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PMG Chapter 1069: Wait, wait

PMG Chapter 1069: Wait, wait
“As expected, Tian Long Divine Castle’s cultivators came here to humiliate Tiantai.” thought the crowd. Tianlong’s cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer could use illusion spells, that was very rare.

Few people chose to learn illusion spells and amongst those who did, those who truly understood them were rare. If a cultivator managed to imprison someone in an illusion spell, it was a lot easier for them to kill them.

Tiantai’s people were furious when they heard him making fun of them, especially the one who had just lost. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu had just recruited imperial cultivation disciples and people came to challenge them. It was only to humiliate the two emperors.

Mu Chen, Hou Qing Lin, the other direct disciples and Lin Feng were furious. Those people had come to get their revenge, and those who had come were all quite strong.

“Shut up!” shouted the leader from the Tian Long Divine Castle to the cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer. He sounded furious, “We came here to exchange views on cultivation. You just won one battle and you think you can be proud because of that? The emperors’ disciples are extremely strong, so do you think you could defeat cultivators of higher levels? You have nothing to be proud of, you should be preparing yourself for the next battles.”

“Is he being honest or not?” thought the crowd. Was he serious? The two emperors’ disciples were actually really strong, it was just that Tian Long Divine Castle had brought some of their strongest disciples there.

“I’ll try!” said someone indifferently at that moment. People were surprised when they saw him.

“Lin Ruo Tian, I ranked third.” said Lin Ruo Tian. Could he win?

Even though Tian Long Divine Castle had brought extremely strong disciples, Lin Ruo Tian was a genius from a rich and prestigious family.

“Seventh Tian Qi layer, I’m your opponent!” said someone on the side of Tian Long Divine Castle. That cultivator had also broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer and was smiling in a despising way. The two emperors’ disciples had just been selected, they couldn’t be as strong as them. Tian Long Divine Castle’s disciples had been practicing cultivation and receiving the emperor’s teachings for a long time now, all of them had special skills.

“He has dragon intent and he seems extraordinary.” said Mu Chen flattering the cultivator from the opposite side, but at the same time, he was giving an advice to Lin Ruo Tian. Lin Ruo Tian couldn’t afford underestimate his opponent.

Tian Long Divine Castle had come to make them lose face.

“Hehe, we have so many cultivators today. It would be great if they could all fight. Also, nobody can be injured today so no weapons or spirits.” said the leader of Tian Long Divine Castle with an indifferent smile.

“Alright!” said Mu Chen. All those people were extraordinarily strong. Their spirits had to be extremely powerful too. By imposing those rules, they were going to prove how strong they were without spirits and weapons. They could win and show that Tiantai’s people were weak.

The challengers couldn’t say much either, but nod and obey.

“Let’s see how weak you are. Be careful when I punch you, I don’t want to crush you in one punch and kill you, the two emperors would be angry and would have to protect their little babies, otherwise.” said that person mockingly.

“Haha, don’t go to hard on him, they said they didn’t want anyone to get injured.” said someone from the side of Tianlong mockingly. By making fun of the disciples, they were also making fun of the two emperors.

“Don’t humiliate the emperors!” said Hou Qing Lin coldly. He jumped forwards and landed in front of the people from Tian Long Divine Castle and said, “Since you’re talking that way, let’s fight for real, with blood. I, Hou Qing Lin, am a cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer. All your Zun level cultivators, from the first to the fifth Zun Qi layer, come and fight me together!”

As soon as he said that, Hou Qing Lin released very oppressive energy which surrounded the entire crowd from Tian Long Divine Castle. They all looked at the reincarnation energies, they could barely breathe.
The leader from the group from Tianlong said, “Brother Hou, what is the meaning of this? We came to exchange views on cultivation, these are ordinary Tian Long Divine Castle’s cultivators, they can’t fight against you obviously.”

“Is that so? I killed the protector of your altar, you think I believe you if you tell me you came with ordinary disciples? I’m not that stupid.” said Hou Qing Lin impolitely. He didn’t care anymore. Those people wouldn’t stop humiliating them.

“Hou Qing Lin went to Tian Long Divine Castle and killed a Zun cultivator there. Incredible. No wonder they came from so far to get their revenge.”

When everyone heard Hou Qing Lin, they understood. Besides, when the other said he had just brought ordinary cultivators, that was ridiculous. A cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer who could cast illusion spells, was that ordinary?

“Today is the graduation ceremony, you have responsibilities here, do you think you can act impolitely?” said that person coldly.

“I’m polite to friends, I needn’t show any respect to people who harbor evil intentions.”

“Since you decided to harass my ordinary disciples, we’re off.” said that person coldly. The atmosphere was very oppressive. Tianlong’s people looked at the cultivators from Tiantai in a despising way.

“Unfortunately, we wanted to exchange views on cultivation, but it seems that Tiantai’s new imperial cultivation disciples are not that good after all. We’ll meet at the emperors meeting soon. See you!” said that person mockingly. The other members of Tian Long Divine Castle also looked at them with disdain.

“See you all, Tiantai’s geniuses!” said the crowd mockingly laughing.

“You let them insult you and leave? You’re less and less responsive, Mu Chen!” said Yuan Fei.

“Wait, wait!”

“Wait, wait!”

Two people said that. People from Tian Long Divine Castle turned around and smiled at the crowd from Tiantai.

They were surprised and impatient to hear the rest. The first of the Tian level disciples and the first of the Zun level disciples had talked at the same time.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and scratched his head. He flew next to the one he had seen on the island in the middle of the Huang Sea, they nodded at each other. He recognized Lin Feng too. Lin Feng had been observing him when he was practicing cultivation on the island, he had, of course, sensed Lin Feng’s presence. It’s just that he didn’t really care. He hadn’t thought he’d meet Lin Feng again, and even less suspected that they would both become imperial cultivation disciples and rank first in their respective categories.

Mu Chen smiled. Lin Feng had defeated Xuan Yuan in the illusion and concerning that cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, Mu Chen was the one who had found him and invited him to apply to become an imperial cultivation disciple so he knew how strong he was. If they both agreed to fight, the results would be great.

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