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PMG Chapter 1088: Ancient Ruins

PMG Chapter 1088: Ancient Ruins
“How’s that possible? Someone was living inside a stone?” the crowd shivered. How was that possible?
“Boom boom!” the stone broke, the person’s hair was fluttering in the wind as he glanced at the crowd coldly.
“He’s alive!” The person directly ran to Gu Qiu Yun who was inside the pavilion.
“You’re still alive!” said Gu Qiu Yun. How was that possible? He had buried that person himself.
“Huang Fu Long!” Lin Feng was astonished. That person was Huang Fu Long!
Huang Fu Long saw Lin Feng, but just glanced at him as if he didn’t know him.
“Lin Feng, when we were captured, he buried us in the sea, just act as if we didn’t know each other.” said Huang Fu Long to Lin Feng using telepathy. Huang Fu Long knew how strong the pirates were, he didn’t want Lin Feng to get involved.
“Die!” shouted Huang Fu Long furiously. Dragon Qi dashed to the skies and a gigantic dragon ax roared furiously.
Gu Qiu Yun moved backwards. What was going on? Huang Fu Long had become so strong. He should have died instead.
“Try and dare!” shouted an old man who appeared behind Gu Qiu Yun and blocked Huang Fu Long’s axe.
“Boom boom!”
Dragon Qi dashed to the skies. The old man behind Gu Qiu Yun punched the dragon energies again and broke them.
Huang Fu Long rose up in the air and tried to run away.
“You think you can leave!” many people rose up in the air to chase him. Yang Zi Lan told the strong cultivators who were with him, “You capture him!”
He couldn’t have spent so many crystals for nothing. He had to get that dragon axe.
Huang Fu Long turned around and released another dragon axe attack. The dragon looked furious as it threw itself at Huang Fu Long’s opponent.
“How strong. What happened to him in the Huang Sea?” thought Lin Feng. Huang Fu Long had become very strong, at least a lot stronger than before.
However, many strong cultivators were attacking Huang Fu Long and they were all Zun cultivators. Even Huang Fu Long couldn’t do much against them.
Lin Feng looked at Gu Qiu Yun coldly.
“What’s wrong?” said Gu Qiu Yun as he released energies at Lin Feng.
“I’ll kill you.” Lin Feng rose up in the air and jumped into his boat, then he moved towards Huang Fu Long.
“Kill him, together!” said Gu Qiu Yun coldly. He was scared of Lin Feng, a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer.
Lin Feng arrived in front of Huang Fu Long and shouted, “Come aboard!”
Huang Fu Long jumped onto the boat and they moved away.
“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng attacking the people who were blocking their way with his Tian Ji Sword. His boat was extremely fast.
“Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique!” said Lin Feng. A snowy tunnel appeared. The strong cultivators behind attacked his illusions making it shake. It started cracking too. However, they were already far as the boat was way too fast.
“Chase them!” the strong cultivators continued chasing them, but ordinary Zun cultivators weren’t fast enough. They stopped at the edge of the island, but the boat had already disappeared.
They were gone!
The strong cultivators were pissed off. They hadn’t managed to take the axe, a holy weapon. The one who was the most annoyed was Yang Zi Lan though. He had wasted abstruse crystals for nothing.
Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long arrived above the sea. Lin Feng looked very serious. He asked, “What about You You and the others?”
Huang Fu Long’s mouth twitched. He wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to say it.
“Gu Qiu Yun was interested in You You, but she refused. He put us in stones and buried us alive in the sea.” said Huang Fu Long. Lin Feng’s face turned deathly pale. They couldn’t have survived the Huang Sea.
“Gu Qiu Yun!” Lin Feng was furious and sad as he said, “Huang Fu Long, you survived, so they could have survived too, right?”
Lin Feng still had hope.
“I hope so.” said Huang Fu Long. “We were buried in antique ruins, but I found a skeleton which has been living there for millions of years and helped me survive.”
“Antique ruins!” Lin Feng had heard about those ruins in the Huang Sea.
“Since it was a skeleton, why do you say it was alive?” asked Lin Feng.
“His godly awareness hasn’t dispersed. He sealed me in a stone. He was very, very strong. Then, the pirates found my stone.”
“I see.” whispered Lin Feng frowning. He felt desperate.
“Lin Feng, maybe they also met strong cultivators like me. The sea is so deep, there are probably many very strong cultivators inside, not just one.” said Huang Fu Long trying to cheer Lin Feng up.
Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds and said, “Take the boat and go to Ba Huang Province. I’m going back to the Island of the Nine Dragons!”
“No, you can’t go back.” said Huang Fu Long.
“Don’t worry, I won’t take any risks.” said Lin Feng changing his face. “Here is where you should go on the map.” said Lin Feng transmitting the geographical coordinates of Ba Huang to Huang Fu Long.
“Bzzz!” a dazzling light appeared as silver wings sprouted from Lin Feng’s back.
Lin Feng suddenly turned into a shadow and left.
“Go to Ba Huang Province and wait for me in Tiantai. I’m going to the Island of the Nine Dragons to kill some people and I will be back soon.” Huang Fu Long heard Lin Feng, but couldn’t see him anymore. He was surprised.
“Lin Feng has become a lot stronger it seems!” whispered Huang Fu Long. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of crossing the Huang Sea alone.
Huang Fu Long established a connection to the boat and left for Ba Huang Province.
However, Lin Feng went back to the Island of the Nine Dragons. This time, he landed without releasing any Qi. Two more stones were still being sold. He was wondering if You You and the others could have been sealed inside them.
Because of the interruption, the auctions had been paused for a while and had now resumed. Lin Feng was in the crowd this time, though.
Yang Zi Lan looked extremely pissed off. He had lost so many abstruse crystals. He had bought a stone with a living being and Lin Feng had helped that person escape, Lin Feng again! Lin Feng had already done so much against him. He really wanted to kill Lin Feng!

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  1. Anon6757 March 22, 2018 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    The chapter says they were put in the stones by Gu Yun, then it says he was put in by a skeleton. Does not make sense. Why wouldnt Gu Yun take his stuff, and why would the same Stone be auctioned? I don’t think the translation is right.

    • Nacho March 23, 2018 at 4:44 am - Reply

      Indeed it doesn’t sound right, I saw in other site, that Gu Yun made them kind of slaves and do some mining under the Huang Sea and doing that they were near death and the skeleton saved Huang Fu Long, think makes sense

      • Kawari September 17, 2018 at 9:40 pm - Reply

        Could you please tell us where these other translations can be found ?

  2. Belkar March 22, 2018 at 9:02 pm - Reply

    Thank you!

  3. croooked May 4, 2018 at 7:05 am - Reply

    The translations are incomplete.Are you leaving out some lines to translate faster??????It clearly mentioned in this chapter 2 times that they were taken to the sea to dig for stones and were then abandoned there but you haven’t mentioned anything

  4. Kawari September 17, 2018 at 9:41 pm - Reply

    Could you please tell us where these other translations can be found ?

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