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PMG Chapter 1083: Killing a Zun cultivator

PMG Chapter 1083: Killing a Zun cultivator
Lin Feng couldn’t die in the middle of the Huang Sea, it was only other places where he would be worried.

For Lin Feng, being in the middle of the Huang Sea was good. For the old man, chasing Lin Feng in the middle of the Huang Sea was the worst decision he could have made.

Lin Feng didn’t stop and continued flying. His opponent wanted to kill him far from everything else? That’s fine, Lin Feng could go even farther.

“We’ll see if you cry when you’re in your coffin!” said the old man when he saw Lin Feng continued moving. He said coldly, “You can’t imagine how many options there are in the world. You chose the wrong path.”

A flag appeared in his hand. It contained holy marks and restriction strength.

“Stop!” shouted the old man taking out the flag. In a flash, the flag appeared next to Lin Feng’s boat.

“Bzzz… bzzz…..”

The flag twinkled as there was a strange strength inside. Lin Feng couldn’t get any further away.

“You’re stuck in an empty space now!” said the old man staring at Lin Feng coldly.

“A holy weapon!” said Lin Feng coldly. That was a holy weapon, that’s why it could seal the boat.

“The Yang Clan is so majestic.” Lin Feng slowly turned around and stared at the old man: “Two strong Zun cultivators after me, holy weapons, incredible! You really think I’m that strong?”

They even wanted to kill everyone on the big boat because they didn’t want Tiantai knowing they killed Lin Feng. They had thought everything through on how to kill Lin Feng.

“I told you, you understand nothing. You might be gifted, but you’re going to die.” said the old man with a cold smile. To him, Lin Feng was already dead.

“Apart from Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye, aren’t there other people who participated?” asked Lin Feng.

“No need to talk to you anymore. You’re going to die after all. You humiliated Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye, but the worst part is you prevented Xuan Yuan Shi from becoming an imperial cultivation disciple. You ruined the Yang Clan and the Xuan Yuan Clan’s plans. Do you think that the Yang Clan will let you off?” said the old man. The Yang Clan and the Xuan Yuan Clan wanted to join hands and become stronger, but Lin Feng had ruined their plans.

“I see.” said Lin Feng smiling. It was an honest smile, “Unfortunately, you won’t kill me.”

Demonic Qi appeared. He was in great danger so he had no choice but to unsheathe his demonic sword!

“Eh?” the old man frowned. He looked at the demon sword and was surprised.

“Demon seal stone!”

“Demon holy weapon!” the old man was surprised. Demon clouds rose up in the air and desolate Qi dashed to the skies.

“You have such a great weapon, I’ll take it from you when you die.” said the old man. He looked greedy. Lin Feng had to use his demon sword with his demon seal stones. Otherwise, the demon sword would have polluted his soul. If the old man had such a sword, he would…

“Little boy, you can’t control that sword. I’ll take it from you instead.” said the old man throwing himself at Lin Feng. In a flash, a terrifying energy moved towards Lin Feng’s demon sword. The old man wanted to take it right away.

“Million sword fusion.” said Lin Feng. Waves of demon and sword energies rolled in the air. It also contained the force of the Earth and sky.

“A terrifying holy weapon. I’ll take that sword because you can’t use it.” repeated the old man. He really wanted it. Many hands appeared in the atmosphere and moved towards the sword.

The hands broke apart as they approached the sword and turned into demon clouds.

“Stop!” shouted the old man furiously which made Lin Feng shake from head to foot. When a Zun cultivator shouted, he could barely stand straight. His blood started boiling. If it had been before, he would have died instantly. Now, his blood was a lot stronger.

At the same time, demon strength flowed in his arms. The sealing strength was about to break. Lin Feng had already fought against a Zun Qi layer in the past, but that one was a lot stronger. He had probably broken through to the third or fourth Zun Qi layer.

Lin Feng shook his hand and his demonic sword streaked across the sky, he condensed terrifying sword energies.

“Holy sword marks, ridiculous!” said the old man mockingly. A shadow appeared in front of him. It looked like a battle drum.

“Dong!” a sound spread in the air as Lin Feng shook violently.

Lin Feng’s sword moved forwards and so did the battle drum. Its sound moved towards Lin Feng in the form of sound waves and oppressed him.

“I can’t win.” thought Lin Feng. His cultivation level was way too low. Even with the demon sword, he couldn’t do much. That kind of cultivator could kill him from thousands of kilometers away.

Lin Feng held his sword as more demoniac clouds appeared.

“It seems like Zi Lan underestimated you. You’re not weak!” said the Zun level cultivator when he saw how strong Lin Feng’s blood was.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He held his sword with two hands and attacked his opponent.

“Do you think you can do anything against me?”

His drum resonated. A terrifying strength moved towards Lin Feng. His demonic energies crackled, broke and turned into ashes as that terrifying strength crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. He coughed up blood and flew away.


Lin Feng crashed into the water. Concerning the demon sword, it was in the sky, floating calmly.

“A futile cultivator of the Tian Qi layer offended the Yang Clan, did he think he could survive? Demon holy weapon, you’re mine.”

Lin Feng had only broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer, he couldn’t survive in the Huang Sea. Even the Zun cultivator didn’t dare.

“From now on, I’m your master.” said the old man stretching his hand towards the sword. He was smiling in a resplendent way.

Lin Feng was dead, the sword didn’t have a master anymore so he could take it.

“Slash!” However, at that moment, a terrifying strength pierced through his skin.

“Boom!” The demon sword had surprisingly attacked him, and suddenly at that. It had pierced through his heart. He looked petrified. Demonic Qi flowed throughout his body and it felt cold.

His eyes looked ice-cold as Lin Feng’s reappeared and came out of the Huang Sea.

Lin Feng wasn’t dead!

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