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PMG Chapter 1089: Ferocious Wild Beast?

PMG Chapter 1089: Ferocious Wild Beast?
The eighth stone was as big as three people. There were marks inside and it contained an incredible Qi.

“There’s a holy weapon inside!” thought the crowd. That Qi was incredible, but it was deadly as it came from the Huang Sea. Even the stone couldn’t constrict the Qi inside. The crowd guessed that the only possibility was that that stone contained a weapon.

On top of that, a holy weapon.

The two last stones seemed incredible. Apart from that stone with a special Qi, the last stone also seemed extraordinary. The crowd had the impression there was a ferocious beast sealed inside.

Many people had come, especially for those two stones.

“That stone starts at 6,000 abstruse crystals.” said the middle-aged man smiling indifferently. The crowd gulped down. How expensive.

No wonder they were becoming so rich. They sent their servants to find desolate stones and people who came to buy them were gamblers. They were real pirates.

“I need to get that one.” said Xuan Yuan. His holy weapon had broken. Therefore, he needed a new one. He had come to the Island of the Nine Dragons to try his luck and see if he could get a holy weapon. That stone possibly contained a holy weapon.

“Xuan Yuan, brother, I’ll help you.” said Yang Zi Lan. “8,000!”

The Yang Clan wanted to help Xuan Yuan. If he became strong, he would be able to marry Yang Zi Ye.

“That bastard, he immediately raised it by 2,000!” thought the crowd.

“10,000.” said someone. The crowd was surprised. It was a young man with the purple eyes.

“15,000!” said Yang Zi Lan. Many people grinded their teeth. 15,000 was already a lot more expensive than an ordinary holy weapon. Those prestigious families were really rich.

The young man with purple eyes didn’t say anything else. 15,000 already exceeded the price of a low level holy weapon. First, the stone didn’t necessarily contain a holy weapon, second, even if it did, the price was probably still too high.

“18,000.” said someone indifferently. The crowd was surprised and looked at the person who raised. It was a young man with white hair. His Qi wasn’t powerful, but the price he proposed was extremely high so it meant his social status was very high. Nobody dared cheat the pirates. If he didn’t have that many abstruse crystals, the pirates would kill him where he stood.

It was Lin Feng of course. He wouldn’t let them get that stone for a low price.

“20,000!” said Yang Zi Lan coldly.

“Hehe, you don’t recognize me.” thought Lin Feng. He said indifferently, “25,000!”

“Eh…” the crowd was speechless. What a high price. Besides, Lin Feng had said that without frowning.

“Do you even have that much, Sir?” said Yang Zi Lan coldly.

“Mister Yang, if you give up, you’ll see if I have that much.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Yang Zi Lan was surprised. That person recognized him.

“26,000!” said Yang Zi Lan.

“29,000!” said Lin Feng glancing at Yang Zi Ye.

“My clan gave me holy weapons, but I need another one, maybe there’s one in that stone. I hope the Yang Clan will let me buy that one.”

“They’re all from rich families.” thought the crowd.

“30,000!” said Yang Zi Lan grinding his teeth. That was all he had.

When Lin Feng saw Yang Zi Lan’s facial expression, he smiled and said, “No wonder that you’re famous, 30,000, that’s my limit too. Since you already proposed so much, it’s yours!”

Yang Zi Lan gulped down. At least he had the stone, but because of that guy, he was going to lose too much.

Yang Zi Lan walked forwards and threw a ring at the middle-aged man and said, “100 abstruse crystals of average quality, that’s worth the price.”

Abstruse crystals were also divided into three categories, low, average and high quality. Their value was also different. The higher the quality, the higher the price.

“Alright, I’ll open it then.” said the middle-aged man smiling happily. 30,000 abstruce crystals! That would be great for the pirates.

Yang Zi Lan moved back. The middle-aged man hit the stone to break it, but not too hard in order to avoid breaking its content. The Qi was becoming even more intense.

“Is there a weapon inside?” thought the crowd nervously. There had to be something inside.

The middle-aged man looked even more nervous.

“Bzzz!” The stone broke and finally, its content appeared.

“A weapon, it really contains a weapon!” thought the crowd astonished as Qi dashed to the skies. It was a very powerful Qi.

The middle-aged man finished breaking the last pieces of stone. The Qi emerging from the stone was grey and thick. It was a spear.

“What a scary weapon!”

“I got something!” Yang Zi Lan was happy. It was better than having obtained a low level holy weapon.

Xuan Yuan grabbed it. It was much better than his old weapon, it suited him perfectly. Nobody could stop him with that thing.

“Brother Yang, give it to me.” said Xuan Yuan.

Yang Zi Lan’s mouth twitched. He didn’t want to give it to Xuan Yuan, but he thought about his family, smiled and said, “Of course, it’s yours, brother.”

“Nah, not now actually. Wait, I’ll go back to my clan and get the abstruse crystals, then I’ll come back to your family and ask for your sister’s hand.” said Xuan Yuan indifferently. He knew why Yang Zi Lan accepted to give it to him. He hoped the Yang Clan would become strong if they mixed with the Xuan Yuan clan.

“Alright. No problem.” said Yang Zi Lan smiling. He knew that that kind of weapon could help solve some issues.

Yang Zi Ye smiled in a resplendent smile. She was impatient to get married with Xuan Yuan. Unfortunately, she was so beautiful, but not so smart. At that moment, she could predict that she would regret everything she had done to Lin Feng.

“Bzzz!” the middle-aged man was holding the stone in his hand and his clothes were suddenly torn apart. His hair was fluttering in the wind. The Qi of the stone was too powerful. It contained the Qi of an extremely strong cultivator who had participated in the great wars.

“Miss Yang, be careful.” said the middle-aged man smiling. He put the spear in a ring and gave it to Yang Zi Lan.

“Thank you, Mister!” said Yang Zi Lan nodding.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked at him coldly and smiled on the inside, “Yang Zi Lan, you better not give me any chance to steal your weapon.”

Lin Feng wouldn’t mind killing him and stealing his treasures. He was going to let him off now and if he could, he would steal his spear too.

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