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PMG Chapter 1084: Enchanting Girl

PMG Chapter 1084: Enchanting Girl
How’s that possible? How?” the Zun cultivator sensed the demon energies attacking him from the inside. A cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer could bathe in the Huang Sea and didn’t fear the desolate Qi. His face turned deathly pale.

“Die!” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. The desolate Qi was corroding his opponent’s body.

“Argh! Why?” shouted the Zun cultivator furiously. Lin Feng suddenly sensed a terrifying energy attacking him which caused his blood to boil.

He coughed up blood and was propelled back into the Huang Sea. The Zun cultivator could make his blood boil. Even with the desolate Qi, the Zun cultivator was injured and didn’t die.

However, he was injured. He had an internal hemorrhage because the sword attack had been too sudden.

The Zun cultivator was also coughing blood. He was still holding the demon sword as he slowly raised it.


Another strength came out of the Huang Sea andd it was dazzling. The Zun cultivator wanted to avoid the attack but his injuries were too serious. He couldn’t avoid the dazzling sword which pierced through his sword. His eyes were wide open.

“A holy weapon!”

Another holy weapon! The old man was astonished. How could Lin Feng have so many holy weapons? His plan was ruined. He had brought Lin Feng to the middle of the Huang Sea, but Lin Feng didn’t fear the desolate Qi. Besides, he had a few holy weapons himself.

“I’ll tell you why.” said Lin Feng. He opened his third eye and released desolate Qi.

“Desolate Qi, how!” the old man was speechless. He couldn’t understand how Lin Feng could use desolate Qi. Even the old man could die in desolate Qi.

Huge waves of desolate Qi rolled and buried him.

“No!” shouted the old man unwilling to die. His voice faded as he drowned. He had broken through to the fourth Zun Qi layer, so dying against a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer was a tragedy. But, he had no say.


A huge wave rolled and crashed onto Lin Feng again making him cough up blood again.

He put his Tian Ji Sword away and used a demon seal stone to seal the demon sword again. He could almost control the demon sword now.

“Cough, cough, that was close.” thought Lin Feng coughing again. He felt dizzy as took the flag and smiled. He could use their holy weapons, he was injured, but it was worth it. Each battle made him progress. He would remember the Yang Clan. They sent two Zun cultivators to assassinate him.

Lin Feng would take all their boats if he could. That made him smile.

After that, Lin Feng sent back onto his own boat and lied down inside. His face was still deathly pale. He had killed a Zun cultivator!

After Lin Feng left, the other Zun cultivator arrived where he had fought. He had killed everyone on the big boat. Then, he had sensed the Qi and flew over. There was only a weak Qi left though. The desolate Qi of the Huang Sea could absorb all Qi.

“They must have fought here, but where are they now?” thought the old man frowning. His fellow was as strong as him, he had probably killed Lin Feng but where was he now? He didn’t understand.

“Did he go back to the Yang Clan to say that we accomplished our mission?” thought the old man angrily. That was the only possibility he could figure. He turned around and got ready to head back to the Yang Clan.

The Island of the Nine Dragons had a thousand year history. According to legends, the leader of the island was cruel and bloodthirsty. It was an emperor who had opened the Huang Sea and settled there. Many people decided to follow him and obeyed him. There was nothing he didn’t dare do. He was always hunting for treasures in the Huang Sea.

The Island of the Nine Dragons had become even stronger. Then, they had started trading stolen items. They became richer and richer. Now, they had become a real city in the middle of the Huang Sea. The Huang Sea was their territory and they could do anything there.

Apart from a few terrifyingly powerful cultivators, they dared to attack anyone. Last time, they dared attack Yang Zi Ye, for them it was beneficial. If the son of the leader of the Island of the Nine Dragons could have sex with her, he would become a lot stronger.

Around their territory, there were nine gigantic dragon statues and those were their boats. They could accommodate up to ten thousand people on each of those boats.

A young man approached them on a singular boat. He had an imposing appearance and his Qi was extraordinary. That was Xuan Yuan.

Behind Xuan Yuan, there was a young man and a young woman. If Lin Feng saw that, he would kill them right there and right then. The young man and the young girl with Xuan Yuan were Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye.

Even though Xuan Yuan didn’t become an imperial cultivation disciple and hadn’t proved he was strong enough to ask for Yang Zi Ye’s hand, he still hoped his clan and their clan would be able to join hands. There were strong cultivators from the Yang Clan with them as well. Last time, the pirates had almost killed Yang Zi Ye, they wouldn’t forget that this time.

There was also a young man with a sharp Qi. His clothes were purple. If Lin Feng saw him, he would think his Qi was similar to Xuan Yuan’s.

There was a girl in black clothes who looked like a celestial being. She definitely looked arousing. Her long black hair was fluttering in the wind and her eyes were dazzling. Unfortunately, she was surrounded by a strange energy and people couldn’t see her clearly even though many were trying.

Behind that hot girl, there was a young man in black clothes. If Lin Feng and Qiong Qi saw him, they would be surprised. It was the cultivator in black clothes they had seen in the dragon palace, the beast. He was protecting that hot girl!

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