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PMG Chapter 1025: 81 Palaces

PMG Chapter 1025: 81 Palaces

Xuan Yuan was scared because he had infuriated Hou Qing Lin. Someday, he would replace Hou Qing Lin and become the emperor’s direct disciple. Then he would trample on Hou Qing Lin.

Hou Qing Lin saw Xuan Yuan looking at him with hatred and said coldly, “Anyways, we will quickly find out who’s an insect and who’s not. I am in charge of the recruitment process and I will give you all opportunities to show everyone else why you’re so proud.”

“He’s in charge?!” the crowd was surprised. The emperors weren’t in charge of the recruitment process, they had delegated that responsibility to their closest disciples.

“I can’t wait!” said Xuan Yuan sarcastically.

Hou Qing Lin didn’t look at him again. He turned around and closed his eyes waiting for the first part of the exam to finish.

A few more people arrived in Tiantai. However, nobody went further than the fourth group of steps.

“Brother!” said the Sadhu in the distance. Hou Qing Lin understood and said, “The first part of the exam is finished. The staircase is now closed. You can congratulate the victors.”

“I understand.” said the Sadhu nodding. He looked at the crowd. Even though there were many people, only 81 would be chosen in the end.

“Good luck!” said the Sadhu smiling at the crowd. He then turned around.

Hou Qing Lin looked at the crowd and said, “Everyone here still has a chance to become an imperial cultivation disciple!” said Hou Qing Lin. Everybody was confused. Everyone? Hadn’t they said that those who took the first key could only watch?

“This time, 81 Tian level cultivators will be selected, but it is only the first batch. Those who took a key in the staircase can practice cultivation in Tiantai. You have a hundred days to practice. Then, the recruitment process will resume. It also gives you time to think.” explained Hou Qing Lin.

The crowd was amazed. Many people were happy though. All those who had managed to climb up the staircase were very strong, that’s what it took. Even those who had failed this time would be able to try again in the future.

Many people were happy to stay in Tiantai and practice cultivation.

“Also, a vast majority of those who had managed to climb up the second group of steps and above will be eliminated later and won’t be able to become imperial cultivation disciples this time, but you can stay here and practice cultivation. You’ll have the opportunity to apply again for the second batch.” explained Hou Qing Lin.
Those people weren’t so happy though. They weren’t the same as those who had managed to only climb the first group of steps. After all, they had shown how strong they were. They found that unfair.

There were many proud people from rich families amongst them and they didn’t want to be considered as losers or to become ordinary imperial cultivation disciples.

“Those who climbed up the second staircase and above, follow me!” said Hou Qing Lin. He turned around and gazed into the distance.

People slowly stood up and followed him. What was the next exam?

Hou Qing Lin wasn’t walking fast. Considering his cultivation level, he was walking extremely slowly. But Tiantai was a holy place so they had to walk slowly, mindfully and respectfully.

“The Qi here is extraordinary. Who lives in those palaces?” said some people looking at the palaces around them.

“The people from just a moment ago and those who get eliminated, for now.” said Hou Qing Lin when he heard those people. “If you become imperial cultivation disciples and practice cultivation in Tiantai, those palaces will be yours forever, one palace per person.”

One palace per person!

The crowd was astonished. Even the most ordinary imperial cultivation disciples could have their own palace, how incredible was that?!

Even Lin Feng was excited.

“In a hundred days, the staircase between Tianjing City and Tiantai will open. People from Tianjing City will be able to see the imperial cultivation disciples and Tiantai will become their holy place.” said Hou Qing Lin. He felt proud to have such great teachers.

Tianjing City was the biggest city in the northern part of Ba Huang Province. Tianjing City would become a great city after the opening of the staircase. Even though Hou Qing Lin didn’t seek glory, he still felt proud and honored to have such wonderful teachers.

The big group walked through the palaces, there was an enchanting mist lying above the ground.

Then, some special palaces appeared in their field of visions. Those palaces looked like celestial illusions.

“Can you see them?” said Hou Qing Lin pointing at some of the palaces. They looked far and close at the same time.

“Master, who lives there?” asked someone.

“There are 81 palaces.” replied Hou Qing Lin. People’s eyes started twinkling. 81 imperial cultivation disciples were going to be selected this time and there were 81 palaces.

“Those palaces are all different and the best of you will get the best palace.” said Hou Qing Lin awaking ardor in the candidates’ hearts.

Xuan Yuan was convinced that he was going to rank first and could already see himself in the best palace.

Many people looked at him with hatred when they saw his eyes twinkle.

“During the first part of the exam, you obtained keys, and there were nine different keys. Those keys will have an impact on your ranking.” said Hou Qing Lin.

Surprisingly, that was the purpose of those keys. Well then, since Lin Feng had obtained the best key, was he going to rank first and obtain the best palace?

Xuan Yuan looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes.

Not only him, but many other people. Especially those who only managed to climb the fourth group of steps. They wanted to prevent Lin Feng from becoming an imperial cultivation disciple and obtaining the best palace.

Lin Feng was speechless. Was he going to rank first?

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He didn’t really understand what Hou Qing Lin meant. Hou Qing Lin had helped him a few times in the past. He even humiliated Xuan Yuan because of him.

“My venerable teachers built those palaces so respect them.” said Hou Qing Lin smiling. Everybody looked terribly excited!

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