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PMG Chapter 108: One Terrifying Step!

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Qing Xin’s restaurant was suddenly invaded by a heavy silence.

Everybody was staring at the young woman’s cheek. Lin Feng’s hand had left a big red mark on her cheek. One could even see each of his individual finger marks on her face.

Nobody would have thought that Lin Feng would actually slap such a beauty. He had slapped without the least bit of hesitation and with a good amount of force.

He hadn’t only humiliated the young woman by doing this. He had also made Qing Xin lose face.

The crowd was blankly staring at the young woman. She slowly raised her hand and then touched her cheek. She had the feeling that her cheek was on fire.

Her family name was Duan. She was a member of the Imperial Clan. Nobody had ever dared slap her and at that moment, Lin Feng had slapped her. She had totally lost face.

She looked so furious that her face had turned grotesque.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” said Qing Xin breaking the heavy silent that had invaded the restaurant. She was still looking elegant and graceful. It seemed like she never lost her temper.

“What you mean is that I should have let her humiliate everybody without doing anything?” said Lin Feng while staring at Qing Xin. He sounded just as calm as her but that was Lin Feng’s temperament. He was actually boiling with fury inside.

“Even if she attacks you and humiliates you, you cannot fight back. Besides, it hadn’t even gone that far yet.” replied Qing Xin.

“Well, sorry for having disappointed you.” said Lin Feng coldly and ironically. Lin Feng thought that Qing Xin was a fake. She looked graceful, elegant, pure and innocent on the outside but she was actually arrogant and unfair. Lin Feng didn’t like her at all.

“The problem is not about me being disappointed or not… it is actually close to what you said earlier, there are some things you cannot do unless you are ready to bear the responsibility for it and pay the price.”

“You are wrong.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head and then added: “Not only are you wrong but you are also extremely stupid. In the eyes of people like you, you think ordinary people like me are worthless. You can humiliate, bully and attack us while we are not allowed to strike back. Even if we don’t do or say anything, the situation is always the same, you bully us ordinary people. Attacking or not attacking, it’s all the same since the consequences are the same. The consequences are not that serious anyway. What should I have done then anyway? Escape after having been humiliated?”

“Could it be that…? Do you really think that you will be able to leave without paying the price for what you have done? The consequences, unlike what you’re saying, will be serious.”

“I know that there is a price to pay for such actions but I will not be the one to pay the price, I can guarantee that.” Lin Feng glanced at the young woman when he said that he wouldn’t be the one paying the price. He was talking extremely calmly which surprised everybody.

What Lin Feng meant was clear to everybody. If she kept provoking him, the young girl should first think about her own safety and escaping this place alive!

Even Qing Xin was surprised and was blankly staring at Lin Feng. Was he really only a sixteen year old boy? He was so cold, so mature…

“Are you threatening me!?” said the young woman who had understood what Lin Feng meant. The mark left by Lin Feng’s hand on her cheek still hadn’t disappeared.

“Oh, you are not as stupid as I thought… you understood that I was threatening you. Congratulations!” said Lin Feng sarcastically.
Lin Feng thought that the young woman was pathetic. She was walking around and acting like a warlord. She was probably doing that everywhere. Lin Feng thought that relying on the social status of one’s family was stupid if one wasn’t strong enough to protect their own life. If one met a madman, one would be in a critical situation regardless of social status. Not everyone was able to brave death, most people would rather cling to life which is why she had not been punished before. For some people though, dignity and honor were more important than life.

“Maybe when you know who she is, you will not be as calm and serene as now.” said Qing Xin. She wanted to scare Lin Feng. She wasn’t used to seeing such young people remain so calm and have so much self-control.

“Tell me.”

“Her family name is Duan.” said Qing Xin while fixedly staring at Lin Feng. She had the impression that Lin Feng was going to react even a little and give himself away.

At the same time, the young woman was staring at Lin Feng was well. She hoped that Lin Feng would be terrified and would kneel down.

Unfortunately for them, they were going to be disappointed again. Lin Feng’s expression eventually didn’t change and he still looked as cold and detached as before.

“A member of the Imperial Clan?” Lin Feng didn’t look scared at all. Instead, he had a big smile on his face. He then said: “I also have a friend whose family name is Duan. He’s sitting there at our table. Even though he is a member of the Imperial Clan, he is much more modest and amiable than her. He doesn’t take advantage of his power to bully other people. He has not weak so he doesn’t need to manifest authority to feel superior. He knows that acting that way would just be a humiliation for the Duan Clan.”

The young woman’s face suddenly changed. She had tried to humiliate Lin Feng again and in the end, she had been humiliated yet again.

