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PMG Chapter 1078: Lin Feng’s Reflection

PMG Chapter 1078: Lin Feng’s Reflection

“Emperor, I need to ask you something important!” said Lin Feng seriously.

Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng. What did that madman want now?


“Do you know a cave with a waterfall at its mouth in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit?” asked Lin Feng.

Qiong Qi’s eyes were suddenly wide open and twinkling. Of course he knew!

When Lin Feng saw Qiong Qi’s reaction, he understood that Qiong Qi knew.

“I just want to ask you one question.” said Lin Feng. Then, he said, “The godly awareness palace is associated to the phrase ‘The Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight’, and a long time ago, an incredible cultivator fought against an ape emperor. He used to call a place the stone ape mountain and then the name changed to Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, isn’t that the same person?”

“Roar!” Qiong Qi stood up as the energies oppressed him. He stared at Lin Feng and said, “What did you learn?”

“As expected, it’s the same person.” thought Lin Feng suddenly.

There couldn’t be one thousand possibilities. How strange, the Continent of the Nine Clouds was such a strange world. Lin Feng’s analytical skills were incredible to have figured that out.

Lin Feng was sure it was him!

“Do you know who it is?” asked Qiong Qi. Impossible, Lin Feng couldn’t know who such an incredible warrior was. A cultivator who could destroy the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

“I don’t know. I just heard some mysterious stories!” said Lin Feng. “Emperor, you’re extremely strong, yet you don’t even feel anything under such an oppressive strength.”

Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng in a cruel way.

“Boom!” Qiong Qi spat out flames towards Lin Feng.


Lin Feng dodged the attack and crawled again because of the oppressive energies. He rolled his eyes speechless. Wasn’t this  the palace where he lived? How could he live there?

“Little boy, good for you, you tried to oppress me in here!” said Qiong Qi laughing. At that moment, a sharp sword Qi moved towards Qiong Qi. Qiong Qi coughed and fell down.

“Who made me come out?” said Qiong Qi. It was almost better to be in the animal tower.

“I made you come out because I fear that you forgot the date tonight!” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi looked at him and said, “Do I need to know? There’s no holy mark here. There are star, fire and wind energies as well as the force of the Earth and sky, they’re quite simple, actually, they’re the simplest. You must sense those energies. Now, make me go back into the animal tower. I need to rest.”

“Are you serious?” Lin Feng looked at the energies, perplexed. Could those energies be the simplest ones? How could they be so oppressive then?”

“You need to learn slowly. You need to understand the mysteries of the explosive force of the Earth and sky. This palace can help you achieve that.” said Qiong Qi in a despising way.

Lin Feng smiled. Qiong Qi was helpful. He just couldn’t speak in a friendly way sometimes.

“Let’s go and see.” said Lin Feng. He was slowly getting used to the palace. He was curious to see what advantages he had access to after climbing up the nine groups of steps. He needed to get familiar with the surroundings first though.

Lin Feng walked around and inspected the palace. The pressure made him feel as heavy as a mountain and his steps even made some loud bumping sounds.

He turned around and looked at Qiong Qi. Qiong Qi looked relaxed, it didn’t seem difficult at all for him. How did he do that? was he using the force of the Earth and the sky to manage it? Maybe he was condensing it in his paws?

Very quickly, Lin Feng managed to feel more relaxed as Qiong Qi was walking next to him.

They both walked next to each other as some fog emerged. It felt like a holy place, a fairyland, there was even more beauty than one should take in at that moment. There were lofty towers of Qi in the mist. What was it?

“What an awesome place. It’s an emperor’s territory!” thought Qiong Qi suddenly. He looked excited.

“Let’s go and see.” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi followed him, but then stopped and lied down nonchalantly. He seemed like he was waiting for something.

At that moment, Lin Feng suddenly sensed something. The mist under his feet suddenly rose up and surrounded him. Very quickly, he was wrapped in a mysterious Qi.

