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PMG Chapter 1067: Eight Dragon Chants

PMG Chapter 1067: Eight Dragon Chants

The stairs were dazzling.

“The emperors are probably going to show up. It’s their event after all.” thought the crowd. Their hearts were racing, their eyes were twinkling. At that moment, an illusion appeared.

“Illusions, the emperors! Even if they show up as illusions, it’s still incredible!” thought the crowd. Emperors were emperors. People admired them.

An old man appeared and he was smiling. He looked like an ordinary old man, but his Qi was incredible. He had a grey beard.

“There’s only one person, is that Emperor Shi or Emperor Yu?” wondered the crowd.

“Congratulations and welcome.” all the emperors’ direct disciples were bowing. It proved it was the emperor.

The imperial cultivation disciples bowed too. “Thank you, teacher!”

“Hello, Emperor!” at that moment, many people bowed.

“Thank you for your kindness, everyone.” said the emperor in a gentle way. The emperor was nice to them, what a great feeling.

Everybody remained silent. It was as if the world around them didn’t exist anymore, only the emperor did.

“Emperor Shi and I organized this event, it is an honor for us to have found such incredible disciples. Emperor Shi couldn’t make it so I represent the both of us. From now on, Tiantai will be open and everyone is welcome.” said Emperor Yu calmly. The crowd finally knew who it was. He seemed sympathetic and easy-going.

“That’s Emperor Yu!” whispered people. People like Yang Zi Lan or Xuan Yuan always acted proud and arrogant… and the emperor was so simple. No wonder Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin were so outstanding.

“Congratulations Emperor Yu for having found these disciples. Please accept this black gold jewel as a gift!” said an old man of the Yang Clan at that moment. He rose up in the air and bowed.

“Black gold, that’s such an expensive and precious gift!” the crowd was astonished. It was so hard that only extremely strong cultivators could break black gold and make jewels out of it.

“They’re smart. In the eyes of an emperor, it’s not that great of a gift, but it still shows they respect him.” thought many people. The Yang Clan was trying to make friends with the emperor.

“Thank you, give it to the first disciple of the Tian Qi layer, maybe he will need it in the future.” said Emperor Yu smiling in a gentle way.

“To Lin Feng!?” Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye looked astonished. They didn’t even have such precious treasures, were they going to give it to Lin Feng?! Lin Feng kept taking things from them!

“Of course, Master.” said the old man respectfully. He wasn’t willing to, but nobody noticed his feelings. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “Little friend, congratulations, that black gold is for you.”

Lin Feng took it, but said nothing at first. It looked like a black meteorite. It was very hard.

“Thank you, Mister!” said Lin Feng smiling. The feeling was thrilling. He probably didn’t want to give it to him at all.

“The Yang Clan is going through hard times.” thought the crowd. Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye were probably furious.

“The Lin Clan also has a gift for you.” said the leader of the Lin Clan, rising up in the air.

“The Qiu Clan too!”

“The Meng Clan too!”

All the biggest families offered the emperor a gift. Even though they hadn’t prepared anything, they didn’t lack precious items so they had to act the same as the Yang Clan. The emperor didn’t really care though.

“Thank you, everyone.” said Emperor Yu. The Sadhu walked forwards and took the items.

“Slash!” Qi rolled in the air in the distance as a boat was coming. There were people in the boat who bowed in front of Emperor Yu.

“The Island of the Nine Dragons came to congratulate the emperor too!”

“The Island of the Nine Dragons are here too.” the crowd was incredulous. Even though they were pirates, they were very strong. Many people respected them out of fear.

“Say thank you to your leader!” said Emperor Yu smiling. “Take it.”

The Sadhu took all the presents. The pirates bowed in front of the emperor and said, “Our leader couldn’t come today, next time maybe. We’ll tell him. We’re off. See you!”

“No problem.” said Emperor Yu. The pirate looked at the imperial cultivation disciples trying to remember their faces.

“The Island of the Nine Dragons!” Lin Feng suddenly said, “Wait!”

“What is it little friend?” asked the pirate. Lin Feng was at the top of the Tian level cultivators, he was probably very strong.

“I admire your group, can I come and pay you a visit some time?”

“Haha, tell me whenever you want to come little friend. Take this, it’s the chant of the eight dragons, you can use it to call me!” said that person throwing a stone at Lin Feng. Lin Feng seemed to be a strong young man so of course he was willing to see him again.

“Thank you so much, Master!” said Lin Feng bowing and smiling. You You and Mo Xi were there. He was wondering how they were. He had to go and see them sometime. With the chant of the eight dragons amulet, it would be much more convenient.

“See you!” said the pirate to Lin Feng. The Yang Clan looked at them coldly, they had tried to kill Yang Zi Ye. They had yet to get their revenge.

After the pirates left, the crowd saw another group of people come. There were people of all sorts of cultivation levels. Who were those people?

“Tian Long Divine Castle is coming!” said a voice in the distance.

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