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PMG Chapter 1086: Different

PMG Chapter 1086: Different

Servants were looking for desolate stones, but it was very dangerous because those stones were hidden in the depths of the sea.

Lin Feng arrived in the center of the Island of the Nine Dragons and went towards the place where the leader lived.

It was a vast city where dragons were worshipped. Dragon statues, carvings and so on were everywhere in the city. There was also a gigantic dragon palace with nine dragon fortresses.

According to legends, each dragon fortress had different usages. Besides, the central one was the one where the leader of the island lived.

Lin Feng took out his amulet of the eight dragon chants and moved towards that palace. It was beautiful, resplendent, magnificent and lofty. It felt good to be near that fortress.

There was a calm and peaceful pavilion where a protector was waiting for Lin Feng. He was very polite. After all, Lin Feng had the amulet of the eight dragon chants.

A few people arrived who were wearing fine clothes with dragon ornaments. There was a pale young man who looked cold and detached from the world.

“Welcome, little brother.” At that moment, the middle-aged man from last time saw Lin Feng and welcomed him. Lin Feng understood that that guy probably had a very high status on the Island of the Nine Dragons.

“Thank you, I hope I’m not disturbing.” replied Lin Feng. Lin Feng understood that those people respected him because he had ranked first in Tiantai. He was a capable young man.

“Little brother, you’re a guest here, don’t be so polite. Be my guest, please have a sit.” said the middle-aged man very politely.

“You’re too kind, Mister.” said Lin Feng politely. The other young man sat down and said to Lin Feng, “You’re Lin Feng from Tiantai?”

“Indeed, I am Lin Feng.” replied Lin Feng nodding and asked about the young man, “Who’s that?”

The young man didn’t reply, but the middle-aged replied smiling, “That’s Gu Qiu Yun, my nephew.”

“Gu Qiu Yun, brother, nice to meet you.” said Lin Feng smiling and nodding. He had come because he had something to ask so he had to be very polite.

The young man nodded at Lin Feng, he looked expressionless as if he didn’t really care about Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t care either. He said to the middle-aged man, “Mister, I will be straightforward, I came here because I want to ask you something.”

“You can ask me anything, little brother, if I can help you, I will.” replied the middle-aged man politely.

“You probably remember last time what happened to Yang Zi Ye.” said Lin Feng. The young man suddenly looked at Lin Feng in a cold way and said, “You came here for her?”

“Be polite!” shouted the middle-aged man in a cold way. He then smiled and said, “I remember, of course. Why do you ask? You’re not friends with her right?”

“Of course not, we’re enemies. However, on the boat where we were, there were some of my friends. I am looking for them.” said Lin Feng. He could only be straightforward and honest if he wanted to find them.

The middle-aged man remained silent for a few seconds and looked at the young man frowning.

“Many people came indeed, but I don’t know who your friends are. Who are they?”

“A girl who has a cold Qi and she’s very beautiful. And three other young men, they’re all quite strong. One of them has imperial Qi, another one looks free and unrestrained and is honest and straightforward, the last one is handsome, white skin and is quite knowledgeable.” replied Lin Feng describing You You, Jun Mo Xi, Huang Fu Long and Yun Fei Yang.

The middle-aged man remained silent, he was thinking and then he replied, “Little brother, wait for me. I’ll ask some people to find them. I don’t know where they are either.”

“Thank you for your help, Mister.” said Lin Feng. He was wondering if Gu Qiu Yun knew something or not, but he couldn’t say anything.

“Qiu Yun, please stay with Lin Feng. You’re both talented young men.” said the middle-aged as he left.

Gu Qiu Yun looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “The girl you’re talking about is called You You.”

“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised. As expected, he knew about his friends.

“Indeed, do you know where she is, brother?” asked Lin Feng.

Gu Qiu Yun smiled and shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Lin Feng looked skeptical as he asked, “How do you know her name is You You then?”

“She’s very beautiful and I like beautiful girls. Therefore, I noticed her and heard one of her friends call her that, so I remembered her name.” replied Gu Qiu Yun playing with his hands. He was smiling.

“No wonder. You don’t know where she is though?” asked Lin Feng again. He felt uncomfortable.

“I told you I don’t, don’t you believe me?” asked Gu Qiu Yun. He raised his head, then lowered it again and smiled at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and said: “I believe you, of course.”

At that moment, the middle-aged man came back with another man. Lin Feng had already seen him. It was one of the Zun cultivators who had attacked the boat. He remembered Lin Feng and he looked at him in a cold way. Lin Feng had rescued the crowd using his empty space illusion and had then escaped diving into the Huang Sea. Therefore, he remembered Lin Feng clearly.

“You survived in the Huang Sea.” said the Zun cultivator. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng as if he had wanted to know his secret, how he had survived in the Huang Sea exactly.

“Little brother, he captured everyone last time, you can ask him.”

Lin Feng looked at him and when he was about to talk, the man spoke first, “Your friends left the Island of the Nine Dragons. I didn’t hurt them. They went to Ba Huang Province.”

Lin Feng remained silent, but was angry. First Gu Qiu Yun and now that old man. He understood that he would learn nothing there.

If You You and the others had really left, they would have applied to become imperial cultivation disciples. Even if they had missed the recruitment process, they would have gone to Tiantai to find Lin Feng. They were lying.

“I see, thank you. I’m off now.” said Lin Feng standing up and waving at the middle-aged man.

“Why are you so impatient? We’re about to have a banquet, don’t you want to join us?” said Gu Qiu Yun smiling. Lin Feng looked around. There were many people, some of them were incredibly strong. They all had stones in their hands which seemed like they weighed a thousand kilos.

“Desolate stones!” All those stones were black and contained desolate Qi. The sun’s reflection on those stones looked strange. The shapes of those stones were all different as well as the energies inside too. In any case, they were all gigantic seemed like they contained incredible secrets.

“They’re all incredible desolate stones, do they really contain incredible secrets?” Lin Feng was surprised. He didn’t leave immediately. He was worried about You You and the others, but leaving now was useless. He maybe had some chances to find hints on their whereabouts on the island too.

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