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PMG Chapter 1045: Emperor’s Grandson

PMG Chapter 1045: Emperor’s Grandson
Yuan Fei took Lin Feng’s hand to help him stand up. He smiled and said, “I’ll help you now, we’re buddies. If they dare come at you again, I’ll crush them one by one.”

If Yuan Fei had bragged like that before, Lin Feng wouldn’t have liked him. Of course, he now knew how strong Yuan Fei was so that was understandable. People like Yuan Fei could do whatever they wanted. Besides, he was so nice.

With his strength of the seventh Tian Qi layer, Yuan Fei could easily kill seventy people in the massacre palace.

“Yuan Fei, why do you come here? You’re already so strong. You can easily kill cultivators of the eighth and ninth Tian Qi layer.” said Lin Feng. Why did Yuan Fei need to come to that place?

“Lin Feng, you’re wrong, we don’t come to the Huang Sea Underground to practice cultivation and become stronger. The Huang Sea was a battlefield in the antiquity, there are many corpses buried here. They were all incredibly strong cultivators. There are thus many treasures to take, hidden treasures. There are caves, there’s desolate Qi, many good things. Imagine if you could find some incredible ancient treasures.” said Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng nodded. It was a bit like his previous life, there were treasures in the sea, but in this case, the Huang Sea used to be a battlefield.

“Apart from treasures, Ba Huang Province also has people who are much, much stronger than me.” said Yuan Fei. “Besides, today there is someone exceptionally strong here.”

“Oh.” Lin Feng nodded. If Yuan Fei said that, that person was probably a monster as well. Of course, he wasn’t talking about Xuan Yuan.

Lin Feng and Yuan Fei chatted as some people passed, but they left immediately when they heard Yuan Fei. He didn’t care about them. The Hunters of darkness were dangerous to Lin Feng, but not for Yuan Fei. They could find themselves more suitable victims.

“Lin Feng, I’ll bring you to a cave where we might find some treasures.” said Yuan Fei smiling.

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded. He wanted to find some treasures too.

“You’re not dead.” when the two were about to leave, someone said that coldly and laughed evilly.

Someone appeared above them and looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes.

“Someone helped you, but next time I won’t give you another chance.” said Xuan Yuan.

“When we were at the same level, I easily defeated you. I even humiliated you. You can’t get your revenge, you’ll always be a disgrace.” said Lin Feng coldly. “You’re famous only because of your family.”

Xuan Yuan had lost against Lin Feng and wanted to kill him, but he kept failing. It hurt him inside. He had to find an opportunity to fight Lin Feng again and kill him. Lin Feng was lucky to have met someone like Yuan Fei.

“You have a glib tongue, but sometime today you’ll die.” said Xuan Yuan. Yuan Fei looked at him and said, “Who the hell are you, piss off!”

“Eh?” Xuan Yuan glanced at Yuan Fei. Surprisingly, someone dared to tell him to piss off.

In Ba Huang, Xuan Yuan had fought against a myriad of people and nobody at the same level, apart from Lin Feng, had defeated him.

“You want to die!” said Xuan Yuan. In a flash, he punched the air in Yuan Fei’s direction.

“Fuck off!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. He also punched the air in Xuan Yuan’s direction. Their fists collided. Lin Feng was propelled backwards by the intensity of the energies.

Xuan Yuan was propelled backwards too, however, Yuan Fei didn’t move at all.

“Who are you?” asked Xuan Yuan. Surprisingly, there was someone that strong in there.

“I’m your daddy.” said Yuan Fei while jumping forwards. Even though he seemed stupid sometimes, he was extremely strong and quick. Yuan Fei was as fast as lightning.

Yuan Fei jumped towards Xuan Yaun condensing strength. His energies were strange.

Xuan Yuan pulled a long face and jumped up while condensing energies too. The atmosphere became distorted.

“Piss off!”


“Boom boom boom!””

Yuan Fei looked like a bodybuilder. He punched Xuan Yuan and propelled him far away. He crashed onto a tree which exploded and then turned to ashes.

“Boom!” Xuan Yuan released an incredible Qi and condensed his blood strength.

He was furious!

Xuan Yuan had been sent flying twice now. The second time, he flew away and crashed into a tree. Yuan Fei was a lot stronger than Lin Feng.

“You want to die!” Xuan Yuan stared at Yuan Fei while condensing his blood strength. He was furious.

“Die!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. Xuan Yuan’s arm were emitting crackling sounds under that pressure. Two words appeared in the air, “XUAN YUAN”.

Yuan Fei raised his wooden stick, inhaled and ran forwards. He was running with his wooden stick, as if he had been using it to cast a spell. Dazzling lights appeared and loud sounds invaded the atmosphere.

“Xuan Yuan, oppression!” shouted Xuan Yuan furiously. He released the two words which were now red and they moved towards Yuan Fei.

“Piss off!” Yuan Fei’s wooden stick became gigantic. It seemed like he could destroy the Earth and sky with it.

“Boom boom!” The words “XUAN YUAN” cracked and disappeared. The wooden stick continued moving towards Xuan Yuan.

Xuan Yuan’s face turned deathly pale. His blood strength dashed to the skies and emitted rumbling sounds.

“You’re Yuan Fei!” shouted Xuan Yuan furiously. Finally, Xuan Yuan’s energies dispersed and he moved backward. He didn’t want to continue fighting.

Yuan Fei was famous!

Lin Feng was surprised too. He walked to Yuan Fei and said, “He’s scared of you!”

“Xuan Yuan, a kid with an imperial background, next time, I’ll shove my wooden stick up your throat!” said Yuan Fei.

“Eh…” Lin Feng was speechless. Xuan Yuan had imperial blood, but Yuan Fei could easily defeat him.

Yuan Fei scratched his head and said, “I fall from an emperor, I’m not some shitty kid with imperial origins.”

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