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PMG Chapter 1068: Illusion Strength

PMG Chapter 1068: Illusion Strength
“Tian Long Divine Castle!” the crowd was surprised. Tian Long Divine Castle was coming to Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi’s territory. People had heard that they were enemies.

The crowd looked at the group of people, there were a few dozen people of all cultivation levels. Zun cultivators of the first to the fifth Zun Qi layer.

People were surprised. What did they want? What was their goal?

Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin looked at them. Most people didn’t know that Hou Qing Lin had gone there and killed their protector. Tian Long Divine Castle remembered though.

“Tian Long Divine Castle came to congratulate Emperor Yu!” said the Tian Long group bowing politely in front of Emperor Yu.

“It’s rare to see you. I hope your leader is well.” said Emperor Yu looking calm and indifferent.

“Thank you, we’ll pass along your message. We came here with a reason. We have all sorts of cultivators here, from the first Tian Qi layer to the fifth Zun Qi layer. We know it was your recruitment process so we want to exchange our views on cultivation.” said the leader of the group. Everybody was surprised. Even though they were polite, they wanted to fight.

It wasn’t necessary to say much, their purpose was clear. All their cultivators were extremely strong, they came to humiliate the emperor.

Many people looked furious in Tiantai. It was a happy day for Tiantai and those people were coming to ruin their event.

Emperor Yu smiled in a gentle way. He didn’t look furious at all.

“You can’t refuse, on such a joyous day. Your new disciples are so talented after all.” said that person. He couldn’t refuse. Hou Qing Lin had come to their territory and killed their protector, Mu Chen had helped him escape. That was a humiliation, now they had to regain some of their prestige.

At that moment, the crowd understood that those people had come to challenge them. Tiantai couldn’t refuse, otherwise, they would lose face.

“If my disciples agree, why not? If they don’t, then I’d rather not.” said Emperor Yu calmly. “Alright, we’re done with the graduation ceremony. I’m off now. Do as you wish.” said Emperor Yu as his silhouette gradually disappeared. He was gone. He didn’t care about such trivial things. His disciples were free to decide what they wanted to do.

When those people saw Emperor Yu disappear, they frowned and looked at Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin.

“Your teacher is incredible and so are you. Since I came here, you could choose two people for a challenge. We want to learn from you.” said that person, annoyed.

“Let’s do it!”

At that moment, a dozen people spoke at the same time. Their voices contained a powerful Qi which rolled in waves towards the imperial cultivation disciples of Tiantai. Those imperial cultivation disciples from Tiantai who were at the front shook. The people from Tianlong were extremely strong… and they wanted to fight!

Tian Long Divine Castle’s people had come and challenged Tiantai, so Tiantai’s people had to fight whether they wanted to or not.

“It seems like they’re really confident.” thought the crowd looking Tian Long Divine Castle’s people. Tiantai’s imperial cultivation disciples had no experience yet for they had just graduated. It would be difficult for Tiantai to put up a fight.

“Our teacher said it, if they want to fight, they’ll fight. Otherwise, they won’t. You can’t force anyone here.” said Mu Chen slowly and as calmly as the emperor, as if nothing could make him angry.

“Emperor Yu is a senior, he can do whatever he wants. However, it’s not the case for your fellow disciples, could it be that you didn’t teach them anything?” said that person coldly. Since the emperor wasn’t there anymore, he wasn’t hiding his true intentions anymore. He was trying to force them to fight.

“Who do you think you are? Do you think we’ll fight because you want to?” said Hou Qing Lin abrubtly. He then said, “Today is a joyous day for us. You came here to challenge us, so if my fellow disciples want to fight, they will, otherwise they won’t. I’ll kill anyone who forces people to fight. And today, I won’t be merciful, if you injure anyone, I will kill you as well.”

How aggressive.

People’s hearts started racing when they heard Hou Qing Lin. Tian Long Divine Castle’s people had brought very experienced cultivators with them. If they started fighting, Tiantai’s weaker and newer disciples would die. They couldn’t take that risk.

That person frowned, he didn’t know what to say, “It’s a joyous day for your emperor, fighting is also a method of becoming stronger for new disciples.”

“Please, let’s exchange views on cultivation!” said Tian Long Divine Castle’s people again. Tiantai had no room to refuse.

“I’m a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer, like you, let’s fight.” said someone at that moment. It was an imperial cultivation disciple from the first batch. He was pointing at someone of the same level in Tian Long Divine Castle’s group.

“Very good.” said that person coming out and releasing an incredible Qi. He immediately attacked, not respecting his opponent.

“Die!” shouted that person coldly. A hand appeared in the sky and moved towards the cultivator from Tiantai.

“Piss off!” shouted the cultivator from Tiantai as he punched the air to block the attack.

“Die!” The attacker’s hand streaked across the sky and drew a cross which was filled with a powerful Qi.

“Eh?” The Tiantai cultivator sensed that something was wrong and moved backwards.

“Die!” The cross dazzled and the cultivator from Tiantai could barely breathe.

“Empty space energy!” the crowd was surprised. A cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer could use empty space spells.

“Piss off!” shouted the cultivator from Tiantai. He was furious. He raised his hands and blocked the cross attack.

“Do you think you can block illusions?” said the cultivator from Tianlong coldly. The cross shook the sky and pierced through the body of the cultivator from Tiantai.

“Illusion strength!” the crowd was astonished. The cultivator from Tiantai was going to lose, it was difficult at that point.

“Piss off!” The cross pierced through his body, it seemed like he was going to explode. At the same time, the attacker’s hand crashed onto his chest and made him fly away.

“Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s disciples can’t be so trashy, right?” said Tianlong’s cultivator mockingly.

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