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PMG Chapter 1063: Graduation Ceremony

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PMG Chapter 1063: Graduation Ceremony
“One more person!” whispered the crowd. They all looked excited, they wanted to see who would come out last.

“Bzzz!” someone came out and it wasn’t Xuan Yuan.

The 81st wasn’t Xuan Yuan!

Xuan Yuan wasn’t going to become an imperial cultivation disciple?!

The crowd was astonished. He had always said he’d rank first and in the end, he wasn’t going to become an imperial cultivation disciple?!

Hou Qing Lin appeared again with a medal and said, “Congratulations, you’re the last one so you’re qualified. Sign your name!”

“Pfew…” that person breathed deeply with relief and smiled. He was worried, but he had managed to become an imperial cultivation disciple. What a relief!

He was excited, but everyone else was astonished. Hou Qing Lin gave him the last medal, it meant that Xuan Yuan wasn’t going to become an imperial cultivation disciple.

“Alright, the exam is finished. We need to wait for the Zun cultivators to finish their exam. They need a hundred days in total, so 40-50 more days. You can practice in Tiantai. Wait until the end and the second batch will also be determined.” said Hou Qing Lin smiling.

The Tian level cultivators were done. They were so happy and proud to become imperial cultivation disciples. The two emperors were rising too and would soon be like the other emperors in Ba Huang Province.

Everybody nodded. Those who had managed to climb up the first group of steps during the first part of the exam would be part of the second batch. Everybody knew that already.

The crowd dispersed. They had a strange feeling, but a good one. Every palace was extraordinary. What a great opportunity this would be.

They had all earned their place so Hou Qing Lin was proud. They had all fought hard.

Lin Feng was still sitting on the edge of Tiantai, it was as if the rest of the world had nothing to do with him. He couldn’t waste his time.

Lin Feng needed to become stronger. He had only broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer. Being an imperial cultivation disciple wasn’t the most important thing anymore. All of them wanted to become stronger.


It was sunny in Tiantai and the air was fresh. It was pleasant afternoon.

Lin Feng was sitting  cross-legged and lights were flowing around him. He was bathing in extraordinary flames which looked like many small suns.

It was as if he was the sun. Seven stars appeared.

The Sadhu opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng with a resplendent smile. Sun skill. Lin Feng surprisingly had good skills. He was convinced Lin Feng would quickly become strong. His pure Qi was good and he could swallow the power of the sun. As Lin Feng became stronger, his pure sun Qi became even more distinct.

At that moment, golden flames appeared. They didn’t look real though.

“Is that an illusion created by his godly awareness?” the Sadhu was surprised at that moment. There were pieces of godly awareness in those flames.

“It looks like the Eternal Awareness skill.” the Sadhu was surprised. Lin Feng’s skill looked like a skill Mu Chen used. He could open the Earth and sky using it and everything would turn to dust in its path. It could even break people’s godly awareness.

At that moment, it looked like Lin Feng was practicing such a skill. It was far from being as complete and powerful as when Mu Chen’s, but it already had a form.

If the Sadhu was right, it meant that Lin Feng could use a broken soul technique to break his soul into several pieces. Lin Feng had seen Mu Chen skill which made everything reduced back to dust in Tian Long’s territory, so he felt motivated.

“What a great feeling.” thought Lin Feng. In the past, he used to study the force of the Earth and the sky, now he could sense it perfectly. He could have his godly awareness fuse together with the Earth and sky even. No wonder Mu Chen’s skill was so powerful.

Lin Feng really wanted to do the same. He was pleasantly surprised because he had something to study that he liked.

He was still too weak though, he still needed time.

“Little boy, I can’t wait to see you become stronger!” thought the Sadhu smiling. Lin Feng was young, but he had great natural abilities. He would become a beast in the future.

Time passed and the time came for the crowd to gather and receive their certificates. From that day on, they would be Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu imperial cultivation disciples.

At that moment, there were also many people at the foot of Tiantai. Many people in the crowd, had participated to the exam but had failed. Now they still wanted to see the ones who had passed the exam. Who were they and what was their rank?

At that moment, energies rolled in the air like clouds and steps appeared, one after the other. Those golden stairs were incredible.

“A flight of stairs.”

“The time has come!”

Many people were excited. Finally, the new imperial cultivation disciples would receive their certificates. It was the graduation ceremony.

Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye were there too. They had been eliminated by Lin Feng. Back then, they had had the opportunity to become imperial cultivation disciples of the second batch, but they had given up and left. They thought being imperial cultivation disciples from the second batch was too shameful.

Besides, Xuan Yuan had probably ranked first and he would marry Yang Zi Ye, so that would be enough of an honor

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