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PMG Chapter 1042: Imperial Battles

PMG Chapter 1042: Imperial Battles

“Desolate Qi is so powerful.” thought Lin Feng raising his head. There were some black lights in his desolate Qi.

The young man with the shadow spirit had brought Lin Feng there on purpose, thinking he could attract the desolate Qi and kill Lin Feng, unfortunately, it hadn’t worked.

“He knew that there was desolate Qi here. There’s a hole, so he brought me here on purpose.” whispered Lin Feng. Then, he decided to leave that place.

Very quickly, Lin Feng arrived in another place, far away from that desolate Qi. He was wondering where Qiu Yue Xin was. She had the strength of the seventh Tian Qi layer, as long as she didn’t encounter anyone stronger than her, she should be fine.

Lin Feng frowned. He had the impression that the situation was getting dangerous.

“Is someone chasing me?” thought Lin Feng. That place was very dangerous. Luck and strength were the two determining factors.

“Massacre palace, show me who wants to kill me.”

Lin Feng continued moving forwards. Killing was easy now with all the skills and techniques he had.

But Lin Feng still felt uncomfortable, as if someone was following him. He released his godly awareness, but didn’t notice anything in particular. He soon came across some extremely strong people who were hiding their Qi.

Lin Feng stopped and said, “Stop hiding and come out.”

His voice echoed far away, but nobody replied. The atmosphere was eerily silent.

“Drip, drip…” finally, a sound came to Lin Feng’s ears. Wind brushed against his clothes and it was ice-cold.

“As expected, there’s someone!” Lin Feng’s facial expression turned serious. He remained motionless as snowflakes started floating around him.

“Drip, drip, drip!” The sounds were intensifying and seemed to be coming from all around him. Lin Feng started to feel really cold.

The energies became even more intense as the battle was about to start.

“Boom!” a terrifying Qi surrounded Lin Feng. Shadows appeared all around.

“Piss off!” Lin Feng punched the air, destroying the shadows.

“Illusion technique.” Those shadows weren’t real people, they were illusions.

Lin Feng released his spirit. His pupils became pitch-black and he could clearly see all around him. He looked rather cold and expressionless.

More shadows attacked him, but Lin Feng didn’t care about them. They were only illusions after all.

His eyes were closed, but everything appeared very clearly in his brain. It seemed like nothing could escape his awareness.

“Slash!” a subtle sound spread in the air. The illusions suddenly looked more real.

“Boom!” Lin Feng opened his eyes and glanced around. He saw someone’s face.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Red lights appeared in the darkness. He also released an explosive amount of sword Qi. Loud sounds spread all around as the illusions all disappeared, destroyed by Lin Feng’s blood sword. The enemy was trying to escape now.

“Where are you going?” said Lin Feng, amused. He chased the cultivator with the illusions. It was a shadow cultivator again. It was difficult to see them, how annoying!

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He used his human sword fusion and turned into a sword.

“Boom boom!” A hand appeared which contained terrifyingly sharp energies and moved towards Lin Feng at incredible speed.

“What’s going on?” thought Lin Feng. He was still using his human sword fusion as he turned around and moved up. He now started using his blood strength.

“Slash, slash!” Lights appeared in front of him. The enemy was attacking him again.

“Argh!” Lin Feng was furious. He started running towards those lights. Lin Feng knew perfectly well what was going on, there wasn’t just one person attacking him this time!


A golden hand appeared behind Lin Feng and hit him, it felt as if his organs were going to explode.

“Three people!”

Three people were hunting him.

“Buddha-Demon body!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He didn’t use his Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique, instead, he turned into a Buddha-Demon. Dazzling golden lights and pale dark lights twinkled all around his body.

“One thousand Buddha punches, ten thousand demon fists!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Millions of hands appeared all around him, both Buddha and demonic. They moved in all directions around him.

“Boom boom boom!” Energies rolled in the air. Two silhouettes moved backward and hid in the dark again. It was as if they had never appeared.

Lin Feng glanced around. He was furious. Surprisingly, several people had attacked him at once.

“It seems like some people join hands here too.” thought Lin Feng. He had just encountered a killer squad.

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng coldly.

The atmosphere was calm for a few seconds and then a voice echoed back to Lin Feng, “Hunters of darkness!”

“Hunters of darkness!” repeated Lin Feng. He then said coldly, “I killed a hunter of darkness already!”

“We’re all Hunters of darkness!” said someone else. Voices came from all around. The Hunters of darkness consisted of a group of people…

“Drip, drip!” more people came. They were all hiding in the dark so Lin Feng couldn’t see them.

In the distance, there was someone standing proudly on a gigantic tree. That person looked like an overlord.

Nobody dared attack him.

It was Xuan Yuan.

“The Hunters of darkness are going to kill you and I don’t need to do anything to stop them.” thought Xuan Yuan. His eyes were filled with murder. He knew that place already for it was his second time visiting there.

He also knew the Hunters of darkness.

In Ba Huang Province, there was someone called the Imperial Hunter who had terrifying hunting techniques Nobody dared offend him. His disciples were all of the same class: assassins!

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    Thank you again!

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    Is there maybe the person from Duan Wu Ya’s Academy? The one who looked as beautiful as a woman and practiced assassin skills?

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    I thought he mastered the Shadow spirit skill that Protector Kong didn’t? Thus he can go invisible. Plus how is this a fair test for that Xuan Yuan guy? He can just sit this bit out? Seems a bit naff from the Emperors.

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