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PMG Chapter 103: Impudent old man

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“Such a pity, a genius like you has to die so early.” said the chief of the bandits while looking at Lin Feng and shaking his head.

Lin Feng was very young and even if he could already use sword force, he could not be as strong as the combined power of this many experts, even if he was stronger than them individually. They were already condensing a huge amount of Qi and preparing for their attack.

They all wanted to kill Lin Feng.

“Don’t worry, I can’t die from something like this.” said Lin Feng sounding extremely confident. He was a bit worried a moment before. He had thought that they might have a multitude of people who have reached the third Ling Qi layer but in the end, the bandit chief revealed that they were much weaker than Lin Feng initially thought.

When Lin Feng had broken through to the second Ling Qi layer, he could already compete with Duan Han of the fourth Ling Qi layer. Lin Feng had actually greatly increased his strength since then, so he didn’t really worry about defeating the group even if they attacked together.

“You seem over confident but I will tell you that you are just being stupid.” said the chief of the bandits sounding extremely calm. He brandished his long dagger in the air and at that moment, all of the bandits did the same then suddenly an extremely strong Qi invaded the atmosphere.

At that moment, Lin Feng was surrounded and enveloped by the combined attack from the bandits’ Qi. He had the feeling his bones were going to crack from the pressure. These bandits were many times stronger than the thieves that he had defeated before.

“Die!” shouted all the bandits at the same time. The Qi of their daggers pierced through the atmosphere directly towards Lin Feng who was still surrounded by his sword force. Their fear of Lin Feng was overtaken by their desire to kill him.

Their long daggers glowed from all directions and the Qi they released was directed at oppressing Lin Feng.

“Since you’re attacking me, you should just die.” said Lin Feng and then closed his eyes. He released his Celestial Spirit and entered the world of darkness. His brain also started processing all the data at full speed. He instantly understood the position of every incoming attack around him.

Every single dagger, every single movement the bandits made, Lin Feng could see and feel everything clearly.

He was holding his soft sword out of which a grayish black Qi was emerging and filled in the atmosphere.

“Psshhh!” almost all of the bandits had arrived next to Lin Feng at the same time and their daggers were all glowing, they all had expectant smiles on their faces.

Lin Feng’s sword force invaded the entire atmosphere but Lin Feng remained motionless.

“Deadly sword.” whispered Lin Feng. Suddenly, he moved his body at shocking speed. His long sword made a perfect curve through the air. The grayish black Qi as well as the sword force had annihilated everything in its path. His attack was extremely powerful.

The daggers had stopped glowing and the bandits who had attacked Lin Feng were all sent flying backwards. On their bodies was a mark left by Lin Feng’s deadly sword.

The horses had gone crazy and were unceasingly neighing. The chief of the bandits was staring blankly at Lin Feng. He was gasping in astonishment and shaking from head to toe in complete terror.

This was completely unheard of!

All the members of his troop without exception had been blown away and then miserably fell onto the ground. There hadn’t been the slightest noise but with a single sword strike, Lin Feng had killed them all.

The chief of the bandits had a shiver run down his spine. He was astonished. He was looking at Lin Feng and could only feel Lin Feng’s dreadful Qi wrapping around his body.

“It’s your turn.” said a Lin Feng. The chief of the bandits saw that Lin Feng had finally opened his eyes and had started moving towards him. A cold Qi was moving towards him at full speed. Lin Feng’s dark eyes looked lifeless and evil.

A moment before, Lin Feng looked calm and serene even though his eyes still revealed some indignation and anger. But at that moment, Lin Feng’ facial expression had undergone a drastic change. His expression was ice cold and emotionless. His two eyes had become pitch black and gave the impression that they would consume anyone who looked directly into them.

How could the chief of the bandits still want to fight against Lin Feng? Fear was petrifying him and he could not even move a muscle other than to escape.

The chief’s horse started turning around to escape. The chief of the bandits wanted to escape from that deadly sword at all costs. He wasn’t able to counter a single attack from Lin Feng.

“You want to leave?” said Lin Feng with a cold smile on his face. He used his Moonlight Feather Agility technique and jumped a hundred meters towards the bandit chief.

