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PMG Chapter 1046: The Cave

PMG Chapter 1046: The Cave

“I fall from an emperor, I’m not some shitty kid with imperial origins.”

Lin Feng was astonished and speechless. No wonder Yuan Fei was that terrifying.

His wooden stick was incredible too. Xuan Yuan very strong, but he stood no chance at all against Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng could only imagine how strong Xuan Yuan was. When they were at the same level, he defeated him. The battle hadn’t been easy though. Xuan Yuan was far from being as strong as Yuan Fei.

“Do you have an emperor in your family?” asked Lin Feng in a low voice.

“My grandfather is an emperor.” said Yuan Fei smiling. Lin Feng understood.

No wonder he was so strong and dared attack Xuan Yuan with his wooden stick. He was an emperor’s grandson. He didn’t fear anyone. Besides, he actually insulted people with imperial blood, his grandfather probably wasn’t an ordinary emperor.

“It doesn’t mean anything though. My grandfather gave me some tips, techniques and skills, but all in all, I have to rely on myself. Don’t think that he gave me everything. If my grandfather disappeared, many people would try and attack me.” said Yuan Fei sighing. He wanted to become stronger. Lin Feng liked those kinds of people, the humble type. Xuan Yuan was different from most cultivators.

“Real cultivators rely on their own talents. Only those who are strong enough can remain proud.” whispered Lin Feng. Yuan Fei was incredible strong. After hearing Yuan Fei’s name, Xuan Yuan had left. That was the difference between strong and weak people.

“Hehe, you’re a smart guy, Lin Feng. You don’t need to act modest either. You’ll become extremely strong someday. You just need to modify your blood a bit more too. But for now, you can already defeat most people at the same level as you.” said Yuan Fei smiling. Yuan Fei knew Lin Feng had modified his blood? Otherwise, why would he tell him that he had to modify his blood a bit more?

“Don’t be surprised. I can sense dragon blood strength… even if I don’t know where you got it from.” said Yuan Fei. Lin Feng was very surprised. Yuan Fei was extremely clever. How did he do that?

“Let’s go to the cave and see if we can find treasures now!” said Yuan Fei changing the topic. They walked together.

Lin Feng understood that Yuan Fei came here to find treasures. He wasn’t scared because he had nothing to fear with his strength. He could walk in the open without being attacked.

“The desolate Qi here is a bit thicker. There might be a cave.” said Yuan Fei as he stopped. He raised his head, looking around.

Lin Feng stopped a bit further ahead and said, “Come here, look!”

Yuan Fei walked over to Lin Feng and raised his head. Desolate Qi was coming from over there and it was very thick.

He looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “You’re good at finding caves, seems like it was our destiny to meet and be friends.”

Yuan Fei then punched the space there and broke a hole. A very dense desolate Qi flowed out.

“It’s too small and there’s nothing inside!” said Yuan Fei disappointed after a few seconds. He knew there were many caves there.

Desolate Qi did nothing to them. Lin Feng could absorb desolate Qi, he could even swim in the Huang Sea, so he didn’t fear that Qi. Yuan Fei didn’t mind it either.

For many people, finding caves wasn’t that easy. They had to be careful when the desolate Qi gushed out.

“Lin Feng, let’s find another one.” Lin Feng and Yuan Fei left. There was nobody around and nobody wanted to get any closer to that desolate Qi.

Lin Feng liked desolate Qi because he could absorb it. Very quickly, Lin Feng and Yuan Fei found many caves. Yuan Fei kept breaking the entrances, but they found nothing, each time.

“The desolate Qi here is too weak. It must be a small cave again.” said Yuan Fei raising his head. No desolate Qi came out this time.

“Eh?” He saw another cave and this time, his facial expression changed. That cave seemed different.

“Break!” shouted Yuan Fei while punching the space. Some desolate Qi came out and it was very thick.

“Break, break!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. Then, suddenly, a terrifying desolate Qi gushed out.

It was black and it didn’t stop flowing. The atmosphere was becoming very distorted.

“The bottom of the sea!” Yuan Fei smiled and said, “It seems like we were wrong. It isn’t the desolate Qi that isn’t strong enough, it’s just that it’s quite deep. We have to dig. Let’s find a big one.”

The desolate Qi was becoming even more intense. Black mud filled with desolate Qi kept gushing out. Precious treasures were buried deep in the ground of the Huang Sea.

Many people sensed the desolate Qi and moved even farther away.

However, someone people also ran over. Xuan Yuan was one of those people.

When Xuan Yuan saw Yuan Fei breaking pieces of stones, he turned around to run.

However, greedy expression appeared on other people’s faces. They were all extremely strong. Only very strong cultivators had no problems facing the desolate Qi.

“Lin Feng!” said someone. It was Qiu Yue Xin. She was running towards Lin Feng.

“Come over here!” said Lin Feng.

In the distance, some sword energies appeared. It was a young man with three ancient swords. His Qi was incredible.

“He’s here too!” whispered Yuan Fei. He hadn’t thought that guy would come too.

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