Qing Xin was also puzzled. She looked at the people sitting at Lin Feng’s table. One person drew her attention. It was Meng Qing. Meng Qing was wearing a fine veil on her face so Qing Xin believed even more that Meng Qing was the member of the Duan Clan. Her posture and other small things made Meng Qing look very elegant and noble.

There was an aura of nobility which emerged out of Meng Qing which really made her look like a member of the Duan Clan. Qing Xin seemed less confident after having looked at Meng Qing.

Suddenly, Qing Xin turned around and looked at the second floor. On the second floor, there was a small room. She was the only one who could go there.

But at that moment, it seemed like there were people in that room.

“We have never seen them.”

It was a simple sentence but it made everyone feel frightened.

We have never seen them?”

Lin Feng had said that he had come with a friend whose family name was also Duan. A second after, a mysterious voice came from the room on the second floor had said that they hadn’t seen them. That was probably referring to Lin Feng’s sentence and these people had probably said that to refute what he had said.

“Seems like the rumors are true. Qing Xin is his wife.” whispered some people surprised.

It was surprising that Qing Xin had played the guqin for everybody. Usually, she only played for him.

When the young woman heard these words, the arrogant expression had disappeared from her face. That was him!

In front of him, she was nothing. She was too insignificant too mention. He was like the sun and she was just the candle light.

When Qing Xin heard that sentence. She slightly nodded. Since he had never seen them, then these people were not important.

“Do you have anything else to add?” asked Qing Xin while looking at Lin Feng in a cold and detached way as if she was waiting for Lin Feng to explain what he had said.

Lin Feng slightly shook his head.

Qing Xin said: “Since you are in my restaurant, I would like to “invite” you to leave now. Thank you.”

When she Qing Xin finished talking, she started playing music loudly as if she wanted people to forget about that story. At that moment, two people appeared, one was standing on her left and the other on her right. Lin Feng was still standing calm looking calm and suddenly an oppressive force crashed onto his body.

These two silhouettes belonged to the people who had been talking in the room on the second floor.

“Extremely strong. I do not want to get involved in a fight with them.” Lin Feng could feel how strong these people were. He then looked in the direction of the second floor and suddenly thought that the people he encountered could be the people that Duan Feng had told him about.

Lin Feng was only trying to guess. Could it be that these people were friends with the cruel and evil crown prince? Or with the warm and friendly second prince?

“Who is annoying my daughter?”

At that moment, a strong and loud voice spread through the atmosphere. It was coming from the room on the second floor. A silhouette then appeared and came down the stairs from the second to the first floor. That person looked incredibly imposing. He was only standing there and people could already feel oppressed by the Qi emerging from his body.

It was a middle-aged man. Qing Xin nodded and he then immediately looked at the two people standing next to her. They slightly moved their head and then stopped. For a moment, it seemed like nothing had ever happened.

“Daddyyyy!” said the arrogant young woman. She wanted to walk towards him but realized that she couldn’t. A strong and cold Qi was enveloping her body and she was couldn’t move at all. It seemed like if she tried to resist, she could die at any moment.

“How audacious!” said the middle-aged man walking towards Lin Feng, while releasing some oppressive Qi.

At that moment, the entire restaurant was filled with an oppressive Qi. Some of the people were ready to collapse because of that extremely strong Qi and many were trying to move farther away.

Lin Feng’s body was being more and more oppressed with each passing second. He had the feeling his bones were going to crack. He had the feeling that he was carrying an object of several tons on his back.

“Do you regret now?” said Qing Xin cold and detached. She hoped to see Lin Feng express negative emotions and feelings such as fear or resentment.

“There are some things, when you do them, you never regret them.” said Lin Feng while smiling unperturbedly. He sometimes looked and sounded like a noble hero.

“Being drunk, singing, talking loudly etc… all of these are humane things to do. But human beings need dignity, otherwise life is useless.”

There were some things which had to be done even if they were wrong.

“Even if you regret, I will not give you any chance.” said the middle-aged man when he saw the mark on his daughter’s cheek. More strong and oppressive Qi emerged from his body and moved straight to Lin Feng.

“Getting drunk, singing and talking loudly, etc.” whispered Meng Qing repeating Lin Feng’s words. She looked perplex.

Meng Qing stood up and went towards Lin Feng. She then stayed behind him. She was looking at all these people attacking and oppressing Lin Feng’s body at the same time. A light flashed in her eyes.

“So many people attacking a single person, is that a normal thing for you people to do?” said Meng Qing slowly. In the blink of an eye, she moved at the speed of light and appeared in front Lin Feng in one step.

At that moment, an incredibly and astonishing energy invaded the atmosphere and made everything and everyone in the restaurant freeze. People’s hearts were pounding. They were terrified and frozen in terror.

“Everybody else, get lost.”

The atmosphere was getting colder and colder. People were shaking from head to toe in fear.

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