In front of him, a silhouette appeared, it was exactly the same as him, he was staring at a mirror!

It couldn’t be him though, but it looked exactly the same. It was the first time Lin Feng saw himself so clearly.

“It’s an illusion!”

Lin Feng immediately understood that it was an illusion. That silhouette was another Lin Feng.

“I wouldn’t have thought that I’d need to face a copy of myself in here. I wonder if I’m strong in the illusion.” thought Lin Feng walking forwards. He condensed force in his feet, then he condensed strength and released it towards the illusion. However, the illusion didn’t move at all. It looked like a statue.

“Boom!” Lin Feng attacked the illusion again. Qi and force started flowing furiously in the air.

The illusion remained motionless. Lin Feng then punched the air in the direction of the mirror. He was captivated by this mystery. A terrifyingly oppressive strength crashed onto him. He could barely breathe from it.

“Boom!” The same sound spread in the air. It was the same energies as those contained in Lin Feng’s punch. When Lin Feng punched the mirror, the mirror punched him too.

“Boom boom!” when Lin Feng attacked the mirror, it attacked him too and it was very painful. His blood was boiling.

“How strong.” Lin Feng and his reflection in the mirror were seemingly fighting. The illusion in the mirror didn’t wait for Lin Feng to catch his breath and continued attacking him. Punches were now assaulting him endlessly.

“Boom boom boom!” Lin Feng continued being punched. His head was sore and he coughed up blood. He was propelled to the ground where he felt like he was going to be crushed by those attacks.

“How fucking strong!” swore Lin Feng. He turned around and looked at Qiong Qi lying on the ground.

“He knows what illusion that is!” thought Lin Feng.

“Little boy, cherish this opportunity. Those holy marks are mysterious and contain an explosive force which will help you on the path of cultivation. That mirror will teach you even more about the force of the Earth and sky. Why are you not satisfied? Someday, you’ll be able to use and condense the force of the Earth and sky even better. When that time comes, you’ll easily be able to defeat the person you are now!” said Qiong Qi nonchalantly. Lin Feng was surprised but happy.

Lin Feng stood up and shook his head, he was more determined than ever!

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  1. Belkar March 20, 2018 at 6:13 pm - Reply

    Thank you very much!

  2. Lee March 20, 2018 at 7:22 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much

  3. Junichirou Kagami March 21, 2018 at 12:49 am - Reply

    “I just want to ask you one question.” said Lin Feng. Then, he said, “The godly awareness palace is associated to the phrase ‘The Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight’, and a long time ago, an incredible cultivator fought against an ape emperor. He used to call a place the stone ape mountain and then the name changed to Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, isn’t that the same person?”
    I’m guessing that this is easier to understand in the original language (some chinese play of words) but as I don’t really know chinese I’d be very thankful if someone explained hoq he came to that conclusion based on the naming sense of the “strong cultivator”. Thanks in advance. m_ _)m

    • Dut March 21, 2018 at 4:14 am - Reply

      Who is that strong cultivator? A big ? Hehe

    • PMGfan March 21, 2018 at 5:34 am - Reply

      True. I also wanna know.

    • J November 25, 2018 at 4:54 am - Reply

      It’s from Journey to the West. The Mountain of Flowers and Fruit was a mountain in the story that had a waterfall cave, and inside that cave was where Sun Wukong (AKA Son Goku; the monkey king) often cultivated. That cultivator fought the Ape Emperor at a waterfall cave, and then he renamed the mountain after the one in the story, so whoever that was, must have read Journey to the West or been alive during the events taking place. Either way, it means he is from Earth. Which explains why Lin Feng is so interested.

      I don’t know what “The Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight” is from, but it’s probably another line from a Chinese legend.

      • Bob May 29, 2019 at 12:43 pm - Reply

        According to some previous comments, The Sky Palace line is indeed from some Chinese poetry.

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