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PMG Chapter 109: Luo Xue the High Official

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“How powerful! That’s the strength of the Xuan Qi layer!”

The entire crowd had the feeling that they were literally frozen. Especially the arrogant young woman who was stood close to Meng Qing. A layer of ice had appeared on her body and it was slowly getting thicker with each passing second. This power could make an entire lake or river freeze solid. What a monstrously terrifying power!

In the entire Xue Yue Country, any cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer was considered as an amazing talent and an extremely powerful cultivator. They could easily become elders in the biggest sects of the country or in some sects… Patriarchs.

Even the fine veil that was covering Meng Qing’s face was covered with ice. The Qi emerging from her body was extremely pure. How old was she? Nobody had paid attention to that detail. Suddenly, her eyes looked even more beautiful than usual.

Qing Xin felt a shiver run down her spine. She had tried to scare Lin Feng but it hadn’t worked. However, at that moment, her face underwent a drastic change. She suddenly looked frightened and her face had filled with terror. Qing Xin had noticed that Meng Qing was amazing when she first laid eyes upon her. Some people didn’t need to talk to display their abilities, they gave an aura which allowed people to sense their strength unconsciously. Meng Qing was one of these incredibly powerful people. She was fascinating.

But the scariest thing was her strength. Everybody could feel the cold sweat dripping down their backs, with a single movement they could all die. She had taken one terrifying step and it seemed that the entire restaurant was about to completely freeze.

Lin Feng was standing behind Meng Qing but he couldn’t feel any of the cold Qi emerging from her body. However, he had been able to sense how powerful Meng Qing was from the Qi within the atmosphere.

Lin Feng was astonished. Not only was this girl extremely beautiful but she was also extremely strong. How was such a thing possible? Besides, she didn’t seem to be aware of how incredibly strong she was.

“I knew it. She’s been living in the Black Wind Mountain for her entire life. She obviously had to be extremely strong.โ€ Thought Lin Feng while smiling. Such a monstrously beautiful and strong woman was travelling with him. It seemed like the future was going to be brighter for him.

But a girl had come to protect him. How could he not feel slightly disturbed by that?

“Yu Er!” shouted the middle-aged man loudly. He took a few steps towards the arrogant young woman, grabbed her and moved far away from Meng Qing.

That girl was terrifying.

“What the hell are you still doing here?” said Meng Qing coldly. The middle-aged man’s pupils shrank and his facial expression looked extremely hideous.

“Let’s go.” said the middle-aged man while moving his hand as a sign that it was time to leave. They left using the window and not the door on the ground-floor.

“You two, get lost too.” said Meng Qing looking at the two men on Qing Xin’s left and right. Her voice was cold as always. She didn’t seem like she was losing temper at all.

“This is my restaurant.” said Qing Xin.

“We have been disrespected in your restaurant so I don’t really care whose restaurant it is.”

Meng Qing took a step forward and raised her slender white hand in the air. At that moment, an extremely strong yet cold Qi invaded the atmosphere of the entire restaurant. It suddenly seemed like the entire restaurant was caving in under the pressure. There was no sound but the restaurant was being buried into oblivion. Suddenly, multiple rays of sun could be felt by the people standing inside the restaurant.

Meng Qing had barely moved her hand and the entire restaurant had been completely destroyed. There hadn’t even been a sound and the restaurant crumbled. Lin Feng was amazed by her power. His mouth was wide open but he was speechless.

This girl was way too strong!

Outside on the road, the crowd could see that Qing Xin’s restaurant had been destroyed. Rays of light and a strong Qi had invaded the atmosphere around the restaurant. Many people stopped by and were looking at the restaurant.

“What is going on? Has Qing Xin’s restaurant been attacked?”

“How audacious, suddenly daring to destroy Qing Xin’s restaurant.”

Everybody was looking at the restaurant and was astonished. Qing Xin’s back was soaked with cold sweat. That girl was so strong. Revenge would be impossible.

But it still wasn’t a good idea to provoke the people on the second floor.

At that moment, a silhouette fell from the sky where the second floor used to be and landed on the ground.

That person was wearing black clothes and had a grave yet stern face. He was coldly looking at Lin Feng and the others.

“Duan Feng said that the crown prince was aggressive, brutal, heartless etc. but this man doesn’t seem to be such a person so he can’t be the crown prince. Besides, the second prince is supposed to be warm, friendly and smart but the Qi emerging out of his body doesn’t fit with that nature of person. So who could that person be?” thought Lin Feng. He was convinced that this person wasnโ€™t either the crown or the second prince but he was probably another member of the Duan Clan.

“Xuan Qi layer.” whispered the man in black clothes. He then said firmly: “You are strong but being a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer doesn’t allow you to do whatever you wish in the Imperial City and its surroundings. I will not tolerate such actions.”

