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PMG Chapter 1062: Where’s Xuan Yuan?

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PMG Chapter 1062: Where’s Xuan Yuan?

“I used all my strength to kill seventy people, but Qiu Yue Xin and Lin Feng are there together so they must have killed 110 people, I don’t know who helped whom.” thought Lin Ruo Tian. In the past, he would have thought that Qiu Yue Xin would have helped Lin Feng, but then he had seen how strong Lin Feng was. He didn’t dare underestimate him even though he had only broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer.

With the strength of the fourth Tian Qi layer, he had managed to climb up all the groups of steps. He had also easily defeated Yang Zi Lan at the same cultivation level.

Lin Ruo Tian sat down.

“You’re monstrously strong Lin Feng, where are you from?” asked Lin Ruo Tian as if he was trying befriend Lin Feng.

“I come from a country very, very far from Ba Huang Province. I can’t compete with you, brother Ruo Tian.” said Lin Feng smiling calmly.

“Very far…” whispered Lin Ruo Tian. He smiled and said, “Yang Zi Lan and his sister despised you, but they’re really ridiculous. They think they’re superior because of their social status, but in fact, they can’t compete with you in the slightest.”

Lin Feng smiled. He didn’t know why Lin Ruo Tian was saying those things.

“Coming from a rich and prestigious family is a good thing though.” said Lin Feng calmly.

“So what? You ranked first and on top of that, Miss Qiu likes you. You became an imperial cultivation disciple, so now, if you have another social status, you will be able to ask for her hand officially.”

“Another social status?” whispered Lin Feng. He looked at Lin Ruo Tian and said, “I became an imperial cultivation disciple, that’s a social status, what’s the other social status I could get?”

“If you want, brother, you could become a member of the Lin Clan, we have the same name after all. You could ask for her hand using that social status too.”

Lin Ruo Tian thought that because Lin Feng came from a very far country, he had come alone. There were many people like Lin Feng in Ba Huang Province so people needed a powerful background in walk around the Ba Huang Province. Otherwise, other people could bully them. He was offering protection for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng laughed having now understood. Lin Ruo Tian wanted Lin Feng to become a member of the Lin Clan.

He wanted to help Lin Feng, to become his brother. The Lin Clan would also protect him. Apart from their blood, he would be an authentic member of the clan.

“Thank you brother, but I prefer relying on myself.” said Lin Feng smiling.

Lin Ruo Tian looked disappointed and said, “You are an ambitious person. Even if we don’t become real brothers, I’m happy to be your friend.”

“I’m happy too.” said Lin Feng. Lin Ruo Tian was nice. He was strong too and came from a rich family. Lin Feng was happy to make new friends anyways.

Lin Ruo Tian smiled and nodded. He didn’t say anything more.

“Sign it.” said Hou Qing Lin giving a medal to Lin Ruo Tian. Lin Ruo Tian carved his name in the medal.

The fourth one arrived soon after. Lin Feng didn’t recognize that person, but Lin Ruo Tian did. That was a disciple from a rich family from the south of Ba Huang.

People continued arriving while Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were calmly sitting on the edge of Tiantai. They didn’t mind other people’s ranking. It had nothing to do with them. However, Lin Feng was wondering if Xuan Yuan would even make it back.

The Sadhu was quietly observing there too.
They were happy because if they had come back, it meant they were imperial cultivation disciples and they would all become brothers and sisters. In the future, they would have higher social statuses within their own clan.

The world of prestigious and rich families was complex and their members all wanted to be the best.

One month passed and in Tiantai, 78 people had made it out. Only three spots were left.

The crowd was excited. Many people had passed the exam on the flight of stairs so 81 people shouldn’t be a problem.

“Has anyone seen Xuan Yuan?” asked someone at that moment. They realized that Xuan Yuan wasn’t amongst the 78 people.

“Oh right, where is he?” said someone else. Where was he? He had always said he’d rank first.

“I saw him in the Huang Sea underground. Someone was chasing him. I don’t know where he is now though!” said someone else. The crowd was surprised.

“What? Someone was chasing him? Are you sure?”

“Right, Xuan Yuan is very strong, who was chasing him?”

Many people started talking about him.

“I saw him with my own eyes. He was furious. He was bleeding and his hair was messy. Someone very strong was chasing him and laughing and talking about a Great Ape Emperor. He was scaring Xuan Yuan with his voice alone.” said that person. Everybody was surprised. What a tragedy for Xuan Yuan. Someone was scaring Xuan Yuan with just his voice? The Great Ape Emperor?

“Three more people can qualify. If Xuan Yuan isn’t part of them, then he will have to try again…” whispered someone. The crowd remained silent.

“You’re wrong. Only one more person is left.” said Lin Ruo Tian. One person?

“You forgot someone.” said Lin Ruo Tian.”

“Forgot someone?” the crowd was wondering what he meant. They then thought about someone who had defeated Xuan Yuan at the same cultivation level.

“Where’s Lin Feng?”

“There, with Qiu Yue Xin.” said Lin Ruo Tian pointing at them. They narrowed their eyes and, indeed, Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin were at the edge of Tiantai. There were already 80 of them!

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