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PMG Chapter 1087: Emperor’s Corporeal Body

PMG Chapter 1087: Emperor’s Corporeal Body
Many people moved towards a wide public square. There were many Zun and Tian level cultivators.

Lin Feng saw Xuan Yuan, Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye in the crowd. They had all come because of the desolate stones.

The crowd was looking at the stones enviously. The pirates of the Island of the Nine Dragons had said they wanted to sell desolate stones.

There were many treasures in the Huang Sea, desolate stones were one sort of treasures which could be found in the depths of the sea. Each time they sold desolate stones, they could get incredible treasures in return. Therefore, they usually called extremely strong cultivators.

They could exchange desolate stones for incredible treasures. Usually, only Zun level cultivators and people from rich families had incredible treasures.

“Nine stones. This time, the Island of the Nine Dragons is selling nine stones and one of them is very strange, it contains a human form.” the crowd was looking at those stones and especially a particular one. The Huang Sea used to be a battlefield thousands of years ago, there were many corpses in the depths of the Huang Sea, including the corpses of very strong cultivators.

There were even emperors’ corpses in the depths of the Huang Sea, if a stone contained the corpse of an emperor, it could help cultivators a lot.

Those stones could be used to fabricate weapons, pills or even to improve one’s cultivation. In any case, they were very useful.

Many people were talking and Lin Feng learnt many things. He didn’t know that emperors’ corpses could have so many uses. Lin Feng had the corpse of an emperor, but it was different.

“I have the Jade Emperor’s corpse as well as many of his treasures but I’ve never used them. I need to cherish them.” thought Lin Feng. How could he forget he had such a treasure already?

Maybe he could go inside with Qiong Qi. Qiong Qi knew lots of things.

At that moment, the middle-aged man with the talisman walked to the center and said to the crowd, “We made great efforts to find and take out those nine stones from the depths of the Huang Sea. They contain incredible treasures and secrets. Of course, they are expensive. The first items we will sell is a turtle fossil, the initial price is 500 abstruse crystals.”

“500 abstruse crystals, how expensive!” thought the crowd. Nobody knew what those stones could contain, but nobody could open them before buying them. It was like gambling. If it contained precious treasures, it was worth it, but those stones could contain nothing just as well.

“550 abstruse crystals.” shouted someone. It was a young man man. He was probably from a rich family.


“600!” said the young man.

In the end, someone got it for 800 abstruse crystals. It was already very expensive, especially seeing how it might contain nothing.

“Break it and look inside.” said the middle-aged man smiling.

“Why not?” said the young man smiling. He was curious too. Even though the Island of the Nine Dragons was inhabited by pirates, it was safe during auctions. Otherwise, nobody would come.

The middle-aged man turned around, a light appeared in his hand as he broke the stone in two. A blue color appeared as well as some marks inside.

“Don’t tell me he could make a holy sword with that?” thought the crowd. There was something inside, it immediately rose up in the air.

“It’s living!” the crowd was astonished. There was something alive in the first stone.

“Where are you going?” shouted the middle-aged man furiously as he released some strength to capture the living creature. He then grabbed it with his hand.

“A Xuan level turtle. It contains a turtle!” the crowd was incredulous. A Xuan level turtle!

“That turtle has been living in the Huang Sea for a very long time. It must be very very strong. Its shell seems incredibly solid. He can use it to fabricate a shield. The turtle could also increase his life expectancy.”

“That little boy is lucky. That kind of turtle is priceless.”

The crowd was envious. The first stone was great.

The young man looked extremely happy and smiled. A Zun cultivator behind him took it.

“I’d like to buy it for 2,000 abstruse crystals, do you accept?” asked a Zun cultivator. It could increase his life expectancy, how great would that be?

“Sorry, it’s not enough.” said the young man smiling indifferently. The Zun cultivator didn’t say anything. He was thinking. He knew that 2,000 was too low, but that’s all he had. He should have bid higher.

“Hehe, the next stone starts at 1,000 abstruse crystals!” said the middle-aged man.

“How expensive.” thought the crowd. The stone looked ordinary. He was increasing the price because the first buyer had been lucky.

“All those stones were taken from the same place so maybe they all had treasures.” said the middle-aged man trying to convince the crowd.

A Zun cultivator proposed 2,000 for it, but there was nothing inside. The crowd was astonished. How sad. The man had wasted 2,000 abstruse crystals.

But there was no way to know what there was inside those stones. It was a gamble.

Lin Feng was wondering if he should go to the Huang Sea as well to get some stones and sell them. That was a very profitable business.

He could easily get some stones, since he didn’t fear the desolate Qi of the Huang Sea.

The next stones were all sold for a high price, but each of them contained nothing. The buyers were very disappointed. There were only three stones left.

“3,000 for this one.” The middle-aged man didn’t say much about the stone. There was a human shape inside. People were already captivated by that stone. He didn’t need to take efforts to convince the crowd.

“3,500!” said Yang Zi Lan. Lin Feng was surprised.

“Isn’t that Yang Zi Lan? His sister was captured by the pirates and they still dared come here.” thought several people in the crowd. However, they didn’t dare say anything out loud.

“He’s daring.” they thoughT.

Some people bid higher, but in the end, Yang Zi Lan got it for 8,000 abstruse crystals. It was a very high price, but for Yang Zi Lan, that kind of stone was precious. He needed the corpse inside to make his blood stronger. Coupled with his particular blood, he would become much, much stronger.

“Open it.” said Yang Zi Lan after giving the abstruse crystals.

“Alright.” the middle-aged man nodded and broke the stone into two.

“There’s hair, there’s hair!” the crowd was astonished. The corpse was perfectly fossilized and wasn’t rotten at all.

The middle-aged man continued breaking the stone. Maybe it wasn’t a mere fossil, maybe it was a perfectly conserved body.

“The skin is still there too, it has flesh too!” the crowd was astonished. How could a corpse not rot in the Huang Sea?

It might be the corpse of an emperor!

It was in perfect condition.

Yang Zi Lan looked nervous, his heart was racing. He felt extremely lucky this time.

Many people would want to steal it.

“Hair, eyes, nose, there’s everything!” the crowd was astonished.

Lin Feng suddenly stood up, he was astonished too. Dazzling lights suddenly appeared through the stone.

It wasn’t a corpse, it was an actual person!

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