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PMG Chapter 1060: Great Conflict

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 1060: Great Conflict

“How incredible. How did they come back?” thought the crowd astonished. Could Hou Qing Lin and Mu Chen already cast teleportation spells?

“There’s blood. Seems like Hou Qing Lin killed the guy.” thought the crowd when they saw the blood on his silver clothes. He had slaughtered someone.

Even though people didn’t know what had happened in Emperor Tian Long’s territory, Emperor Tian Long’s people were probably going insane right now. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s disciples had gone to their territory and made it back.

Altar strength started flowing again.

“Emperor Tian Long’s altar, some people are trying to make it back.” thought the crowd. As expected, the situation was getting out of hand.

Hou Qing Lin groaned, turned around and dazzling lights appeared. He immediately jumped towards the altar, rumbling sounds spread in the air as the altar broke.

“How insane!” thought the crowd. Without an altar, it would be extremely difficult to make it back from the Huang Sea underground.

“Hou Qing Lin is insane.” thought the crowd. He had slaughtered the protector of the altar and now he had destroyed their altar.

Hou Qing Lin looked at the old man who was at their own altar and frowned as if he wanted to say something.

“Tian Long’s people won’t forget that easily. If they look for us, we don’t care, but I’m scared that they could use other evil methods to attack our people in here. It’s our emperors’ first recruitment process so we can’t let anyone ruin it.” said Mu Chen, reasoning.

Hou Qing Lin was was also worried about that. They didn’t care about Tian Long’s people, but they were worried about their candidates who were still there. Besides, everybody knew about their teachers’ recruitment process. If Emperor Tian Long was furious, he would find a way to ruin their exam. Of course, Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin didn’t want that to happen.

“We can stay here.” said Mu Chen indifferently. He then looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, go back and inform our fellow disciple. He will know what to do.”

“Alright!” Lin Feng nodded without hesitation. He jumped onto their altar again. All this was happening because of him. He hadn’t thought the situation would get out of hand like that. Gu Xiao hadn’t anticipated any of this either. Otherwise, would he have dared act that way?

The underground was incredibly vast and many people were still inside, hunting.

Somewhere in that forest, a cultivator of the sixth Tian Qi layer stopped at the top of a tree. Suddenly, people appeared not far away.

“Eh?” He looked in that direction and observed the powerful cultivators. They were all Zun cultivators. He had the feeling he was going to suffocate under their oppresive Qi.

“What’s going on? Why are there Zun cultivators here?” one of the Zun cultivators was particularly strong.

Those people disappeared in the horizon, but their Qi lingerd and continued to oppress that person.

The cultivator remained on the tree and tried to calm down. He was wondering where those strong cultivators were from.


At that moment, another terrifying wave of strength rolled in the air, more people appeared at the same place again.

“There again.” His heart started racing. What a coincidence. Two different groups arriving from the same place.

“Zun cultivators again!” his heart was pounding. Those people disappeared again.

“Something serious is going on!”

He didn’t understand what was going on. Zun cultivators from two different groups arriving at the same place, something big was going on.

He wasn’t the only one who was surprised, everyone else there was surprised. They were all thinking the same thing, something serious was going on!

Many people watched as the Zun cultivators disappear in the horizon. So many Zun cultivators!

Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin were still at the altar, calmly waiting there. They didn’t have to wait too long until Emperor Tian Long’s people arrived.

“You’re chasing us, wonderful, Tiantai is open now, do you want to follow us there?” said Mu Chen with an indifferent smile as if he hadn’t sensed their cold energies.

“We heard candidates applying to become Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s imperial cultivation disciples are here. They mustn’t be weak! We’ll have to go and see them for ourselves.” said the leader of the group smiling coldly. They couldn’t go to Tiantai, they weren’t strong enough. Second, if they went there, a real war would start, they wouldn’t be able to deal with the emperors then.

They wanted to make the two emperors and their people lose face.

Mu Chen smiled. Those people were threatening them, but they weren’t too insane.

In the distance, more energies rolled in the air. People turned around and saw a group of people. Lin Feng was there too. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s people were coming.

Tian Long’s people were not happy.

“Listen.” said Mu Chen. Everybody looked at him.

“Everybody must clearly understand what happened today. In this place, disciples come he to become stronger by hunting other people. There are rules too, at the altars, it is forbidden to fight. If everybody violated that rule and attacked here, this underground training ground would be meaningless. The old man attacked our fellow disciple, even though he was a protector. We came to Tian Long, but now we left. Why chase us? If you want to fight, Tiantai’s people will fight, but I fear the emperors won’t appreciate that. Besides, I don’t think the Huang Sea underground could handle our combined energies.” said Mu Chen calmly. “All the emperors should be meeting soon. If you want to fight, there will be opportunities later. No need to threaten us now and say you will attack our disciples.”

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