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PMG Chapter 1031: Insane Battle

PMG Chapter 1031: Insane Battle
“Eh?” The crowd didn’t understand. He was allowing Lin Feng and Xuan Yuan to give it a try?

Hou Qing Lin was allowing them to fight in normal conditions, but if one of them lost, wouldn’t it be unfair? They wouldn’t be able to become imperial cultivation disciples.

“I allow you to fight in normal conditions, you can use anything you want. Of course, everybody saw how strong you both are so I already consider that you both passed the exam. I suppose nobody has anything to say against that.” said Hou Qing Lin looking at the crowd. Everybody nodded. Of course they didn’t mind. If Xuan Yuan or Lin Feng stayed in the illusion and continued the exam, they would have the opportunity to fight against them too and nobody wanted to fight against them.

“Alright, haha. Awesome. We can fight as we wish!” said Xuan Yuan laughing. “Lin Feng, I will give you an opportunity to show everyone your abilities.

“Ridiculous.” said Lin Feng when he heard Xuan Yuan making fun of him. He then said coldly, “I will just show you that being arrogant is risky when one isn’t strong enough.”

“I can’t believe you’re so confident. We’ll see!” said Xuan Yuan. He then started walking towards Lin Feng. An incredible strength started flowing in his hand. Even with the strength of the first Tian Qi layer, it was incredible.

“Even with pure strength, I can defeat you.” said Xuan Yuan walking towards Lin Feng.

“You’re the only one who thinks that way.” said Lin Feng while condensing blood strength. He also condensed pure Qi, the strength of the Heruka and the Buddha. His different sorts of strength started flowing all throughout his body. Lin Feng then walked towards Xuan Yuan, fearlessly.

“Die!” shouted Xuan Yuan furiously while punching towards Lin Feng. None of them were flinching.

“Not bad. But, piss off now!” shouted Xuan Yuan. In a flash, he released his strength. His hair started fluttering in the wind and he looked insane. His punch was even more powerful than with the restrictions.

“Blood Qi!” Lin Feng looked at him coldly. He also released his strength of the Heruka and circulated his blood inside his body. His fist looked like a dragon.

“Piss off!” shouted Xuan Yuan furiously. His voice was scary and pierced through people’s eardrums painfully. Both of them were propelled backwards. A distance of a few hundred meters appeared between them.

“Eh?” The crowd didn’t understand. Lin Feng’s blood seemed powerful too. Xuan Yuan didn’t have the advantage.

Xuan Yuan was surprised too. He sensed Lin Feng’s blood, it was quite strong. His facial expression changed. He thought he would crush Lin Feng in the blink of an eye with his blood strength, but things weren’t happening that way. Even with his imperial blood, he didn’t have the advantage.

“It seems like I need to use some special methods to gain the advantage.” said Xuan Yuan coldly. He moved his hands, as if he were dancing, and released an oppressive strength.

“Boom!” Xuan Yuan punched the atmosphere towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng sensed the oppressive strength. He felt like he was going to kneel down under it, but he didn’t.

“You’re a bit too weak.” said Xuan Yuan running towards Lin Feng again. He punched the air towards Lin Feng again. Lin Feng sensed the energy and it felt like his bones were going to break.

“Demon seal strength!” Lin Feng released demon sealing strength and punched the atmosphere. Xuan Yuan suddenly felt immobilized.

“If only talent counted in the cultivation world, you would be too weak.” said Lin Feng. It was a clash of the titans. Xuan Yuan’s oppressive strength could oppress Lin Feng, Lin Feng’s strength of the Heruka could paralyze Xuan Yuan. They were both very strong.

“If I’m too weak, then teach me how to be a strong cultivator!” said Xuan Yuan. He then shouted furiously, “Die…!”

The sound waves created by his voice turned into sharp blades and moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng moved back and groaned furiously, “Argh!”

In a flash, he released an incredible strength. The sounds emitted by Lin Feng’s attack sounded like a furious dragon.

“Boom boom boom!” The atmosphere was distorted as Xuan Yuan was propelled backwards too. When the air between them settled down, Xuan Yuan looked upset. He didn’t have the advantage at all.

The crowd was surprised too. Lin Feng was incredible. They knew Xuan Yuan had imperial blood and was strong, but he still didn’t have the advantage. So far, it was a draw between them.

“You can be proud of yourself, you’re resilient. Now, I will show you what real intent strength is.” said Xuan Yuan coldly. He was really angry because he thought that he would defeat Lin Feng in a few seconds.

“Proud or not, you can’t judge me, you’re just a show-off. And now, this battle is getting difficult for you.” said Lin Feng mockingly.

Xuan Yuan pulled a long face, but didn’t reply. He started running towards Lin Feng again. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as he released a monstrous Qi.

“My determination makes me proud and strong. Nobody can resist my strength!” said Xuan Yuan. His intent contained the force of the Earth and sky as well. A furious dragon appeared in the sky above.

“I’ve rarely seen people as arrogant as you.” said Lin Feng with a cold smile. He started running forwards too. His sword Qi started emitting whistling sounds in the air as it moved forwards with an indomitable determination.

“Eh?” Xuan Yuan was surprised and said, “Level seven sword intent, not bad, but against my level eight intent, what can you do?”

“Boom boom!”

Xuan Yuan continued moving forwards. He wanted to destroy Lin Feng’s sword Qi.

“Is that so? I rely solely on my level seven sword intent though!” said Lin Feng moving forward towards Xuan Yuan. He also released fire energy which contained fire intent.

The crowd was surprised. Dual intent, and each at a high level!

“Bzzz!” a hurricane appeared and collided with the sword and fire Qi. People gasped with amazement.

“Level seven sword intent, level six fire intent, and level six wind intent, is that enough?” asked Lin Feng.

The crowd was speechless. Three different sorts of intent: level seven sword intent, and level six wind and fire intent, that was scary. Lin Feng mastered three different types of intent at such a high level even though he had only broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer.

“Stop talking and fight, we’ll see if it’s enough!” yelled Xuan Yuan. He ran towards Lin Feng in the air. His intent and force of the Earth and sky were becoming thicker and thicker.

Lin Feng’s sword, fire and wind energies also condensed using the strength of the Earth and sky. Together, all those energies were even more powerful.

“Die!” shouted Xuan Yuan. His Qi was moving towards Lin Feng with an incredible speed.

“Boom boom!” The sky and Earth seemed like they were going to collapse. Both Lin Feng and Xuan Yuan were propelled backwards. Rumbling sounds spread in the air. As before, Xuan Yuan hadn’t managed to take the advantage.

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    thank you

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    Much love ❤️

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    Kinda patheic that his sword intent is still onky lvl 7.. That was the same as before he became tian… 4 lvls and his sword didnt improve at all… Wind went fom 3 to 6 and fore from 4 to 6(i think)… But the one hes most dedicated to has stalled? And it was supposed to be easier to comprehend intent in tian so it was supposed to skyrocket

    • Deashi June 3, 2019 at 7:06 pm - Reply

      I just thought the same thing! It’s getting less impressive since he’s had the same levels for s while. Maybe soon they all jump up a level, to keep it impressive balanced.

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