The energy released by his deadly sword was creating vortexes as it passed through the air. Lin Feng’s sword energy immediately crashed into the chief’s body and pierced a hole directly through his chest.

If he had tried to block the attack, maybe he could have resisted for a few more strikes but it looked like he had given up all hope and knew that he was going to die under that sword. This was the end for the bandit and his body heavily crashed onto the ground.

Lin Feng recalled his spirit back into his body. His eyes became normal again. He turned around and walked towards Duan Feng and the others.

“Lin Feng, big brother.”

Duan Feng’s eyes were filled with gratitude and admiration. Lin Feng was way too strong! Besides, even if he was as strong as Lin Feng, he probably wouldn’t take the same risks.

At that moment, Uncle Want started to talk as well. He had a big smile on his face and said: “Lin Feng, young man, I made a mistake. I am sorry.”

Lin Feng looked at the old man. He looked incredibly cold.

“You, how long are you going to pretend?” Lin Feng spat the words out in anger. At that moment, Uncle Wang was stupefied.

Duan Feng and Jing Yun were also surprised. They didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant.

“Lin Feng, young man, please explain what you mean.” said Uncle Wang looking careless yet staring fixedly at Lin Feng.

“These bandits were all army troops, right?” said Lin Feng.

“Indeed. They must be army troops.” Replied Old Wang.

Duan Feng nodded and asked: “What does that have to do with Uncle Wang?”

“Duan Feng, do you remember that Uncle Wang said that the first thieves I killed were actually calmly speaking with me?”

“I remember.” said Duan Feng while nodding.

“If Uncle Wang is as weak as you think then how could he hear and observe these things better than all of you?” replied Lin Feng.

“I have been loyal and devoted to the Duan Clan for so many years. I am in charge of controlling that the young master is safe at all times. I always have to pay attention to every single detail. I know that you, young man, bear a grudge against me but there is no need to try and damage my reputation like this.” Said Old Wang.

“Damage your reputation?” said Lin Feng coldly. “I am not that kind of person.”

“What the chief of the thieves told me has nothing to do with this affair. I think that all these thieves and bandits came straight for Duan Feng to kill him and all of you would have let him die.” Said Lin Feng in disdain.

“Maybe.” nodded Uncle Wang. “Who knows?”

“Well, since that is the case, I find a bit strange… I killed all of the thieves in the first group. Not a single one of them was left to send a message to the second group, but how could the second group know that Duan Feng hadn’t died? Why did they still come? How did the bandit chief know that the first group had been killed when he asked me if it was me who killed them?” said Lin Feng which surprised everybody. Indeed, the second group was ready to come and kill Duan Feng after the first group died. How could they know that he hadn’t died?

“Since they knew, there must have been someone who told them. There must be a spy. What do you think?” said Lin Feng while staring at Uncle Wang.

“Maybe you are right. There might be a spy. But Lin Feng shouldn’t forget about the fact that you were much farther in front of us and that the bandits came after you left us. So if there is a spy, then…. Hehe.” said Uncle Wang while laughing. He didn’t finish his sentence but everybody understood what he meant.

“Why are you laughing? Is this situation a joking matter to you?” said Lin Feng with a cold tone when he saw that the old man was laughing. But Duan Feng and Jing Yun started looking at Uncle Wang in a strange way which immediately made him stop laughing.

“It’s easy to understand what the situation really is when you have a brain.” said Lin Feng firmly and then continued: “There were two groups of bandits. They were probably working together and then you implied that I worked with them. If I was working with them then I would have killed the first group to gain your trust but what about the second group? The people behind this are not stupid and would definitely not sacrifice so many strong individuals for such a reason. Do you think that everybody is stupid and you are the only one with a brain?”

Uncle Wang looked panicked as he was running short on arguments and didn’t know what to say anymore. Lin Feng wanted to do a favor for Duan Feng as he had shown him kindness. Uncle Wang really thought that the others were stupid, he was bringing Duan Feng straight to the bandits ready to be killed.

“Alright, even if is not you or me, it could be anyone else.” Said Old Wang in a panic.

