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PMG Chapter 1026: New Ways of Using His Spirit

PMG Chapter 1026: New Ways of Using His Spirit

Then, Hou Qing Lin walked to the left.

“We’re here.” said Hou Qing Lin. He then opened the door to a palace.

Everybody was curious. They wanted to see what it looked like inside the palace and also what kind of exam they were going to sit.

The palace was brightly lit. Everybody gradually trickled in.

People’s eyes twinkled. There were drawings and paintings everywhere. There were picture scrolls as well. They all looked extraordinary.

“Come in, everyone.” said Hou Qing Lin. Everybody looked around.

“We often come here to practice as imperial cultivation disciples. We come here to study special and mysterious powers. We drew those paintings, drawings and marks. I’ll let you study the holy marks in this palace.”

Everybody was incredulous. Hou Qing Lin and his fellow disciples had drawn those marks! No wonder they looked extraordinary. Hou Qing Lin was extremely strong. Those marks probably contained incredible powers.

“You have two hours to study so don’t waste time and study as much as you can. To benefit the most from it, your thoughts have to be pure. Remember what I said.” Hou Qing Lin said to the crowd. Everybody nodded.

“One more thing, no fighting can happen during these two hours. Only studying is allowed. After that, you’ll have opportunities to battle each other. If someone disobeys, I’ll throw them off the top of Tiantai!”

After that, he left the palace. They all had two hours to study.

“After that, we’ll be able to battle.” thought the crowd. Those who were weak were a bit scared. Fighting would be difficult for them.

Qiu Yue Xin walked to Lin Feng and asked, “Lin Feng, what do you think he meant?”

Lin Feng shook his head, “Hou Qing Lin is a wise man. Everything he does is meaningful and he won’t lie. We just have to listen to him, that’s all. We have to study those marks for two hours and we’ll become stronger.”

“Alright, you’re right, I think. Even though Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu assigned the recruitment process task to their direct disciples, they probably aren’t completely free. They probably have to follow some instructions.” said Qiu Yue Xin nodding.

“Go and find the marks you understand the best. After that, we don’t know what will happen. Let’s just listen to Hou Qing Lin.” said Lin Feng looking at the mysterious marks on the walls. Very quickly, his attention was drawn to some specific marks.

They were very easy to understand. It looked like some instructions.

Lin Feng looked at them and touched them with his finger. He could sense some strength, it seemed like it was empty space strength.

“That’s it!”

Lin Feng continued moving his finger over the marks and nodded at Qiu Yue Xin.

“I like sword cultivation and empty space spells. It contains sharp sword energies and empty space strength. It seems like these marks are the most suitable for me.” thought Lin Feng. He then started practicing cultivation.

He sat down cross-legged and started meditating.

“The insect passed the first part of the exam because he was lucky and now chooses the easiest marks to understand. Useless!” said a voice mockingly. Yang Zi Lan wasn’t far from him.

According to Yang Zi Lan, the marks Lin Feng had chosen were too easy. However, it was very powerful. Yang Zi Lan thought they were too easy because he had lots of similar ones in his clan.

“Pure luck!” said Lin Feng with an indifferent smile. Then, he stopped looking at Yang Zi Lan and continued practicing cultivation.

Yang Zi Lan saw Lin Feng’s smirk and looked at him in a disdainful way.

“Wait until we fight, I’ll kill you then.” thought Yan Zi Lan thinking about the battles which would take place after the study session. That made him smile in a resplendent way.

Lin Feng remained silent and studied. It was as if the world around him didn’t exist anymore.

Lin Feng could clearly sense the marks on the wall and he was trying to ingrain them in his head.

He visualized the marks and sharp energies appeared.

“Empty space instructions!”

Lin Feng studied those marks and had the feeling he was going to enter an empty space.

“How strong.” thought Lin Feng delighted. It seemed like that space was real and that those marks were powerful. It seemed like he could kill people secretly from inside.

Few Tian level cultivators understood empty space spells.

Lin Feng studied those marks further.

The small world kept appearing in his brain. Even though Lin Feng understood things quickly, two hours weren’t enough.

He slowly opened his celestial book spirit and looked at the empty space world page.

He slowly noted down the marks in his celestial book spirit. He drew them very clearly.

Lin Feng suddenly realized he was using his celestial book spirit to write down marks. He had never used it for that purpose before.

In the past, he used to think he could only use his celestial book spirit to study things like the Tian Xuan stone or the demon seal stones, but he now he realized he could also use it to write down marks.

Maybe the mysterious marks would be easier to use in the future if he had them written down in his celestial book.

Lin Feng studied the marks in his book. He was moving his fingers slowly, following the marks. They became much clearer.

After an hour, Lin Feng stopped and smiled.

“My spirit is awesome.” thought Lin Feng with a resplendent smile. Thanks to his celestial book spirit, he could study faster than probably anyone.

He glanced at Yang Zi Lan who was still practicing cultivation. The others as well. Lin Feng remembered Hou Qing Lin’s words.

“I have time to study something else.” thought Lin Feng with a magnificent smile.

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