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PMG Chapter 1030: Equally Arrogant

PMG Chapter 1030: Equally Arrogant
“Boom boom!” More explosion sounds invaded the atmosphere. The mountains around them exploded.

Their clothes were fluttering in the whistling wind.

“Alright.” shouted Xuan Yuan. He smiled and said, “You’re a good fighter. You also managed to climb up nine groups of steps, however, I will still kill you.”

Xuan Yuan sounded proud and arrogant. He slowly raised his fist. The wind around him was whistling as he absorbed the strength of the Earth and sky and made it flow in his flesh. He was really talented. Xuan Yuan’s entire body started emitting dazzling lights.

“Because we can’t use the skills and techniques we want, talent plays the biggest role. And I am more talented than you.” said Xuan Yuan proudly. He looked like he despised the whole world, as if nobody could have defeated him.

“You’re much more talented than Yang Zi Lan, but you’re as ignorant as him. He also thought nobody could defeat him.” said Lin Feng while running forwards. In a flash, rumbling sounds shook the space. Lin Feng was surrounded by force, the natural force of the Earth and sky. He was using the earth and sky as a weapon.

“How scary. He understands these forces so well. He’s five-six times stronger than he should be, even with a restricted cultivation level.” thought the crowd. What a pity that Lin Feng didn’t come from a rich family. With such talent, he would have become incredibly strong. He would have become like Xuan Yuan.

“I never lost against someone at the same level as me. You can’t compete with me now.” said Xuan Yuan proudly and aggressively.

“Neither have I. I can easily defeat people like Yang Zi Ye if they’re of the same level as me. I can use the force of the Earth and sky.” shouted Lin Feng. Force rolled in the air and condensed in Lin Feng’s body, then he threw himself at Xuan Yuan.

“Die!” Xuan Yuan shouted furiously. Their fists collided again. The mountains around them turned to ashes.

“Argh… Boom boom boom!” It was as if the sky was going to collapse. Many people had forgotten about their own fights at that moment, they were captivated by Lin Feng and Xuan Yuan’s battle. In such a short time, they had shown so much power.

They did all they could to become imperial cultivation disciples. The crowd thought that no matter who won, both of them were geniuses. Unfortunately, one of them wouldn’t become an imperial cultivation disciple.

“Alright, you can be proud of yourself because our fight is still equal. Luckily, you studied a new technique in the palace. I will show you what it’s like to have incredible understanding abilities.” said Xuan Yuan smiling. He moved farther away from Lin Feng and raised his fist while condensing strength inside.

“How strong. Both studied for two hours, and Xuan Yuan understood his technique way better than Yang Zi Lan.” thought the crowd. Xuan Yuan, with the strength of the first Tian Qi layer, was showing incredible power.

“Is that so? Show me then!” said Lin Feng who raised his fists too. He condensed more energies as well.

“What an explosive power.” thought the crowd. They were shivering. Lin Feng had punched Jiang Ning and expelled him in the blink of an eye.

“I’ll destroy you!” shouted Xuan Yuan furiously and punched the air in front of him.

“Bzzz!” The Earth shook and Xuan Yuan’s fist disappeared in the air, but the strength was still palpable.

“Empty space fist!” the crowd was astonished. Xuan Yuan’s fist had disappeared but it was still there.

At the same time, Lin Feng enveloped his finger with the force of the Earth and sky. The crowd could sense the two fighters’ energies.

“Bzzz!” His finger disappeared as well.

“Empty space finger!” the crowd was astonished. Lin Feng had done the same as Xuan Yuan. He had learnt an empty space technique too. Incredible.

“Bzzz!” Terrifying forces rolled in waves around them. Their attacks re-appeared at the same time and more energies rose up in the sky.

“Two beasts!” the crowd was more and more astonished. Those two cultivators were incredible. They also had a similar level of understanding. They were smarter than anyone else there it seemed.

“It’s alright, but I already know that. You’re disappointing me.” said Lin Feng in an indifferent way.

Xuan Yuan looked at Lin Feng coldly. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng was so strong. His cultivation level was higher than Lin Feng’s so he should have understood the mysterious marks of the palace much better, but it wasn’t the case. Lin Feng, with the strength of the fourth Tian Qi layer had understood those marks just as well as him.

“You have high understanding abilities, unfortunately, you’re not from a rich and noble family so your blood and your spirit aren’t as good, otherwise, you’d be a real genius. If we could use all our powers, you’d have lost already. Many people could even defeat you easily. However, in front of me, you’re still an insect, even if we both have the strength of the first Tian Qi layer.” said Xuan Yuan. He appeared happy, but seemed to think that it was a pity that Lin Feng wasn’t the member of a rich and noble family. Lin Feng’s talent were wasted.

Lin Feng looked at him and smiled, “If I could use all my powers, I’d show you that your so-called talent is useless in front of me. You have nothing to be proud of. You practiced cultivation longer than me, if we had progressed in the same environment, I’d be much stronger than you.”

The crowd enjoyed listening to them talk. They were both proud. Lin Feng even said that Xuan Yuan wasn’t particularly good.

“I wonder how Lin Feng can act as arrogantly in front of Xuan Yuan.” thought the crowd. They had the feeling that Lin Feng was a bit too confident. Xuan Yuan was incredible and had imperial blood. Once outside of the illusion, Xuan Yuan could easily kill Lin Feng, especially with his blood strength and spirit.

“You’re just showing off. Too bad we can’t fight with our full power. I’d show you that you’re ridiculous otherwise.” said Xuan Yuan coldly.

“Apart from bragging, what else can you do? Let’s finish the battle, okay?” replied Lin Feng.

In the air, Hou Qing Lin smiled when he heard them and said, “Since you’re both so confident, I’ll give you one chance. You can give it a try.”

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