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PMG Chapter 1072: Challenger’s Spirit

PMG Chapter 1072: Challenger’s Spirit

“Is he turning into a dragon?” the crowd looked at the cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle, his body was currently surrounded by dragon lights. His hands and feet were metamorphosing first. After that, his body started metamorphosing as well.

“It must be a half transformation, as expected, Tian Long Divine Castle’s people learn dragon skills.” thought the crowd. According to legends, dragon strength packed a punch, they couldn’t wait to see how powerful his dragon skills were.

“I wanted to play with you slowly at first, but your friends just killed my brother so I will kill you quickly to avenge him.” said that cultivator with his dragon eyes staring at Lin Feng.

“I’m waiting then.” said Lin Feng. He was standing in the air with his clothes were fluttering in the wind.

“Since you want to die, I’ll kill you quickly.” said the cultivator with a dragon voice. He rose up in the air very quickly. He seemed very strong, one of his punches could probably destroy a mountain range.

Lin Feng’s fist started glowing with golden and black lights. People started wondering what kind of strength that was.

Lin Feng moved and punched his opponent’s fist.

A very loud metallic sound spread in the air, the energy released by the collision created an earthquake. The golden lights were dazzling to the eyes. A huge fissure appeared in the ground just below where they had exchanged blows.

“How incredible. Those cultivators of the fourth Tian Qi layer are so strong.” thought the crowd. Many cultivators at the fifth and sixth Tian Qi layer were thinking that they might not be able to fight against those two.

However, the two fighters in the sky seemed like they didn’t know what pain was. Golden lights and bestial Qi dashed to the skies.

“His metamorphosis again, it’s not finished. Maybe in the end, Lin Feng won’t be able to resist him anymore.” thought the crowd. It was as if Lin Feng and his opponent had completely forgotten to use skills and techniques. They were just using pure physical strength at that moment.

“You’re strong, but that’s all. Die now!” said the cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle coldly. Each time he punched Lin Feng, the crowd noticed his dragon form was becoming even more distinct and he was also becoming even stronger. Could he turn into a real dragon?

Lin Feng was calm and serene. He just ignored his opponent’s words. The sun was shining upon his body and everything around him was turning into flames. Lin Feng was suddenly bathing in flames and fire energies dashed to the skies and surrounded his enemy.

“Fire strength, you can’t kill me with fire. Don’t you know what bestial strength is?” said the cultivator from Tianlong coldly. Many people inspected the battle from inside the fire using their awareness. However, the fire was still too great, if they put their awareness inside, they could die. Even though some people could actually do it without any risk, they decided not to.

“Deviousness, you’re about to bring about your own destruction!” said the cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle coldly. He jumped out of the fire. He had already almost completely turned into a beast by now. He opened his third eye and bestial energies poured out.

“Roar!” He turned into a real dragon and threw himself at Lin Feng.
“I’m not the only one who can open my bestial consciousness.” thought Lin Feng smiling.

“You’re not the only one who has a bestial consciousness.” said Lin Feng to him using telepathy. He also opened his third eye.

“Boom!” The enemy’s heart twitched. What?! Lin Feng also had a bestial consciousness?!

Was his bestial strength powerful or not?

His thoughts were suddenly chaotic. He hadn’t thought about that. Lin Feng released Qi using his own bestial consciousness. What?! He wasn’t releasing bestial energy, he was releasing desolate Qi! It was the energy of decay.

However, the enemy didn’t have more than a millisecond to react. Desolate Qi was suddenly dashing to the skies and had surrounded him.

Pure sun Qi emitted crackling sounds in the air as Lin Feng recalled his desolate Qi.

The crowd was watching the battle in the sky. What was going on? Had they stopped fighting? The atmosphere wasn’t shaking anymore, the ground was crackling anymore, there were just a few flames calmly emitting crackling sounds above them.

Finally, the fire disappeared and a silhouette appeared. There was only one person left.

Lin Feng was there, bathing in his own fire. However, the Tian Long Divine Castle’s cultivator wasn’t there anymore. After that last roar, he had disappeared.

“What happened?” thought the crowd. Many people’s hearts were pounding violently. Where was he? Such a strong cultivator couldn’t disappear without leaving any trace.

Of course, people from Tian Long Divine Castle seemed to be furious.

Two battles, two defeats. A cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer had died stabbed by swords and desolate Qi and the second cultivator, well, nobody knew how he had died!

What a tragedy. They had come to humiliate Tiantai and had failed.

“I always believed you when you said you had sent your most ordinary cultivators. Otherwise, how could you explain how he couldn’t withstand a single attack? Even though we haven’t received any teachings yet, we still won. I hope that next time you come to exchange views on cultivation, you’ll send stronger disciples or at least some who are as strong as us. I don’t feel like fighting against these ordinary cultivators.” said Lin Feng indifferently.

The enemies’ mouths were twitching. They were extremely pissed off.

As strong as them? Stronger? He didn’t feel like fighting them?

What could they say? Nothing. Nothing that could save them from further humiliation. They had sent some incredible cultivators and had lost anyway.

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