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PMG Chapter 1055

PMG Chapter 1055:

“What a powerful holy weapon.” thought the crowd. That holy weapon could turn into a gigantic, ancient bell and its power had a huge reach. Lin Feng was in his illusion, but like everything else, he was surrounded by the energies of the golden bell.

“Bzzz!” The golden bell kept resonating. People’s ears were sore by now. Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were probably suffering more than everybody else though, they were the targets after all.

Gu Xiao jumped forwards and landed on his golden bell.

“Why is Gu Xiao so furious?” thought the crowd when they arrived near the altars. The altars were made using deployment spell. There were 20-30 altars which meant that there were 20-30 groups of influence there.

The one who said that was an old man who possessed and incredible Qi. The altar the old man was protecting had “Tian Long” written above it. Tian Long was the name of an emperor and Gu Xiao was precisely one of Tian Long’s imperial cultivation disciples.

“He killed my brother so I have to kill him.” said Gu Xiao.

“You can use your oppressive strength with holy marks, you’ll kill him easily and avenge your brother.” said the old man.

“Hmph!” at that moment, another old man groaned coldly and said, “This should be a safe place, it’s forbidden to fight here! Put your weapons away!”

In the past, the emperors who had created that area had decided how many people cultivators had to kill to leave and that the area around the altars was to be a safe place.

Nobody knew which family Lin Feng belonged. All they knew was that he had offended Emperor Tian Long’s disciples.

“You think this place belongs to you or what?” said Emperor Tian Long’s henchman to the other old man. “Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu organized exams to recruit imperial cultivation disciples and so far, none of them have made it to the altar. Let’s wait and see how many people will make it out! Initially, they said they wanted to recruit 81 people, but if they all died in here, well that would be funny!”

Everybody calmed down and stopped talking to listen to the old men. The old man who said it was forbidden to fight there was protecting an altar which said “Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi”. There were tensions between Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu. Everybody knew about that.

“It is a rule which was decided when this place was created. Or could it be that you don’t need to follow rules anymore and that you don’t respect all the other emperors?” said Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s henchman. The other old man groaned and said to Gu Xiao, “Gu Xiao, you must have killed them with your bell already. Take it away and let’s see.”

Gu Xiao nodded. He thought that Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were in his bell, dead. It was a holy weapon after all and he was very strong.

Rumbling sounds spread in the air when Gu Xiao took his bell away. However, a terrifying sword Qi invaded the entire space as he lifted the bell. Qiu Yue Xin was suddenly surrounded by holy sword marks.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He unsheathed his Tian Ji Sword again and its strength moved towards the golden bell.


“Boom boom boom!” a terrifying sound spread in the air leaving Gu Xiao stunned.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng glancing at Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi’s altar.

“Eh?” Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s henchman were surprised. Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were coming to them.  Were those people sitting their exam? Besides, they were the first ones to make it this far, which meant they would rank first and second!

Emperor Tian Long’s henchman looked at Lin Feng and said coldly, “Do you think you can leave that easily?”

He suddenly appeared behind Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin and released a terrifying strength.

Lin Feng was still holding his Tian Ji Sword as he attempted to block the old man’s attack.

“Shameless!” Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s henchman suddenly looked furious. Those protectors were Zun cultivators who remained there to enforce the rules. How shameless was it for Gu Xiao to attack Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin as they were leaving. That was disrespecting Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He punched the air in the direction of the golden bell and again in the direction of the shameless old man.

“Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique!” Lin Feng had to use his Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique again. It was a lot weaker this time. He grabbed Qiu Yue Xin’s hands and ran towards the altar.

“You can use the altar, don’t worry, just hurry!” shouted Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s henchman. He immediately opened the way for Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin leave.

Lin Feng nodded, the energies around the altar then enveloped Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin.

“Fuck off!” shouted Gu Xiao furiously. His golden bell turned bright and moved towards the old man guarding the exit.

“Insolent!” the old man slapped the golden bell away. On the other side, Emperor Tian Long’s henchman punched the air in the direction of the other old man while running after Lin Feng.

“How shameless!” Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s henchman was furious. Emperor Tian Long’s henchman had actually attacked Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin as they were leaving.


Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were inside Lin Feng’s empty space illusion as the old Zun cultivator’s attack enveloped them.

“Kaboom!” Lin Feng’s empty space illusion broke. It was powerful, but against a Zun cultivator, it wasn’t very useful. His energy continued moving towards Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin.

“Move.” said Qiu Yue Xin while grabbing Lin Feng. But someone appeared in front of them, protecting them both.

“Piss off!” powerful energies moved towards that person.

“Boom boom!”


The atmosphere was shaking as Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin disappeared.

“They’re gone!” the old man knew he hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng and Qiu, so he was furious. Gu Xiao was furious too.

After a while, Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were back in Tiantai. What a relief! However, Lin Feng was coughing up blood. He was injured because of the old man’s energies.

“What’s wrong?” said Hou Qing Lin when he saw Lin Feng was coughing blood. He had just been injured, how come? Had someone attacked Lin Feng in front of the altar?

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