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PMG Chapter 1064: Xuan Yuan’s Tragedy

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PMG Chapter 1064: Xuan Yuan’s Tragedy
The Yang Clan, the Qiu Clan, the Lin Clan, the Meng Clan, and many other powerful and influential groups were there. Many of their disciples had participated and they were all excited to see how well they had performed.

There were lights everywhere. Tiantai wouldn’t be closed and isolated anymore. It would become a new and genuine group of influence in Ba Huang Province.

People didn’t know how long Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu had been emperors, but it had been at most a hundred years. Everybody believed they were relatively new emperors, otherwise they would have had imperial cultivation disciples much earlier.

Besides, Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu were very secretive. Very few people had seen them personally. People generally only knew that there was a place called Tiantai in Tianjing City and that two emperors lived there, but the place used to be closed.

Now, it was the graduation ceremony of their new imperial cultivation disciples. Would they show up in person?

“They are new emperors. They are even stronger than Emperor Tian Long who has been an emperor for a long time now. I wonder if we will see them today.” thought some people raising their heads.

At that moment, a silhouette appeared on the flight of stairs. It was starting, finally!

“Are those the imperial cultivation disciples from the first batch?” thought the crowd. They were inspecting those people. There was no oppressive strength on the flight of stairs anymore, but they all had lowered their heads, they looked strange. The crowd frowned.

That can’t. They couldn’t be the winners.

“Those people are probably those who failed the exam!” thought the crowd. The group of people walked down the stairs and joined the crowd. Those were the people who had been eliminated. How humiliating. They could only lower their heads and look elsewhere, shamefully.

Those people were those who had been eliminated, indeed.

“Look at those behind them, they must be the real winners!” thought the crowd when they saw another group of people appear. There were hundreds of people. They had an imposing appearance and they looked like heroes. However, in that group, there were also some people who were lowering their heads.

“They are too high, I can’t see them clearly.” thought the crowd. The flight of stairs was too high. They couldn’t see clearly. They could only see silhouettes. They couldn’t wait.

Very quickly, a cloud appeared, those people jumped onto that cloud and they appeared in front of the crowd.

“Eh? Where’s Ruo Tian?” thought the members of the Lin Clan.

“There’s something wrong, there are Zun cultivators and Tian level cultivators in that group, they shouldn’t be mixed like that.” many people didn’t understand.

At that moment, in the air, the Sadhu appeared on a cloud and flew in front of the crowd. He said, smiling, “From today, Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu have 360 imperial cultivation disciples, congratulations!”

The Sadhu waved and 360 certificates appeared. He said, “Sign your certificates!”

“They all had the same certificate. There was something wrong.” thought some people.

“Hey, where is Xuan Yuan? I remember he was the first one to pass the first exam.” thought some people. 360 people signed their certificates. How glorious! They were new imperial cultivation disciples.

After signing their certificates, they separated into two groups. Left and right. Then, those two groups separated again into groups of 81 people.

“Lin Ruo Tian!”

“Meng Ba, he’s the one who managed to climb five groups of steps, like Xuan Yuan!”

“Look, Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin are together!” the crowd was observing those people. They remembered Lin Feng who had managed to climb the entire nine groups of steps.”

“81 people, where are Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye?”

“Right, and what about Xuan Yuan?”
“I see. There are 162 authentic imperial cultivation disciples, divided into Tian level and Zun level ones. The others are part of the second batch. They were probably chosen from the ones who had managed to climb up the first group of steps!”

Many people understood at that moment.

But Yang Zi Lan and Xuan Yuan weren’t there. Many people couldn’t figure out what had happened.

The 162 people of the first batch looked delighted. They were all smiling in a resplendent way.

“Yue Xin is there, as expected.” thought one middle-aged men smiling. Qiu Hao was next to him.

“She is still with that boy. She even attacked her family because of him. That boy will be a tragedy for us.” said Qiu Hao coldly. He wasn’t happy for her. She had attacked her family because of Lin Feng and now, Lin Feng was still alive. He was furious when Lin Feng managed to climb up the nine groups of steps.

“That boy isn’t that bad, otherwise he wouldn’t be with Yue Xin in the first batch of imperial cultivation disciples.” said the middle-aged man indifferently to Qiu Hao.

“Hmph, not all imperial cultivation disciples are that strong.” said Qiu Hao coldly.

“Shut up. Yue Xin became an imperial cultivation disciple, this a good day.” shouted two old men next to them.

“Congratulations to all the new imperial cultivation disciples of the first batch. Get ready to sign your certificates!” said the Sadhu smiling. He shook his hand and 81 certificates with the names of the winners appeared.

“Lin Ruo Tian, Qiu Yue Xin, Meng Ba, Lin Feng… However, Yang Zi Lan had been eliminated. What about Xuan Yuan?” the crowd was surprised. They were now sure that Xuan Yuan’s name wasn’t there.

The Yang Clan was astonished and staring at the list. Yang Zi Lan and his sister had been eliminated, of course they were wearing cloaks with hoods so they wouldn’t be seen. They felt too ashamed. They had waited because they wanted to see Xuan Yuan, but now, they couldn’t see his name on the list.

“Lin Feng!” shouted a voice in the distance.

“You’ll die, Lin Feng!” shouted that person furiously. His Qi was powerful. He looked cruel, hideous and furious.

“Is that Xuan Yuan?”

What had happened to Xuan Yuan?

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      Core disciples 81 × 2 = 162
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      Hope it is not too much math.

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