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PMG Chapter 1047: Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell

PMG Chapter 1047: Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell
“What a strong sword Qi.” thought Lin Feng looking at the cultivator who had just arrived. Even without releasing any Qi, people could clearly sense his sword intent as if that guy was a sword himself.

“Lin Feng, that guy is an incredible sword cultivator. He’s the descendant of Emperor Wu Tian Jian. His name is Jian Wu Bei. When I told you there’s someone in here who’s extremely strong, and much, much stronger than Xuan Yuan, I was talking about him.” said Yuan Fei. Some people were surprised when they heard that, some others, who already knew him, weren’t.

Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s descendant. Everybody knew about him in Ba Huang Province back when. Then, he had disappeared from Ba Huang Province. Some people said that he was dead. However, many others were convinced that he had gone elsewhere in order to become even stronger.

“Emperor Wu Tian Jian!” thought Lin Feng. In the Jade Emperor’s palace, he had seen Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s statue in the room with the statues of emperors the Jade Emperor admired. No wonder Jian Wu Bei smelt like a sword from so far away.

Qiu Yue Xin’s eyes twinkled. She was also surprised. Surprisingly, Jian Wu Bei was there.

Besides, the guy with Lin Feng had said Jian Wu Bei’s name very loudly without being scared. He was probably very strong as well. How had Lin Feng made friends with an incredible and amazing cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer in the Huang Sea underground?

Jian Wu Bei walked up to the entrance of the cave, his eyes were twinkling. He had three swords on his back, he unsheathed one of them. It seemed like he could destroy everything only by unsheathing that one sword. Sword lights streaked across the sky and a trail appeared behind him. It crashed into the cave and the desolate Qi became even thicker and richer, to the extent that many people had to move back.

“Boom boom boom!” The desolate Qi was becoming even more intense. Jian Wu Bei released more sword energies and a myriad of stones turned into ashes. Jian Wu Bei also wanted to find treasures.

“Kaboom!” a sound spread in the air as another piece of stone exploded and a black, solid body appeared which wouldn’t break.

The crowd looked at it. There really were treasures there. If anything was buried that deep in its soil, it meant it had been there for at least thousands of years. The desolate Qi of the Huang Sea could destroy anything so if anything wasn’t destroyed by that Qi, it meant it was something good.

“Bzzz!” Jian Wu Bei grabbed the black thing and suddenly, a wooden stick fell down from the sky crushing everything on its way down.

“How dare you take my things?” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. Lin Feng and he had found that cave. He didn’t want other people to steal their treasures, including Jian Wu Bei.

The black item flew away. Yuan Fei jumped up towards it with incredible reflexes.

“Hmph!” Jian Wu Bei groaned coldly. Dazzling sword lights streaked across the sky again as the was cut apart. Someone people were even injured by the energies and were thrown away, bleeding.

“Die!” shouted Jian Wu Bei furiously. He released energies on Yuan Fei’s path, trying to stop him.

Someone people started moving towards the item. Since Yuan Fei and Jian Wu Bei were fighting, they maybe had time to steal the item.

“Try if you dare!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. The atmosphere became distorted as sound waves rolled all around. Some people were immediately thrown away. Blood splashed everywhere.

Even those who weren’t injured were still propelled far away. Some other people stopped, they didn’t dare get any closer.

“Fuck off! All of you!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. He used his mountain stick and amde mountains appear everywhere in the sky. Then, those mountains fell down on top of them.

“Boom boom boom!” many people were directly crushed to death by those mountain. Those who were still alive were scared that they would die.

“Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell… He’s Yuan Fei!” thought Qiu Yue Xin. In Ba Huang, there was only one person who used an ordinary looking black wooden stick and it was Yuan Fei.

His Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell contained an infinite amount of strength. It was an incredible skill with an explosive power.

Lin Feng was gasping with amazement. Yuan Fei was famous, even Qiu Yue Xin knew him.

Many people didn’t dare get any closer, they could die if they got caught in the crossfire.

“Lin Feng, take it!” shouted Yuan Fei. Lin Feng nodded and ran towards the item.

“Try if you dare!” Sword energies moved towards Lin Feng but Yuan Fei blocked them. Nobody dared fight against Lin Feng since he was with Yuan Fei. Lin Feng had no problem taking it. That item wasn’t big, but when Lin Feng took it, he was suddenly weighed down by millions of kilos.
“It’s a black meteorite and it is extremely solid. It can be used to make incredible holy weapons. Only strong cultivators can make use of it. It can also contain incredible spells.” said Jian Wu Bei when he saw Lin Feng struggling with it. He then said, coldly, “I’ll take care of Yuan Fei, you guys take the meteorite!”

Then, Jian Wu Bei unsheathed all his swords and the atmosphere started whistling. Sword shadows appeared everywhere.

“Merciless Whistling Sword!”

The crowd was surprised by how angy Jian Wu Bei had become. He was using an incredible skill. Yuan Fei and Jian Wu Bei both disappeared in the middle of all those sword lights.

Lin Feng noticed people were looking at him coldly, and he felt very, very cold.

“Slash, slash!” Lin Feng sensed the cold energies were nearing.

“Bzzz!” He took out his talisman and rose up in the air. A sword light also crashed where he was just a second before.

Lin Feng glanced around and saw shadows. Those Hunters of darkness were after him again!

“Let’s go.” Lin Feng dragged Qiu Yue Xin with him. They all started chasing Lin Feng, but they couldn’t catch up with him when he used his talismans.

Lin Feng wasn’t worried about Yuan Fei. His grandfather was an emperor and he was extremely strong. Who would dare do anything to him?

“Lin Feng, we’ve been here for such a short time and you already friended Yuan Fei!” said Qiu Yue Xin. Her beautiful eyes were twinkling. She was curious.

“He’s awesome and easy to make friends with. We fought and then we became friends.” said Lin Feng smiling. He then asked, “By the way, Yue Xin, his grandfather is an incredible cultivator, an emperor actually, Where is he from?”

“He’s not a emperor per se.” said Qiu Yue Xin shaking her head. Lin Feng was surprised and whispered, “Did he lie to me?”

“Not really, his grandfather is the Great Ape Emperor!”

“Great Ape Emperor?” Lin Feng asked, “A bestial emperor?”

Qiu Yue Xin nodded, Lin Feng gasped with amazement. He was the grandson of a bestial emperor!

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