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PMG Chapter 1070: Battle to Death

PMG Chapter 1070: Battle to Death

“You should call me Uncle Mu!” said Mu Chen to Yuan Fei. Mu Chen was friends with Yuan Fei’s father. Yuan Fei and his father had a similar personality.

When the cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle heard Lin Feng and the cultivator in grey clothes, they turned around and smiled: “You two must have ranked first. It’s no wonder you want to teach us things about cultivation.”

“We wouldn’t say we have something to teach you. You came with some of the most outstanding disciples of Tian Long Divine Castle, they all have plenty of experience. We just became imperial cultivation disciples and we haven’t received our teachers’ teachings yet, how could we compare? Therefore, we would like YOU to teach us some things.” said Lin Feng slowly.

The leader of the group from Tian Long Divine Castle had humiliated them, so now Lin Feng was flattering them. By saying that they were stronger and that Tiantai’s disciples couldn’t compete with them, it meant that if Tiantai’s cultivators lost, it would be normal. If cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle lost, then it would be a disgrace.

“I’ve heard about how great you are. Tian Long Divine Castle is very strong and powerful. Even though we ranked first, we still haven’t received any teachings. Relying solely on cultivation, we can’t compete with you. However, as far as I’m concerned, I’m always motivated to become stronger and would be honored if Tian Long Divine Castle could teach me something. I, of course, cherish such opportunities.” said the cultivator in grey clothes doing the same as Lin Feng.

Both Lin Feng and him couldn’t stand hearing other people humiliate Tiantai, after all, they were imperial cultivation disciples now. Besides, the cultivator in grey clothes had ranked first amongst cultivators of the Zun Qi layer, he had to fight.

When Mu Chen heard them, he smiled in a resplendent way. He felt grateful. The disciples who had ranked first definitely deserved to be imperial cultivation disciples.

“Fourth Tian Qi layer, he’s mine.” said someone at that moment on the side of Tian Long Divine Castle pointing at Lin Feng. He had, like Lin Feng, broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer.

“Fourth Zun Qi layer, we were meant to meet and exchange views on cultivation.” said a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer on the side of Tian Long Divine Castle. The expression in his eyes looked sharp, it seemed like his eyes could pierce through people’s skin. He looked particularly evil too.

Lin Feng and the cultivator in grey clothes were right, those challengers were extremely strong, they were the best. Therefore, they couldn’t be scared of fighting against new imperial cultivation disciples, even if they had ranked first.

“Hehe, no need to flatter each other like that. No matter who wins, everybody will learn something.” said the leader of the group from Tian Long Divine Castle. However, he hoped his group would win all the battles.

“Alright.” said Mu Chen. When it came to Lin Feng and the cultivator in the grey clothes, he was confident, especially about the cultivator in grey clothes whom he had recruited himself. He knew he was monstrously strong. Concerning, Lin Feng, if he could win, that would be great, if he lost, no problems either. In any case, Lin Feng would learn some things about cultivation.

“So, fight.” said the leader from Tian Long Divine Castle with a cold smile. He wanted his disciples to win both battles. He wanted to humiliate them as much as possible.

“Something else.” said the cultivator in grey clothes. His opponent, the other cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer frowned and said, “If you want to fight, let’s fight, otherwise bugger off. No need to waste time talking.”

“We’re going to exchange views on cultivation, but since we can’t control our strength and that blood will be shed, this will be a life and death battle.” said the cultivator in grey clothes indifferently. The crowd was surprised. Life and death? He was very confident in himself.

“I wonder how he can act that way. Why take such risks? Tian Long Divine Castle’s people are incredibly strong.” thought the crowd, curiously.

“Haha, my brother is right. Everyone will learn even more if it’s a battle to death. I don’t think the teachers would mind.” said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile.

Yuan Fei was right, if Tianlong’s people wanted to fight that bad, they would risk their life for these battles.

Everybody was surprised, including the people from Tiantai. However, they suddenly looked proud and dignified. A moment before, Tian Long Divine Castle had humiliated them, now they felt stronger again as if their integrity had been preserved.

“Alright, indeed, everybody will love that.” said Hou Qing Lin.

“I agree too.” said Mu Chen.

The group from Tian Long Divine Castle smiled and they all said, “Very good, we agree, start the battles to death then!”

The cultivator of the Zun Qi layer didn’t waste time and immediately released energies which moved towards the cultivator in grey clothes. “Come and experience what dying feels like!”

“You’re so impatient, I’ll show you then.” said the cultivator in grey clothes jumping forwards and releasing sharp sword energies.

“Try not to humiliate yourself.” said the opponent destroying the sword energies with the blink of an eye.

The cultivator in grey clothes didn’t move, his hand streaked across the sky while whistling sounds spread in the air. It sounded like there were many swords streaking across the sky. His fingers were as sharp and dazzling as swords.

“Poor skill.” said that person punching the air. A fist appeared and waves of energies rolled in the air around it. The sword energies kept disappearing. They couldn’t get anywhere near him.

All of a sudden, a grey dragon appeared, but sword Qi crashed onto it as the cultivator in the grey clothes didn’t stop. His sword lacerated the sky, it was not a skill or technique, it was just a pure sword attack.

The cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle continued punching the air, his punches roared like dragons.

His terrifying strength was distorting the atmosphere. He joined his hands and dazzling golden lights appeared. A ferocious-looking dragon appeared inside.

“According to legends, Emperor Tian Long can use dragons to attack, he can also transform into a dragon himself. That person also uses dragon energies, he must be a high-ranking disciple.”

The crowd was staring at the dragon. Two golden balls of light appeared and were growing larger. Then, they moved towards the cultivator from Tiantai.

“Die!” the golden lights condensed. Two gigantic golden claws appeared next to the cultivator in grey clothes, they were going to shred him into pieces.

However, the cultivator in grey clothes looked calm. His lips moved as if he wanted to say something, but instead, a sword came out of his mouth. It was a black sword, a deadly black sword.

“Boom boom!” As the sword came out of his mouth, the atmosphere started trembling. The golden claws continued twinkling, but couldn’t move forwards, it seemed like they were faltering.

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