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PMG Chapter 1059: Teleportation

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 1059: Teleportation
“Brother!” when Hou Qing Lin saw Mu Chen, he nodded and smiled. Mu Chen, another incredible cultivator was there with him. With him, nothing could happen.

Mu Chen smiled and looked at Emperor Tian Long’s people, “Emperor Tian Long has been famous for a long time, how come his disciples are so incompetent? A bunch of Zun cultivators can’t even kill my fellow disciple alone, what a disgrace!”

“Mu Chen, Hou Qing Lin came to our territory and is killing our people. You guys will pay for his sins with your life. Continue to insult us and you’ll see. We’ll teach you a thing or two.” said the cultivator who was using the celestial hand attack before. Hou Qing Lin couldn’t leave, otherwise Emperor Tian Long would be furious.

“You’re wrong. You killed one of our disciples at the altar, we came here to enforce the rules. We didn’t break any rule by coming here.” said Mu Chen calmly. He then added, “Hou Qing Lin is a cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer though, if you, at the same cultivation level as him, were able to kill him, I wouldn’t say anything. However, if you’re weak, you’re just a disgrace to your emperor.”

Cultivators of the same level?

The Zun cultivators were smiling. Everybody knew that Hou Qing Lin was extremely strong. For a cultivator of the same cultivation level, defeating Hou Qing Lin would be extremely difficult.

He glanced at Mu Chen and said, “We’ll kill him in any case.”


Waves of energies rolled in the air and turned into beams of light moving towards Hou Qing Lin. He moved his hand again which then became gigantic. He wanted to kill Hou Qing Lin.

“It’s not that easy to humiliate Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s disciples.” said Mu Chen when he saw the cultivator attack Hou Qing Lin. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by lights and Mu Chen disappeared.

Mu Chen had cast a protection spell on Lin Feng. He appeared in another place and Lin Feng had the impression he was hallucinating. Mu Chen appeared next to Hou Qing Lin. Both fellow disciples smiled at each other. This was going to be a good battle.

Reincarnation lights invaded the territory. Hou Qing Lin’s sword attack looked just simple as before, most people couldn’t understand just how terrifying that attack was.

A hole appeared in the atmosphere again and a few more holes appeared after that. It seemed like those holes contained the energies of life and death. It seemed like souls were emanating from those holes.

“Destroy!” shouted someone. A gigantic hand as big as a mountain appeared. People looked tiny next to that hand. The gigantic hand moved towards the reincarnation empty space and grabbed it, but it couldn’t destroy it.

Oppressive energies surrounded Hou Qing Lin and Mu Chen, each attack was incredible and powerful.

Lin Feng was astonished. Only one of those attacks would be enough to kill him.

“There are millions of ways to fight.” said Mu Chen as lights emerged from his body.

“Born in dust, back to dust.” said Mu Chen indifferently. Everything was turning to dust on the path of Mu Chen’s attack.

“What’s that?” thought Lin Feng. He was speechless and amazed. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s disciples were terrifyingly strong.

“My fellow disciple attacked the old man who attacked our fellow disciples, now we’re even. Let’s not infuriate the emperors.” said Mu Chen. He didn’t want to create too much tension. Otherwise, if Emperor Tian Long got furious, a great war would start.

“Brother, let’s go!” said Mu Chen to Hou Qing Lin while jumping towards Lin Feng and grabbing him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked one of the strong cultivators who had started chasing them. Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin had come and caused them trouble, now they wanted to leave? On top of that, they had insulted their Zun cultivators.

Mu Chen, Lin Feng and Hou Qing Lin continued running and arrived at a teleportation portal. Mu Chen opened his third eye and inspected the portal. At the same time, he moved his hands as if he was drawing something.

“What is he doing?” thought Lin Feng. Mu Chen was carving holy marks which contained an incredible illusion strength. The atmosphere was whistling as a hole appeared.

“Empty space portal, open!” said Mu Chen. A gate appeared and strength rolled out of it.

Lin Feng didn’t have enough time to see exactly what Mu Chen was doing. Mu Chen carved more holy marks and Lin Feng’s heart was racing. Mu Chen was opening an empty space portal.

“Get in!” said Mu Chen. Lin Feng and Hou Qing Lin went through the gate. Lin Feng was feeling strange, like he was in a dream. It was the same sensation as when he had used the altar. Mu Chen could use his own strength to create altars and teleport at a whim.

Many strong cultivators chased them. Their energies were powerful and they were furious, but the three disciples disappeared before they could catch them.

Lin Feng was astonished, he opened his mouth, but Hou Qing Lin talked first using telepathy, “Lin Feng, don’t bother him right now. If you distracted him, it could be troublesome, he needs to concentrate.”

Lin Feng nodded. Mu Chen remained silent, he was using his godly awareness to incredible degree. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine how Mu Chen was doing that.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng was shaking. He had the feeling a tower was weighing heavy on his back and then he sensed something under his feet.

He saw something in front of him, they were back in the Huang Sea underground, at the altars.

Lin Feng was astonished and the crowd was too. Those altars could only be used for one way teleportation. Had those three used their own strength to teleport?

Hou Qing Lin, Mu Chen and Lin Feng had used Emperor Tian Long’s altar and now they were back? Emperor Tian Long’s people would go insane.

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