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PMG Chapter 1065: Chased by Yuan Fei

PMG Chapter 1065: Chased by Yuan Fei

At that moment, Xuan Yuan looked furious.

He had always dreamt of ranking first, but Yuan Fei had been chasing him the whole time. He had gone insane and had tried to fight against Yuan Fei, but Yuan Fei had punched him and injured him. He needed 30 days to recover, using medicine, on top of that.

Recovering in the underground wasn’t easy. Injured people there were easy prey. He had almost died a few times. He later insulted Yuan Fei, but he had heard him and punched him again. In the end, he hadn’t been able to fight at all.

Again, he had had to hide and recover. He had almost died a few times again, attacked by other people. Xuan Yuan had undergone so many humiliations and hardships. That time he needed 40-50 days to recover.

In the end, just to get out, he looked for all the people who had attacked him while he was injured and killed them all. After reaching his quota, he came back to Tiantai. But the graduation ceremony had just started. Xuan Yuan was infuriated and wanted to kill Lin Feng.

“What happened to him? And what did Lin Feng do to him?” everybody was surprised. Had Xuan Yuan been eliminated?

“Boom boom!” Xuan Yuan released a terrifying Qi.

“Haha, Xuan Yuan, little boy, I’ve been waiting for you. Why didn’t you come out before this? I had promised my brother Lin Feng I would come to see him here. You certainly made us wait.” said an extremely loud voice behind Xuan Yuan. Xuan Yuan trembled after hearing that voice. He turned deathly pale, he didn’t look furious anymore, he appeared sick on the contrary.

“Eh…” Lin Feng was surprised. Yuan Fei really came. He hadn’t thought Yuan Fei would actually come to Tiantai. How had Yuan Fei used the altar of Tiantai as well? Had the protector let him pass?

Yuan Fei appeared in the sky. He looked strong and he possessed an explosive power. He was still holding his black wooden stick.

When Xuan Yuan saw Yuan Fei behind him, he looked terrified, scared to death actually.

“You…” Xuan Yuan could only grind his teeth.

“Xuan Yuan seems to hate him too.” thought the crowd. Who was that guy with his black wooden stick? Why did he hate him? Had he been eliminated because of him? Many people had never seen Yuan Fei so they didn’t recognize him.

Some people from rich and powerful families saw him and thought about someone they had heard about. Everybody was scared of that person because he had destroyed a powerful clan in one night.

“You’re a bad boy when I’m not around. Do I need to punish you and hit you with my stick again?” said Yuan Fei in a despising way.

Xuan Yuan grinded his teeth. How had Yuan Fei managed to use their altar?

The crowd was surprised to see how Xuan Yuan became docile in front of Yuan Fei. Had Xuan Yuan been eliminated? What happened? He looked like a mess. And who was that guy with a wooden stick who scared him so badly?

Many people were surprised, but after all, it had nothing to do with them. The Yang Clan looked furious though. They had been waiting for the day when Xuan Yuan would rank first, he would be their glory.

However, he didn’t look glorious at all at that moment. He looked like a disgraceful mess. He looked like trash.

“Be a good boy, or I’ll kill you with my stick.” shouted Yuan Fei. Xuan Yuan said nothing, but felt like he was going to explode or go insane.

He didn’t leave, he just glanced at Yuan Fei and Lin Feng coldly now and then. He couldn’t kill Yuan Fei, but he would definitely kill Lin Feng. He knew that Lin Feng had told Yuan Fei to chase him, otherwise, why would he? He didn’t care about him.

“So if Xuan Yuan didn’t rank first, who did? Lin Ruo Tian? Or Meng Ba? Or Qiu Yue Xin?” thought the crowd. Xuan Yuan had failed because of that guy who looked like an ape, that much was obvious now.

Many people looked at the Yang Clan.

“That ape-looking guy also said he came to see his brother, who is it?”

“My little Buddhist friend, why are you looking at me? Don’t you recognize me!” said Yuan Fei to the Sadhu smiling.

“Haha, he’s so easy-going.” thought the Sadhu smiling. He seemingly knew Yuan Fei quite well.

Qiu Yue Xin and Lin Feng were surprised. Did Yuan Fei know the Sadhu?

“Did he come here because he knows him?” thought Lin Feng.

“Alright, don’t disturb us, it’s the graduation ceremony.” said the Sadhu laughing.

“Hehe, of course!” said Yuan Fei smiling fatuously. “I want to see my brother’s graduation ceremony too!”

The Sadhu was surprised. He knew Yuan Fei, he was the Great Ape Emperor’s grandson, but who was he talking about?

A golden list was floating in the sky and the Sadhu said, “The 81 people, come here. People will see the ranking list too.”

“Eh?” A golden light appeared and surrounded all the selected candidates.

Numbers appeared slowly.

“Ruo Tian, third!” the Lin Clan was satisfied with Lin Ruo Tian’s result.

“Good, Yue Xin ranked second!” thought the Qiu Clan. They were satisfied too.

“Too bad she fell in love with a piece of trash.” said Qiu Hao mockingly. However, at that moment, he found Lin Feng’s name in the list, first! His mouth was twitching!

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