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PMG Chapter 1082: Cruel Methods

PMG Chapter 1082: Cruel Methods

There were waves of desolate Qi in the Huang Sea. This time, he wasn’t affected by the desolate Qi though. He wasn’t scared at all.

Now, he could bathe in the Huang Sea like most of the strong cultivators. As long as his holy celestial Qi was strong enough, he could absorb as much desolate Qi as he wished.

Lin Feng didn’t choose to use the Yang Clan’s boat immediately because if he met strong cultivators in the middle of the sea, it could be dangerous. He should only use it in case of danger. There were many boats going to the Island of the Nine Dragons at that time. That proved that it was a popular destination, especially for strong cultivators.

Lin Feng decided to take a beautiful boat which could accommodate up to 1,000 people.

Lin Feng was lucky this time, there were many people on the boat so they could leave almost immediately.

The boat left, surrounded by abstruse energies. Desolate Qi was rolling in waves.

“Wait!” shouted someone at that moment. The crowd was surprised. There were two old men, two Zun cultivators.

“Open the abstruse energy curtain, we’ll give you twice as much in abstruse crystals.” said the old men. The captain nodded, he didn’t want to offend them, “Everybody, please resist the desolate Qi for a second.”

Nobody refused. The desolate Qi couldn’t affect them if it was only for a second.

The captain opened the protective curtain. Everybody continued talking. Everybody was talking about Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s recruitment process and about the conflict between them and Tian Long Divine Castle.

“A month has passed since the graduation ceremony. I wonder how strong the new imperial cultivation disciples have become.” said someone.

“Hehe, right. Especially the disciples from the rich and prestigious families of the northern part of Ba Huang Province. I wouldn’t have thought that Xuan Yuan would be eliminated though. What a tragedy. The Great Ape Emperor’s grandson chased him..”

“Hehe, you don’t understand. Xuan Yuan is lucky enough. Yuan Fei is insane. Even Hou Qing Lin respects him. He’s lucky to be alive. The worst has been for the Yang Clan. The siblings haven’t become imperial cultivation disciples because Lin Feng eliminated them. How humiliating. Everybody will make fun of them now.”

“Shush!” said someone to them. Maybe there were some members of the Yang Clan on the boat. They sensed some cold Qi.

“What are you afraid of? The Yang Clan has their own boats, they wouldn’t be here. Xuan Yuan hasn’t ranked first so he couldn’t ask for the girl’s hand. What a pity for him. Yang Zi Ye is good looking and her blood is good. If I could have sex with her, even I’d be happy.” said that person laughing loudly. Everybody started laughing loudly too. Many men thought about that, but nobody dared say it out loud.

Lin Feng frowned. The two old men looked furious, even before everybody started laughing loudly.

“Yang Clan’s members?” thought Lin Feng suddenly. The two old men looked furious.

“There are idiots everywhere, but not every idiot dares act recklessly.” said someone coldly, suddenly interrupting all the laughter. They looked at the old men, they wanted to attack, but didn’t dare. They couldn’t see how strong those two old men were so they couldn’t act recklessly.

“How come you shut up now? Continue talking!” said the other old man coldly. He was furious but didn’t attack.

“Mister, are you from the Yang Clan?” asked someone.

The two old men didn’t reply, they just looked at the crowd coldly. People started feeling uncomfortable.

“They are wasting time on purpose.” thought Lin Feng. He looked at the captain and said using telepathy, “Mister, if anything happens, open the curtain, otherwise, we will all die here.”

The captain looked at Lin Feng and frowned. He said to him, using telepathy, “What do you mean?”

“Those two old men are from the Yang Clan and came here because of me, they want to kill me. Therefore, they’re waiting for us to be far away in the middle of the Huang Sea. They don’t want other people to know about my death so they will kill everyone.” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng sounded honest so the captain believed him. They would have killed him before otherwise.

“Bzzz!” the boat suddenly stopped. The crowd was surprised.

“What’s going on?”

“Why did we stop?” the crowd was wondering.

“We have a problem with the boat. Sorry, I’ll give everyone half of their abstruse crystals back.” said the captain smiling.

However, at that moment, a cold energy invaded the boat.

“Continue now!” said one of the old men furiously. The captain believed Lin Feng even more.

“Open the curtain, I’m off. They will chase me. They won’t kill you.” said Lin Feng using telepathy.


When the captain heard Lin Feng, he immediately opened the curtain. The two old men were surprised.

“How insolent!” shouted one of the old men furiously.

At the same time, Lin Feng rose up in the air and a boat appeared.

“I’m going to chase him. You stay here and kill all of them!” said the other old man and immediately started chasing Lin Feng. He had a boat too so both of them moved at top speeds.

At the same time, blood appeared on the big boat.

Lin Feng was furious. How cruel. The Yang Clan was too cruel. They were going to kill everyone. Nobody would ever know how those people died. Nobody knew how people died in the Huang Sea after all.

Lin Feng had anticipated that kind of situation.

“Yang Zi Lan, Yang Zi Ye, I’ll kill you!” shouted Lin Feng in an furiously. Since the Yang Clan kept chasing him, he wouldn’t spare them.

“Stop now. Do you think you’re going to live?” said the old man coldly. He was getting even closer to Lin Feng.

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