first Ling Qi layer, could never compete with me. You will regret your provocations. Besides, almost all of my comrades here are of the second Ling Qi layer. Almost every person remaining here can easily kill you, only a few are at your level. Today, I will be magnanimous though. Normally, you should be killed for your provocations but today, I will give you an offer out of the kindness of my heart. If you join my troops and serve under my command, you will be excused from your previous crimes.”

The chief of the bandits was trying to make it appear as a favor for Lin Feng but in his heart, he really hoped that he would be able to recruit Lin Feng. Even if he didn’t admit it, Lin Feng, for such a young man was extremely gifted. People of his age rarely broke through to the Ling Qi layer. Lin Feng’s future would definitely be bright and the bandit therefore hoped Lin Feng could bring him good fortune in the future by serving under him.

“You are not strong enough yet but I can teach you many things. If you come with me, I can help you rise very quickly.”  Said the bandit chief.

Lin Feng was calmly looking at the chief of the bandits and started smiling.

“In your dreams.” said Lin Feng.

The chief of the bandits was stupefied and said: “But I am a cultivator of the third Ling Qi layer, are you not afraid of me killing you now?”

“Third Ling Qi layer… is that strong where you come from?” said Lin Feng with a mocking expression on his face. He suddenly started to release Qi and force from his body in incredible quantities.

“First Ling Qi layer?”

“No, second Ling Qi layer!! He is truly gifted.”

The crowd could feel Lin Feng’s Qi surrounding them. Everybody was stunned because breaking through to the second Ling Qi layer at such an early age was an extraordinary thing and it was really difficult to achieve.

Lin Feng’s abilities were terrifying.

But they didn’t have time to continue observing Lin Feng too long because the power of the Qi emerging from Lin Feng’ body was ever increasing.

“What?” said many of the bandits in astonishment. Lin Feng had become even stronger! Could it be that he was at the top of the second Ling Qi layer?

They were even more surprised to see that Lin Feng’s strength was a strength reached at the peak of the second Ling Qi layer.

“What a frightening genius.”

All the bandits could see that Lin Feng was much stronger and much more gifted than they were.

“Wait wait, the Qi and the Force he is releasing is still getting more powerful!

Many people were utterly surprised. Could it be that…..


The whole crowd was astonished. Lin Feng’ force and Qi had reached a power of the third Ling Qi layer. At that moment, it had stopped increasing though.

Duan Feng and Jing Yun were speechless and astonished. Their hearts were pounding at full speed.

He was only about sixteen years old and he had already broken through to the third Ling Qi layer?! That was monstrous and beastly. What a genius!

“We need that boy.”

The chief of the bandits really wanted to recruit Lin Feng. If he recommended Lin Feng, he would probably receive a great reward which would raise his status and grant him a large sum of money.

“I admit that you are a genius but you are only at the third Ling Qi layer which is not enough to defeat all of us. We have enough people here that we can easily kill you.” said the chief of the bandits and then added: “However, if you accept my offer to join me, I will first recommend you to become my personal assistant and when the right moment comes, I will recommend you to rise up in the hierarchy and your future will have endless opportunities.”

“Besides, if you want anything in the future, you can always ask me and I will do my best to help you achieve your aims.”

“Is it still not enough? You are still confident in your ability to defeat me.” Said Lin Feng who was smiling coldly.

At that moment, Lin Feng released the incredible amount of Qi and Force which he had been condensing all along. It was beyond monstrously strong.

At that moment, everybody could feel that they had been consumed by the energy released by Lin Feng. Immediately after, they could feel the sword Qi was piercing into them like a blade and contained another energy.

“Sword force.” said the chief of the bandits as he grew even more surprised.

“Is this enough for you?” said Lin Feng while laughing evilly. Lin Feng made another step and released even more sword force. This time however it was even more powerful that a moment before.

“Lin Feng’s strength is terrifying! If I was in the middle of that sword Qi, I would die in the blink of an eye.”

Duan Feng whispered that to Jing Yun who was standing on his side. Jing Yun didn’t know that Lin Feng had become so strong. He was much stronger than the last time she had seen him.

Uncle Wang was also staring at Lin Feng and his thoughts were flowing at full speed. He didn’t know what to think or believe anymore.

When the chief of the bandits heard Lin Feng’s words, a hideous expression appeared on his face. Lin Feng was a sword master who could use sword force and sword Qi with such mastery. Besides, his power was ever increasing each time he released more of his energy. The chief of the bandits was even more worried because the energy that Lin Feng was releasing was a threat to his life. Lin Feng was most likely stronger than even him. He then remembered everything that he told Lin Feng a moment before and thought that his words had been ridiculous.

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