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PMG Chapter 1043: Strange Young Man

PMG Chapter 1043: Strange Young Man

Xuan Yuan knew everything there was to know in Ba Huang Province. He also knew the Hunters of darkness personally. On the other hand, Lin Feng didn’t know much about Ba Huang Province.

Lin Feng could only guess what was going on using his eyes and intelligence. Those people were very dangerous, let alone they had joined hands to fight him. Those assassins used elite hunting skills, illusions, shadows, assassin’s techniques.

Lin Feng heard even more people and said, “If you want to attack me, then attack me together! There’s no need to hide!”

However, nobody paid attention to what he said. They continued hiding in the dark.

Suddenly, a strong wind started blowing around Lin Feng. He was surrounded by an illusion again. It was similar to the illusion from before where it seemed like several shadows were attacking him again.

“So you want to fight again!” said Lin Feng. Snowflakes floated around him this time. At the same time, he condensed fire energies.

A sun pattern appeared on Lin Feng’s body, it was pure sun Qi and it was scorching hot.

Then, he released his fire energies and all the shadows disappeared instantly.

“Slash!” A sharp energy moved towards Lin Feng.

“Boom!” Lin Feng released sealing energies.

“Seal!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released sealing strength with his left hand and the world around him seemingly stopped.

“Die!” shouted someone furiously. The voice came from behind him. Lin Feng condensed a black fire in his right hand which emitted crackling sounds. Then, Lin Feng released his attack.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng.

“Ah…” someone gave a horrible shriek. Lin Feng saw someone burning alive.

“Slash, slash!” Lin Feng continued attacking using his level seven sword intent. It was raining fire and sword intent, kind of like fireworks.

“I have no time to play with you guys.” Lin Feng then released wind intent and wrapped himself up in it. He turned into a hurricane and flew far away.

“Drip, drip, drip…” more sounds were heared. Some people were following Lin Feng.

There were other people around, but they couldn’t afford being too noisy because the Hunters of darkness were there too. Some people thought that the Hunters of darkness had killed someone. With the strength of the fourth Tian Qi layer, it was difficult to escape from them.

Lin Feng moved with incredible speed, but he still heard people behind.

“Slash!” A sword light streaked across the sky.

“Bzzz!” The sword energies appeared in front of Lin Feng.

“Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique!” energies quicklly surrounded Lin Feng.

“Bzzz… bzzz…” His Empty Space Bestial Illusion was shaking under the pressure of those sword energies.

Lin Feng wasn’t feeling comfortable, things were quite dangerous for him now. That sword could kill him easily for it was an Empty Space Sword Technique!

“Boom!” Lin Feng continued running. He wanted to escape but it seemed difficult.

Lin Feng took out a talisman and broke it.

In a flash, he started moving even faster. He could still hear people chasing him, but this time they couldn’t catch up with him.

“Kaboom!” At that moment, an incredible and explosive energy fell from the sky towards Lin Feng. He felt oppressed.

“Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique!” Lin Feng frowned and used his Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique again. In such a short time, he had used it twice. It was becoming difficult to manage.

“Bzzz!” A terrifying strength bombarded Lin Feng’s illusion. His Empty Space Bestial Illusion seemed like it was going to break this time. He could even sense the oppressive energies from inside the illusion. It was terrifying.

Lin Feng continued moving as fast as he could and saw someone. It was a proud looking young man. He was extremely muscular and was holding a gigantic wooden stick. It was the young man who had attacked Lin Feng a moment before. He had hit Lin Feng’s illusion with his wooden stick.

“Not bad. You understand illusions, but even with the talisman you used, you’re still too slow and too weak.” said a loud voice. That voice sounded like thunder and painfully pierced through Lin Feng’s eardrums.

“Escaping means I’m weak? So, what would you do if a group of Hunters of darkness attacked you at the same time?” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way.

“Hunters of darkness?” the young man was surprised and said, “You’re the one they chased. No wonder. Since we both like illusion spells, I’ll restrain my cultivation level and attack you. If you can withstand a single attack, I’ll let you off.”

“You’ll let me off?” that young man was strange. Lin Feng was so fast, did he need his opponent to let him off?

“Don’t think that you’re faster than me. I can easily catch up with you. So, do you think you can withstand a single one of my attacks?” said the young man. He didn’t sound arrogant like Xuan Yuan though.

“Alright, if you give me such an opportunity, I’ll take it.” said Lin Feng coldly. His illusion disappeared and he looked stared down his enemy.

“I’m using the strength of the fourth Tian Qi layer now, I’ll punch you and we’ll see what you can do.” said the young man. He then threw himself at Lin Feng without talking any more.

“Boom boom!” Lin Feng sensed the oppressive energies. His enemy had an incredibly powerful physical strength.

“Even with a restricted cultivation level, he’s extremely strong.” Lin Feng was amazed. That guy also condensed force into his attacks.

“Kaboom!” Crackling sounds spread in the air as Lin Feng’s arm felt like it was going to break off. He was propelled backwards and landed a thousand meters behind.

“He propelled me backwards.” that person was also propelled backwards, but only a few steps though. He scratched his head, annoyed. Lin Feng was speechless. That young man had propelled Lin Feng a thousand meters and he had only been pushed back of a few steps, why was he annoyed?

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