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PMG Chapter 1058: Insane Hou Qing Lin

PMG Chapter 1058: Insane Hou Qing Lin

Hou Qing Lin said he wanted to kill the old man and he didn’t hesitate for a second,.

Mu Chen was right, that was insanity.

But in Mu Chen’s opinion, to become an emperor, you had to be a bit insane.

“I’ll go and see how things are going myself!” said Mu Chen jumping towards Emperor Tian Long’s altar. He disappeared inside. Hou Qing Lin had gone and now Mu Chen was going there too?!

Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin were both Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi’s direct disciples. What would happen if they suddenly appeared in Emperor Tian Long’s territory? They were insane. Besides, Emperor Tian Long’s people as well as the emperor himself were going to lose face.

Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin were going to cause a lot of trouble there.

“Brother, can I come too?” asked Lin Feng to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen nodded and said, “Alright, come! That’ll do you good too!”

“Thank you, brother!” said Lin Feng while jumping onto the altar.

Strength appeared and enveloped them. The crowd was astonished, they were all insane!

Because Emperor Tian Long’s henchman had attacked Lin Feng, they were going to cause that much trouble?!


Hou Qing Lin had left for a short time but it was enough time for him to cause a substantial amount of trouble.

As they arrived, they came across many palaces which all looked very majestic . There was a gigantic statue with someone standing on top of it. That person was holding a bleeding human head in their left hand. It was the head of the old man who had tried to kill Lin Feng.

In his right hand, there was a dazzling sword, it was the reincarnation sword, Hou Qing Lin’s sword.

“Hou Qing Lin, you’re insane!”

There were many strong cultivators who were releasing a powerful Qi. They were all Zun cultivators of Emperor Tian Long’s imperial sect.

Hou Qing Lin had followed the old man to Emperor Tian Long’s territory and killed him there. They felt humiliated.

“He tried to kill my disciple at the altar. He had to die.” said Hou Qing Lin calmly.

Gu Xiao was in the distance and saw everything. He was furious. He understood what Hou Qing Lin meant. Nobody could understand the situation better than him. He hadn’t thought that Hou Qing Lin would come to their territory to kill the old man though. His heart was racing.

“You should die too then.” said someone coldly. “Hou Qing Lin, everybody said you’d become an emperor someday. Unfortunately, you’re going to die today.”

A powerful strength invaded the space and surrounded Hou Qing Lin. The terrifying energies oppressed Hou Qing Lin.

A few dozen Zun cultivators were releasing their abstruse energies at the same time.

Hou Qing Lin raised his head and looked at the energies. He threw away the head he was holding and said, “People who disrespect Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu should die!”

Hou Qing Lin slowly raised his sword. His sword then fell down from the sky and it seemed like the whole world was going to collapse under it. It left a trail behind in the sky and everything on that path of the sword turned to ashes.

There were no terrifying sounds, just small subtle sounds. However, the energies the sword contained were terrifying. A hole appeared in the atmosphere and Hou Qing Lin jumped into it.

“Hou Qing Lin, you’ll die today, no matter what it takes.” said a voice which resonated far and wide. A gigantic hand fell from the sky towards Hou Qing Lin, it looked like the hand from a god. It was as if the sky was going to collapse under it weight.

“Limitless Sea of Pain!” said someone in a deep voice. The gigantic hand was falling down and waves of energies were rolling in the air.

“You will be born again soon.” said Hou Qing Lin indifferently. He raised his sword again and released some sword strength. It emitted dazzling lights as the gigantic and limitless sea of pain fell into it.

The reincarnation space became even larger, it seemed like it could swallow the ten thousand things of creation. The gigantic hand fell into it and now it was going to reincarnate.

“Nobody can escape their karma.” said Hou Qing Lin in a deep voice. The hand then disappeared.

“Your reincarnation strength can’t escape from a holy and celestial hand though!” said the one who kept talking big. His gigantic hand appeared and moved towards Hou Qing Lin. In a flash, it forcefully grabbed Hou Qing Lin.

“Frozen world, life’s end.” said another one seriously. Hou Qing Lin felt very cold.

“Die!” said that person. An infinite amount of strength emerged in the air and moved towards Hou Qing Lin.

Hou Qing Lin was bathing in lights, those energies couldn’t kill him. His reincarnation sword streaked across the sky and easily broke the ice

“Hou Qing Lin, we’ll kill you today!” said those people moving towards him. However, Hou Qing Lin just looked cold and detached. Nobody there could could cause him any worry.

“Since you think you can kill me so easily, I’ll make sure you don’t reincarnate.” said Hou Qing Lin. His reincarnation sword was still streaking across the sky emitting subtle sounds and diffusing reincarnation energies. A sea of reincarnation energy appeared behind his sword.

“Bzzz!” Two silhouettes approached Hou Qing Lin and were quickly swallowed by the reincarnation energies. They had no time to say anything, their bodies just disappeared.

“He’s so strong, he’s defying the laws of the Earth and the sky.” thought Mu Chen and Lin Feng in the distance. They could see everything.

“Mu Chen!” the crowd sensed a presence. They turned around and saw Mu Chen and Lin Feng. Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi’s second direct disciple, Hou Qing Lin, was there. And now their first direct disciple, Mu Chen, was there too. This was a humiliation for Emperor Tian Long and his disciples.

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