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PMG Chapter 1022: The Force of the Sky

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 1022: The Force of the Sky
“If the sky challenges me, then I accept the challenge!”

That stranger was insane. His voice was piercing through people’s eardrums. They had the feeling they were listening to a madman.

Qiu Yue Xin was clenching her fists, she was proud. Lin Feng was a real cultivator. He was determined.

Yang Zi Lan and all the other members of the Yang Clan pulled long faces. They despised people like Lin Feng, but he had surpassed them, and even Xuan Yuan.

Lin Feng looked at the sky and groaned loudly. His strength of the Heruka, pure Qi and intent were flowing throughout his body. At the same time, he was holding his Tian Xuan stone, sensing the force of the Earth and sky. The earth and the sky seemed particularly clear and distinct to him.

“Boom!” Lin Feng made another step and stopped for a second.

Who had said Lin Feng was doomed?

“Boom boom!” Another step. The scene looked incredible. People’s hearts were pounding. Lin Feng was defying the skies.

“Boom boom boom…” one step, another step. Lin Feng arrived on the ninth step of the sixth group of steps. There was a light blue key that Lin Feng could take and he would immediately be transferred to Tiantai.

“Pfew…” people took a deep breathe. What was Lin Feng going to do? The Sadhu had told everyone, the keys were better at higher levels. If Lin Feng took that light blue key, he would probably have an insane advantage, or at least, what he would get would be better than with the blue key.

Qiu Yue Xin smiled in a resplendent way. She was so happy for Lin Feng and proud of him.

“Awesome! Take the key!” said Qiu Yue Xin with a magnificent smile. She was going to take the green key and Lin Feng the light blue key, she was happy for him. His success was her happiness.

“See you in Tiantai in a few seconds!” shouted Qiu Yue Xin. However, Lin Feng didn’t react. Lin Feng slowly shook his head which made her heart race again.

What was Lin Feng going to do…?

“I am not done!” said Lin Feng. His voice was hoarse and deep. Could he go higher? He had already surpassed Xuan Yuan. Why did he want to continue? Did he really want to defy the skies?

“Lin Feng…” whispered Qiu Yue Xin. She didn’t know what to say. Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the skies. His words about what being a real cultivator meant were echoing in her brain.

“You can do it!” said Qiu Yue Xin suddenly with a resplendent smile. She felt good. Lin Feng made her feel happy. “You’re a real cultivator, as a cultivator, you accepted to defy the laws of the Earth and sky. If you fail, it doesn’t matter because what you did is incredible already. And if you fail, then I don’t care, I won’t go to Tiantai and I’ll stay with you!”

What?! The crowd was dumbstruck. What? Who was that guy for Qiu Yue Xin?!

Yang Zi Lan was astonished. Since he had seen Lin Feng, he wondered who he was. Qiu Yue Xin was the beautiful cold-hearted woman of Ba Huang Province. She had fallen in love with Lin Feng and because Lin Feng had died, she had tried to kill Qiu Lin, Qiu Mei and even him, Yang Zi Lan.

He had heard a lot about Qiu Yue Xin’s personality. She was stubborn.

At that moment, Yang Zi Lan was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. His eyes were twinkling.

“When the Yang Clan went to the Chou Clan to seek revenge, it was a disaster for the Chou Clan. However, until the very last minute, they denied flatly that the guy who had appeared was a member of their clan.” whispered Yang Zi Lan. He had a strange feeling.

“You’re Lin Feng, you’re not dead!” shouted Yang Zi Lan suddenly. Qiu Yue Xin was surprised.

“Lin Feng?” the crowd was astonished. Wasn’t Lin Feng dead? Qiu Yue Xin had fallen in love with Lin Feng and now she had come with a guy and they seemed too close.

Everybody started staring at Lin Feng with more scrutiny.

People were speechless

“You’re not as stupid as I thought!” said Lin Feng at that moment. He raised his hand, put it on his face and took off his mask. He looked younger and even more handsome now!

“Lin Feng!” said Yang Zi Lan coldly.

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng hadn’t died. Qiu Yue Xin’s boyfriend was there. Even though his cultivation level was low, Lin Feng was a good match for Qiu Yue Xin because he was strong and determined. Because he was a real cultivator.

“You’re not dead. Was it you last time as well?” said Yang Zi Lan thinking about the guy from the Chou Clan who stole his boat.

“Do you think I have a silver wings spirit…? I just used Chou Jun Luo’s corpse, I took out his dead soul and used it to control him.” said Lin Feng coldly.

“You’re evil. You’re a demon.” said Yang Zi Lan. He believed what Lin Feng said. Of course Lin Feng couldn’t have the spirit of the Chou Clan. So Lin Feng’s explanation made sense.

“Evil? I was nice to your clan and you humiliated me, you even tried to kill me. Now you keep insulting me, yet I’m evil?” said Lin Feng.

He turned around and continued walking onto the seventh group of steps.

People were in disbelief.

“Real cultivators control the Earth, not the opposite way around.” whispered Lin Feng. He continued walking up.

“Argh, argh…!” It was as if the staircase was going to break and collapse.

“Boom boom!”

Lin Feng knelt down, his blood seemed like it was going to explode.

“The Earth and sky have force, cultivators can use force. I am a cultivator, therefore I can control the force of the Earth and sky.”

Lin Feng sounded determined. The force of the Earth and sky was also something incredible and mysterious.

Lin Feng put a hand on the step and slowly rose up again. Everybody could hear the strength, force and energies flowing throughout his body. Lin Feng was one with the Earth and sky.

Celestial forces, nature, immaterial world, selflessness, nothing is impossible, there are no limits! Lin Feng was chanting a mantra.

“Cultivators can defy the laws of the Earth and sky. I am a cultivator.”


Lin Feng was standing fast and was surrounded by a cloud of force. He could use the force of the Earth and sky.

“Cultivators can defy the laws of the Earth and sky. I am a cultivator.” Lin Feng looked at the sky and a hurricane appeared around him. It was composed of the force of the Earth and sky. It wasn’t attacking Lin Feng, Lin Feng was using it!

“Boom!” Lin Feng continued going up. His pure Qi was becoming stronger as well. Lin Feng was becoming stronger.

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