When Meng Qing heard him threaten her, she made a very strange face and said: “What the hell are you still doing here?” When she finished talking, Meng Qing raised her hand again.

“Let’s go.” said the man in black clothes immediately grabbing Qing Xin and leaving.

“Speaking so much bullshit.” said Meng Qing while putting her hand down. The man in black clothes heard her from the sky and was extremely furious.

Lin Feng was laughing. That girl really didn’t like talking, instead she directly attacked. Some people were laughing at the man who had just left because he had threatened them but in the end had retreated like the rest. He probably did not have the strength to back up his words against Meng Qing.

Meng Qing turned around and looked at the others. The rest of her group were looking at her as she was a monster.

“Meng Qing, sister, you are so… incredibly strong.” said Duan Feng while making a wry smile. He already thought that Lin Feng was monstrously skilled but Meng Qing was surprisingly even stronger. It was almost as if she wasn’t a human being. How was she practicing her cultivation?

Jing Yun’s beautiful eyes were wide open in shock. Immediately after, a sorrowful expression appeared in her eyes. She felt ashamed of her inferiority. Meng Qing was stronger and much more beautiful than her.

“Are you a human being or a monster?” whispered Lin Feng. That girl was way too amazing.

“Nie Xiao Qian.” whispered Meng Qing looking strange. Immediately after, she walked towards the table and sat down.


Lin Feng was speechless.

“Lin Feng, big brother, who is Nie Xiao Qian?” asked Duan Feng looking confused and staring at Lin Feng.

“The sister of a supernatural entity.” whispered Lin Feng which made Duan Feng shiver from head to toe.

Lin Feng sat down next to Meng Qing and whispered: “You are so amazingly strong, why have you never told me?”

“You never asked.” replied Meng Qing which made Lin Feng’s eyes roll… He felt depressed.

“Well, how strong are you?” asked Lin Feng.

Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng. A light flashed in her eyes and she said: “I’m not telling you.”


“But I should be strong enough to protect you from any dangers.” added Meng Qing which made Lin Feng feel much better all of a sudden. Such a wonderful and beautiful woman said she would protect him. That wasn’t a bad idea.

“But after this, you should tell me at least five stories a day from your home.” continued Meng Qing which stupefied Lin Feng. Five stories a day….

When Duan Feng and Jing Yun heard Lin Feng and Meng Qing’s conversation, their minds were filled of questions. Nie Xiao Qian? The sister of a supernatural being? Lin Feng’s home?

Jing Yun was feeling particularly bad to see that Lin Feng and Meng Qing were already so close and intimate. Besides, she couldn’t understand anything from what they were saying. Jing Yun felt her heart grow sick.

“Maybe only a girl like Meng Qing can make Lin Feng fall in love with her.” thought Jing Yun. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her face. For Jing Yun, Lin Feng was an outstanding genius.

The people who were in the restaurant were leaving one after the other. Lin Feng and the others, against all expectations, were calm and unperturbed. They ate their fill, drank a lot and then left what remained of Qing Xin’s destroyed restaurant.

At that moment, a myriad of people were moving towards the Imperial City. The gate of the Imperial City was about to be opened.

Lin Feng was driving the carriage towards the Imperial City. A short time after, they arrived in front of the magnificent and grandiose gate.

“That gate and the gate of the Yun Hai Sect really have nothing in common.” whispered Lin Feng. There was a huge queue on the stone bridge leading to the gate of the Imperial City.

“Look! There are some people entering from the sky! How strong!” the entire crowd, who was queuing on the ground could not help but stare at them with envious eyes. They had raised their head and could see people were entering the city from the sky.

Lin Feng raised his head and saw gigantic black wings in the sky. They were creating whirlwinds in the air as they moved through the air.

“It looks like a Legendary Roc? Could it be Chu Zhan Peng?” thought Lin Feng surprised. The person on the bird looked at the crowd on the ground and then entered the Imperial City at full speed.

“Chu Zhan Peng is really extraordinary. Looking down at the gate of the Imperial City like this and then directly entering into the Imperial City.” thought many people. He was extremely strong. Wherever he was, he was respected. Even the Imperial Clan members respected him. He could even enter the Imperial City like this and nobody would prevent him from doing so.

Those who were strong enough to fly had enough power to do as they wished. They could all enter the Imperial City without waiting.

“Chu Zhan Peng, wait for me!” said a distant voice in the sky. At that moment, snowflakes started falling from the sky. That person was wearing snow-white robes. Immediately after, that person followed Chu Zhan Peng and entered into the Imperial City.

“The high official Luo Xue!” said the crowd surprised. The Xue Yue Country had eight high officials. Six of these high officials were from the Imperial City and two were external. There was one in the Hao Yue Sect and one in the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. If the two external high officials came to the Imperial City, it meant that all of the high officials were going to have a meeting.

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