“Anyone else?!” said Lin Feng with a sarcastic smile on his face. “What do you mean? Duan Feng called them himself so they could take his life?”

“Then, there is Jing Yun but Jing Yun was in the carriage all along sitting with Duan Feng and had had no opportunity to inform anyone. Then, there were all the guards but they have all died thanks to the second group of bandits. You are the only left to suspect, Uncle Wang. Still alive and completely unharmed, not even a single attack was aimed in your direction. Besides, you’ve been looking calm throughout the whole journey, even when the bandits arrived because you knew everything from the beginning.”

Duan Feng and Jing Yun were stupefied while staring at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, big brother, Uncle Wang has been working for the Duan Clan for many years. He’s always cared for me since my childhood. He would never hurt me. This is probably a misunderstanding or a coincidence.”

Duan Feng refused to believe that theory. Uncle Wang was a friend of his grandfather and had always been there for him.

“Duan Feng, what kind temperament does Uncle Wang have?” replied Lin Feng.

“Gentle, philanthropic and charitable.” replied Duan Feng.

“Gentle, philanthropic and charitable?  Duan Feng, If this was really the case then why has he been opposed to our friendship from the moment he learnt of my strength? Didn’t his personality drastically change when he saw me kill the thieves? He was the one who forced me to leave using the most absurd reasons. Don’t you think that all of this is completely out of character?” said Lin Feng coldly which made Duan Feng look surprised. Actually, Uncle Wang’s behaviour had been really strange.

“You have absolutely no proof of what you are saying. I have been working for the Duan Clan for so many years. If the young master believes you then I should just accept my death. You could kill me easily at any time but instead you try to tarnish my reputation. It would be as easy as lifting your hand, so there is no need to continue talking. Please kill me.” said Uncle Wang coldly. He closed his eyes as a sign that he was begging to be killed which made Duan Feng feel extremely awkward.

“What a disgusting old man.” said Lin Feng while staring at Uncle Wang. He was speechless. The old man’s method to make Duan Feng feel guilty was horrible.

“Lin Feng, young man, why are you not killing me? Take my life. You are so strong. Nobody will ever say that you unfairly killed someone. Nobody would ever dare.” said Uncle Wang in a weak voice. Uncle Wang sounded like he had been extremely hurt by Lin Feng. It sounded like Lin Feng’s purpose had been to kill the old man all the way.

“Lin Feng, big brother… this…”

The situation was horrible for Duan Feng. He respected Lin Feng a lot and thought that he was strong and powerful. Besides, he had saved him twice already… and Uncle Wang had always been taking care of him since his childhood. He was like a member of his family… an elder of his family.

“I have no way to prove everything that I said. If you don’t believe me, then there is nothing else that I can do. Whether he is important for you or not is not my problem and it has nothing to do with me. I just wanted to warn you, that’s all. Jing Yun, do you want to continue the journey with us or are you going to stay here?”

Lin Feng didn’t feel like arguing anymore. After all, he had only known Duan Feng for a Day. Even if he thought that Duan Feng was a remarkably kind young boy, if he didn’t believe him, then it wasn’t necessary to keep trying convincing him. As far as Jing Yun is concerned, Lin Feng always considered her as a great friend and didn’t want to put her aside or to make her feel abandoned.

“Lin Feng, I’ve had respect for you all the way but now you are really just humiliating everybody! First, you humiliate me, an old man and now you are humiliating Jing Yun putting her in an awkward situation. You are going too far.”

Uncle Wang said these words on a very cold and aggressive tone as if he had been provoked by Lin Feng.

“Shut the hell up!” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly while glancing at Uncle Wang which stunned the latter.

“Alright, alright… Lin Feng, I see that you only know how to rely on your strength to bully others. ”

“Are you done talking?” At that moment, a cold and indifferent voice spread in the air. It was Meng Qing. Everybody was surprised. She had surprisingly said something even though she was quite uncommunicative most of the time.

Meng Qing was staring at Uncle Wang and she looked disgusted. She then said: “You really are an impudent old man. You initially thought that you were going to leave alone at the beginning after everybody would have been killed by the bandits but your plan failed and now you are trying to humiliate and bully Lin Feng. Do you have no shame?”

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