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PMG Chapter 1085: Desolate Stone

PMG Chapter 1085: Desolate Stone
At that moment, a boat streaked across the sky and everybody was staring at it.

“That’s my boat!” said Yang Zi Ye.

Xuan Yuan and Yang Zi Lan were surprised and looked at that boat screaming, “Lin Feng!”

“Lin Feng?” repeated the others. Lin Feng had already become famous in the north part of Ba Huang because he had climbed up nine groups of steps and he had ranked first at Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s recruitment process.

Other people were surprised when they saw the boat as well. Not many people could fabricate such boats. Were those people from the Yang Clan?

If there was an old person in it, they couldn’t do anything. If it was a young person, why not steal it? Pirates liked to steal.

Lin Feng knew that using that boat was risky because he wasn’t strong enough. The pirates could steal the boat from him etc. And he couldn’t put on a mask. At least, he had already recovered.

His boat disappeared and Lin Feng jumped onto the Island of the Nine Dragons. People saw him for he had nothing to hide anymore.

“How young and he dared come here. Besides, he doesn’t fear desolate Qi.” thought the crowd when they saw him put his boat away even though he hadn’t even arrived yet. If they had seen Lin Feng in the middle of the sea, they would have attacked him.

“Lin Feng!” shouted a voice furiously. It was Xuan Yuan and he wanted to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had asked Yuan Fei to ruin Xuan Yuan’s exam. He hated Lin Feng even more for that.

“Die!” Xuan Yuan sounded furious. He immediately threw himself at Lin Feng, punching the air and emitting buzzing sounds.

“Can you kill me?” asked Lin Feng coldly. He didn’t talk much and didn’t run away either. Actually, he moved forwards. Dazzling lights invaded the atmosphere. Sword energies and star lights appeared as Xuan Yuan’s punch was immediately destroyed and the sword energies instantly oppressed him.

“A holy weapon!” the crowd was incredulous. That guy had holy weapons!

Xuan Yuan punched the air in Lin Feng’s direction a few times, but all his punches were destroyed. Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword contained star energies.

“Million sword fusion, die!”

Lin Feng attacked Xuan Yuan with his sword again. Xuan Yuan moved backwards quickly and punched the stars, but his punches were destroyed as well. He continued running farther away. Lin Feng’s sword crashed onto the ground and a gigantic crater appeared.

“You want to kill me, but can you? You only have a little bit of imperial Qi and think you’re emperor!” said Lin Feng disdainfully.

Xuan Yuan looked at him and said coldly, “If you didn’t have a holy weapon, I would have killed you already.”

“If? Ridiculous. In the illusion, during the exam, I killed you once already. If we were of the same cultivation level, I would kill you again.” said Lin Feng glancing at Xuan Yuan coldly. He then glanced at Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye who were coming too. But, when he saw the Zun cultivators behind them, he understood he wouldn’t be able to kill them this time.

“You’re not dead!” said Yang Zi Ye. She looked surprised.

Lin Feng smiled in a resplendent yet strange way. “The young disciples of the Yang Clan are really weak. Now that you don’t have boats anymore, you need elders to protect you. Especially you Yang Zi Ye, you’re beautiful and have a strong blood, something could happen to you easily if you come out alone at night.”

Lin Feng was threatening them. A cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer was threatening them in front of everybody.

Many people looked at them. Yang Zi Ye was furious and embarrassed. She understood what Lin Feng was doing. He was making fun of her. She had almost gotten raped last time so now the elders had to protect her so that nobody could think about raping her.

“Lin Feng ranked first at Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi’s recruitment process. How strong.” the crowd was happy to see Lin Feng, they had heard of him already and how he despised the Yang Clan.

However, in public, many people feared the Yang Clan. Lin Feng was acting as arrogantly as Xuan Yuan though. The crowd didn’t know that the Yang Clan had already sent people to kill Lin Feng in secret.

At that moment, the girl in the black clothes arrived too. The one in black clothes behind her said, “Princess, that’s Lin Feng, he ranked first at the recruitment process of the two emperors. I’ve seen him in the dragon palace. He’s not afraid of desolate Qi. I believe he found some treasures in the dragon palace even.”

The girl looked calm and detached, but men were easily aroused when they looked at her.

The princess nodded and disappeared. Many people were surprised, they didn’t feel like leaving themselves.

Lin Feng smiled and looked at Xuan Yuan and the Yang siblings. He looked like he wanted to make fun of them even more, which infuriated them. A cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer dared make fun of them. Xuan Yuan was particularly pissed off. He was so confident in himself. Even some Zun cultivators showed him respect. Lin Feng was the first person he had ever met who had a lower cultivation level than him and despised him.

“Xuan Yuan, brother, if we’re lucky, we can get a holy weapon. You’re so strong that you can easily kill him.” said Yang Zi Lan.

“I’ll definitely kill him.” said Xuan Yuan looking heroic.

“Don’t worry, we brought enough abstruse crystals, think about the desolate stone too.” said Yang Zi Lan coldly looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng ignored Xuan Yuan and went to the center of the Island of the Nine Dragons. He needed to find the man he had met last time. He would ask him about You You. He couldn’t find his friends relying solely on his own strength.

The Island of the Nine Dragons didn’t look like it was in the middle of the Huang Sea. It looked like a big city. There were even more people there than in Tianjing City. There were many strong cultivators too. He hard some people talking and it seemed like something was going to happen with a desolate stone.

There were many treasures in the Huang Sea, including desolate stones, like the stone Yuan Fei had found last time.

Many people from the Island of the Nine Dragons had gone to hunt such desolate stones.

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