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PMG Chapter 1077: A cave with a waterfall at its mouth, in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit

PMG Chapter 1077: A cave with a waterfall at its mouth, in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit

How strong. They couldn’t imagine how strong Yuan Fei was. They felt like the Earth and sky were going to collapse from his strength. Yuan Fei looked like a mountain holding a wooden stick.

He had managed to climb up the stairs even more relaxed than Lin Feng had. His grandfather was the Great Ape Emperor after all.

Lin Feng was astonished too. How majestic! He was as strong as a mountain with such an explosive force!

No wonder that Xuan Yuan was scared to death while facing Yuan Fei.

Just a moment before, he looked like a gigantic gorilla with a stick and now he looked normal again. Lin Feng guessed that the wooden stick was probably an extraordinary tool.

Lin Feng walked next to Yuan Fei and said smiling, “You’re awesome!”

“Hehe, that was fun! Should we try to go higher?” said Yuan Fei smiling fatuously while pointing towards the tenth group of steps.

“Eh?” the crowd was astonished when they heard him. He was really fearless. He wanted to try everything at once. Did he think it was easy?

“Alright, let’s try!” said Lin Feng laughing. Even though he wasn’t strong enough, he could still try to see how overwhelming it was.

They glanced at each other and started going up. They had already reached the ninth group of steps anyways, so that was Lin Feng’s next goal anyways.

“Boom!” They hadn’t even put a foot on the following step when they both sensed a terrifyingly oppressive energy which turned into a black cloud and forced energies to roll in waves.

“How strong. It’s an illusion.” said Yuan Fei. Lin Feng and he moved back, they definitely couldn’t go up.

When they took their foot back, the black cloud disappeared and turned into emptiness again as if it had never existed before that.

“It’s an illusion, it looks like a holy weapon. It might even try to kill us.” said Yuan Fei. To become the emperors’ direct disciples, Lin Feng had to climb that black cloud which contained an incredibly oppressive strength. How could he do it? How could he break the illusion?

“It can definitely be broken. It’s just that we’re not strong enough.” said Lin Feng. They couldn’t break the illusion yet because cultivation wasn’t that easy. Someday, he would manage to do it though.

“I hope so. Lin Feng, if the emperors don’t feel like teaching you, just come to the cave with a waterfall at its mouth in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, my grandfather will teach you personally!” said Yuan Fei smiling fatuously. Lin Feng was dumbstruck, as if he had been struck by lightning.

“Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, a cave with a waterfall at its mouth!” whispered Lin Feng. His heart was twitching.

Great ape, wooden stick, Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, a cave with a waterfall at its mouth, Lin Feng thought, “What… the Great Ape’s grandson is…”

“Indeed, Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, the cave with a waterfall at its mouth! Remember!” said Yuan Fei smiling.

“Do you always call that place the cave with a waterfall at its mouth in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit?” asked Lin Feng. He couldn’t help but ask.

“No, I used to call it ape stone mountain, but a thousand years ago, an incredible person appeared there and observed Ba Huang from that spot. One of my ancestors challenged him, but lost. When that person left, he told my ancestor to call that place the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, and that there’s a cave with a waterfall at its mouth there!” replied Yuan Fei.

“Who was that cultivator? Is he still alive?” asked Lin Feng. He had defeated the Great Ape Emperor’s ancestor, he must have been extraordinarily strong.

“It’s not important. Someday, I’ll tell you if he’s still alive, nobody knows right now. But we can be sure that if he’s still alive, he can destroy the Continent of the Nine Clouds on his own!” said Yuan Fei unwilling to talk too much about it. He even looked a bit scared. It was difficult to imagine that someone obstinate and unruly like him could also fear another person.

“Alright, my brother, I just came to see you. Now I need to find my buddy to bring me back to the Huang Sea underground, I came from there afterall. Come and see me when you have time. I’d be happy to see you.” said Yuan Fei tapping on Lin Feng’s shoulders. That tap actually hurt Lin Feng, that guy was strong!

Yuan Fei jumped away into the distance in a free and unrestrained way.

“If you’re in the mood, come and find me to have some drinks too!” said Yuan Fei from the distance. His voice rolled in waves in the air as he disappeared.

Lin Feng watched as his silhouette disappeared in the horizon. He had a new friend!

After that, Lin Feng sighed and looked at the sky.

“The Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight?”

He remembered those words. They were deeply carved in his memories.

“Is it you…?” whispered Lin Feng talking to the sky.

The crowd looked at Lin Feng. What was Lin Feng doing? He looked nostalgic.

“When was Qiong Qi born? Maybe he knows something!” thought Lin Feng suddenly. Then, he opened the palace and went in.

“Kacha!” A terrifying strength suddenly oppressed Lin Feng which made him crawl. He had the impression a mountain was crushing him.

“How oppressive!” thought Lin Feng. There was nothing in that palace, it was empty. There was only an oppressive pure Qi with some fog. How scary was that!

Lin Feng had to use both his hands to get off the ground. It was difficult for him to stand up and his back hurt from just trying. The oppressive energy in the palace was as terrifying as the energy on the eighth group of steps. Lin Feng’s blood was boiling at that moment.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the ceiling. There was a strange energy there. Sometimes, there were star patterns, sometimes, mountain and river patterns, it was a mysterious strength.

“Not bad…” thought Lin Feng grinding his teeth. He understood what Yuan Fei felt like, he had to suffer to become stronger.

Lin Feng shook his hand and his animal tower appeared.


A silhouette appeared and was instantly attacked by those oppressive energies.

“Bastard, why did you take me out here?” said Qiong Qi shaking. He had the impression he was being crushed. He opened his gigantic eyes and fixedly stared at Lin Feng.

“You have to respect your elders, do I have to teach you politeness!” said Qiong Qi grinding his teeth. Lin Feng had put him in the animal tower which was already very uncomfortable, and now he had taken him out in another uncomfortable place with oppressive energies. He wasn’t being very nice to the great emperor!

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