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PMG Chapter 1032: Two people’s corporeal bodies

PMG Chapter 1032: Two people’s corporeal bodies

The energies slowly dispersed. Xuan Yuan was staring at Lin Feng coldly, but said nothing.

They had been fighting for a while, but he hadn’t gained the advantage once. He couldn’t say anything. All he could do to show everyone he was the best was to kill Lin Feng, otherwise nobody would believe him. Also, that was the only way to prove to himself that he was the strongest and that nobody could defeat him.

This time, Xuan Yuan was furious.

Lin Feng looked cold and detached. He looked neither happy nor sad, neither furious nor exhilarated. Disciples of rich and powerful clans couldn’t compete with people who had imperial blood, that was a fact. Xuan Yuan’s abilities were really incredible. That’s why he acted so arrogantly. Even in front of Hou Qing Lin and Mu Chen, he acted arrogantly and fearlessly. He just hoped he would surpass them someday.

That kind of person had only one goal, to become an emperor.

Lin Feng wasn’t scared though. He had seen great emperors, he had been in the Jade Emperor’s palace and saw the four statues. All of them were emperors and great emperors, he had seen the three-lives demon emperor and the demon emperor in the death valley.

Xuan Yuan wanted to become an emperor, Lin Feng didn’t only hope to become an emperor, he wanted to become a great emperor.

“Bzzz!” In the air, Xuan Yuan moved again. His hand streaked across the sky as a trail of energy appeared.

“Bzzz…” another wave of energy appeared. A word appeared in the sky, the word “Xuan”. Around the word, there was an incredible amount of energies. Even the crowd who was very far away could sense those energies.

Xuan Yuan didn’t stop though. He wrote another word in the sky: “Yuan”.

“What an incredible strength. Those are mysterious holy marks. He wrote his own name using them, how incredible, how majestic!” thought the crowd. This time, what would Lin Feng do?

When they looked at Lin Feng, they saw that he looked calm and detached. He slowly lowered his head and then raised his head. Lin Feng also started moving his hands. The marks he left in the sky contained an incredible and seemingly infinite amount of energy which was undulating and changing.

Deadly energies emerged from those marks.

“Lin Feng can do it too!” thought the crowd. People were even more surprised. Xuan Yuan and Lin Feng had many spells and techniques to draw from.

The “Xuan Yuan” word became more distinct now. Its oppressive power intensified as well.

Lin Feng wrote a word too. He wrote the word “DIE” in the sky. It contained incredible sword energies.

The word “Xuan Yuan” also contained Xuan Yuan’s intent. Lin Feng’s word contained sword energies.

Xuan Yuan raised his head and looked at Lin Feng’s word, he sighed, but continued condensing energies into his word.

“I wouldn’t have thought that I would need to use real and genuine blood strength against you. It is the first time I have had to do that against someone of your level.” Xuan Yuan said slowly.
Finally, Xuan Yuan was going to show what his blood strength really looked like. Finally, Lin Feng was going to be defeated. However, he could already be proud that he had managed to fight that long against Xuan Yuan.

Xuan Yuan raised his hand and dispersed the terrifying energies. The word “Xuan Yuan” disappeared too.

Lin Feng looked at Xuan Yuan and smiled. He raised his hands too. His word “DIE” disappeared as well.

Then, Xuan Yuan released his blood strength which emitted whistling sounds.

“I will show you how an emperor fights. Even if you lose, you can be proud of yourself.” said Xuan Yuan slowly. His body gradually turned into an illusion as if he was changing bodies. He looked domineering, majestic and powerful. He looked like an emperor as his blood strength emerged. That was imperial blood. His flesh contained imperial strength. There was nothing he couldn’t do.

At that moment, Xuan Yuan looked dignified as if nobody could stop him. Even with the strength of the first Tian Qi layer, he looked incredible. With his real strength of the seventh Tian Qi layer and his incredible imperial blood, he would have been even more terrifying. The crowd couldn’t even imagine.

“With the body of an emperor, one of my punches is enough to kill someone of the same level.” said Xuan Yuan. Xuan Yuan was now acting as if he were a real emperor.

“I told you, in my eyes, you’re the same as everybody else. You’re just a cultivator, that’s all.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Lin Feng’s body also started turning into an illusion. He was bathing in golden lights.

Very quickly, Lin Feng turned into an ancient Buddha. He looked majestic, dignified, domineering. Then, he turned into a Heruka and he was suddenly surrounded by demonic and ice-cold energies. People’s hearts started racing. Lin Feng’s body was flashing, one second he had the form of a Buddha, the other he had the form of a Heruka.

Hou Qing Lin was surprised as well. His eyes were twinkling.

In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, only one person had such a body, it was the three-lives demon emperor who had practiced the three-lives Buddha-Demon skills and he was extraordinary. There were three people in one body, each body was incredible strong. They all had the strength of a great emperor.

At that moment, surprisingly, Lin Feng reminded him of the three-lives demon emperor.

Lin Feng’s demonic energies were intensifying at that moment. He looked like a demon and his body was becoming even more distinct.

Xuan Yuan looked like an overlord and Lin Feng looked like a death god.

“Lin Feng uses the Demon-Buddha form to benefit the most from the demonic energies and to hide something… I see.” thought Hou Qing Lin. But what did Lin Feng want to hide? Did he want to hide a demonic skill? Did Lin Feng have a powerful demonic skill?
“Alright, alright…” Xuan Yuan was fixedly staring back at Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng could also turn into a demon. Lin Feng wasn’t any weaker than him at that moment.

“From now on, I will never say you’re an insect ever again, however, I will still kill you!”

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