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PMG Chapter 1044: Crazier than Xuan Yuan

PMG Chapter 1044: Crazier than Xuan Yuan

The young man sighed and smiled, “How awesome! Let’s do it again!”

Then, he jumped again and arrived in front of Lin Feng.

“Argh!” He groaned like an animal and punched the air. His hair was fluttering in the wind, his veins were popping out, his clothes were suddenly torn apart.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng condensed all his strength into his fist, including demonic strength, sword and fire energies, and then moved forwards.

“Boom boom!” A terrifying hurricane appeared and the sky was roaring.

“Boom boom boom!” Lin Feng’s energies seemed like they were going to explode. But, that guy was incredibly strong.

“Alright, move away!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Not only didn’t he move back, he continued to move forwards. His force was rolling in waves.

“Boom, argh!” the young man groaned and punched the air in Lin Feng’s direction again. The attack of Lin Feng’s enemy looked like his nine heavy waves, the attack he used back when he had just started practicing cultivation. However, this attack was a few thousand times more powerful. It could destroy mountains.

“Boom boom boom!” The atmosphere seemed like it was going to collapse. The hurricane was as sharp as a thousand blades.

“Hahaha, you didn’t fall back, let’s try again!”

“Boom boom boom!” He continued punching the air in Lin Feng’s direction. Lin Feng felt like he was going to suffocate under that stress. He circulated his blood strength throughout his body and condensed it into his fist. Lin Feng took another step forwards. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as a beam of light appeared and crashed into the ground and created a crater. Dust splashed everywhere.

Their fists were still locked together.

“How incredible!” said the young man laughing frantically. His laugh echoed far in the distance. He moved back and his strength dispersed. Lin Feng did the same as his opponent. They both moved back and looked at each other, surprised.

“He is much stronger than Xuan Yuan and probably didn’t use all his strength. I wonder if he has broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer. If he has, then he is infinitely stronger than Xuan Yuan!” thought Lin Feng sighing.

Another beast. In Ba Huang Province, there were probably many strong cultivators and geniuses. Xuan Yuan was a genius in the northern part of Ba Huang Province, but in other parts, there were probably other such geniuses.

“I haven’t had such a fun in battle in a long time! I think you must be really strong. What’s your name?” asked the young man smiling. He looked like an ordinary person now, that was rare at such high cultivation levels.

“Lin Feng, and you?” Lin Feng saw that his interlocutor wasn’t a bad person. He seemed like someone who enjoyed life. He had a nice and honest smile. He could have killed Lin Feng, but didn’t.

“My name is Yuan Fei.” said the young man smiling before adding, “It’s rare to meet such courageous and strong people, let’s stick together, what do you think?”

Stick together?

Lin Feng was surprised. If he stayed with him, he would be safe, but he had to hurry and leave that place.

“Don’t worry. You must be here for an exam to become an imperial cultivation disciple, I won’t slow you down. However, if we meet some Hunters of darkness, I’ll help crush those bastards. I don’t like them very much. Their teacher is a piece of dog shit that I can’t stand either.” said Yuan Fei. Lin Feng was speechless. He was calling an emperor a piece of dog shit?

Even Xuan Yuan didn’t dare talk that way about emperors!

“Let’s go Lin Feng, let’s go and get those bastards.” said Yuan Fei. His voice was really loud. It seemed like he really wanted to find some Hunters of darkness.

Lin Feng smiled. He was perplexed. It seemed like he had just made friends with a cultivation monster. They walked together.

After a short while, some sounds were heard and the atmosphere was getting cold. Lin Feng looked nervous. It was the same sensation as before, there were assassins all around him.

“You’re here guys, come out!” said Yuan Fei loudly. Everybody remained silent and then…

“Yuan Fei!” someone said coldly.

“Yuan Fei must be as famous as Xuan Yuan…!” thought Lin Feng. Even that person recognized him. He sounded annoyed, but scared at the same time.

“Why call my name? Just come out or I’ll attack.” said Yuan Fei.

“Yuan Fei, this has nothing to do with you. Don’t think we won’t kill you.” said the other one coldly. Yuan Fei took a deep breath and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, move backward and cover your ears.”

“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised, but nodded and moved back of a thousand meters.

Yuan Fei gazed into the distance and could only see darkness. He opened his mouth as widely as he could.



He was roaring like a monster and his voice was emitting rumbling sounds in every direction.

“Boom boom boom, boom boom boom…” everything broke around him. Even trees turned to ashes.

His voice was terrifying. Lin Feng even started trembling. He was propelled backwards and blood splashed out of his mouth.


Lin Feng’s visceral organs seemed like they were going to break. He was propelled backwards and crashed into a tree which exploded. What a shout!

Yuan Fei then ran forwards like a rocket.

“Boom boom boom!” three explosion sounded. It was a sonic boom. After forcing them out, he attacked them immediately.

Lin Feng was feeling somewhat dizzy and still spitting out blood. He circulated Qi in his body. That guy was a beast. Lin Feng now believed everything Yuan Fei had told him. If he had wanted to kill him, it would have only been too easy.

“Bzzz!” Yuan Fei came back to Lin Feng and saw that he was injured. He scratched his head and said, feeling embarrassed, “I told you to get back and cover your ears.”

Lin Feng looked at him and said, “How could I know that you’re that strong?”

“Eh…” Yuan Fei laughed and said, “I didn’t use my full strength.”

“Cough, couch!” Lin Feng coughed up some blood again. He hadn’t used his full strength? What did it look like when he did? Lin Feng might have died!

“You’re alright?” asked Yuan Fei.

“No problem. Just a bleeding internally, nothing more.” said Lin Feng sighing. Yuan Fei looked embarrassed and smiled!

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    Thanks a lot!

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    “dont worry, just internal bleeding, no more” XD

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    Lin Feng sometimes does really smart things and sometimes he’s just too arrogant. For example when he moved that statue. Yeah he gained good things through that, but many people died or are traumatized because they were raped. But that’s how the world is.

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    The Chinese Uvogin nice!!!!!!!!!!!

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