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PMG Chapter 1090: Abstruse Crystals

PMG Chapter 1090: Abstruse Crystals
Yang Zi Lan took the spear. There was still one more stone to be sold. It looked like an ordinary stone, but people had a strange sensation when they looked at it.

“According to legends, inside it is something which has been sealed and it hasn’t died yet. It could be a terrifying animal.” thought the crowd. The middle-aged man smiled and said, “Maybe there’s a living being inside. If that’s the case, one of our strong cultivators will seal it inside and prevent it from fleeing.

“How expensive! 10,000!” the crowd was dumbstruck when they saw the price. Not many people were interested.

“You saw the last stone, it contained a holy weapon and its Qi was incredibly powerful. This stone comes from the same place and it might contain something just as terrifying. Maybe it even contains a spirit, or a terrifying ancient animal. If that’s the case, then 10,000 would be nothing, a terrifyingly strong beast would be worth 100,000 abstruse crystals!” said the middle-aged man trying to convince people.

“11,000!” said someone. It was an old man who seemed to be very strong.

“12,000.” said Xuan Yuan. He had 20,000 with him, coupled with Yang Zi Lan’s 20,000, he could exchange the stone directly.

“13,000!” said the young man with purple eyes.

“15,000!” said the old man. The crowd was surprised and captivated.

Everybody kept raising up until it hit 20,000, but then it stopped. It didn’t seem to attract people’s attention as much as the last one. If Lin Feng hadn’t raised it for the last one, the price wouldn’t have gone so high.

“21,000!” said Lin Feng indifferently. His eyes were closed. He was using his godly awareness to observe the surroundings. He looked indifferent as if he had had an infinite amount of abstruse crystals.

“He has only broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer and he already has so many abstruse crystals. If there’s something inside, a rich kid is going to get it.” thought the crowd angrily. Lin Feng was doing that on purpose, he was pretending to act like a rich kid.

Lin Feng was pretending so he was happy that people believed him.

Of course, he also knew that someone was going to raise again so he wasn’t too worried.

“One abstruse crystal of high quality.” said someone at that moment sounding indifferent. An abstruse crystal of high quality? Such crystals were extremely precious. However, one such crystal was only worth 10,000 ordinary crystals.

The crowd looked at that person, it was a beautiful girl. She was so beautiful, her body was perfect, but she was wearing black clothes. Men were drooling in front of her. However. she also looked enigmatic and people didn’t know what she was thinking. In any case, she looked really hot.

“Miss, one abstruse crystal of high quality isn’t worth 20,000 ordinary crystals.” said the middle-aged man smiling.

“What if it contains a life?” said the girl very clearly.

The crowd was astonished. Such crystals were incredibly expensive.

People always used ordinary abstruse crystals to pay, but special crystals with a special strength also existed and they were extremely expensive.

With such crystals, cultivators could become stronger with incredible speeds. Their understanding capabilities could also improve a lot faster. It was a real treasure. Many old people only dreamt of having such crystals.

“If you really have such a crystal, we don’t need to continue, that stone is yours.” said the middle-aged man.

“Take it.” said the girl throwing an abstruse crystal at the middle-aged man. He grabbed it quickly and put it away so that nobody could see it.

“Should I break the stone?” asked the middle-aged man to the girl.

Everybody sighed. They didn’t need to be skeptical, that girl really had such precious crystals.

“Who is she? She’s so beautiful and rich. She looks bestial even.” thought the crowd. Was she an empress or an emperor’s daughter? They had heard an empress’ daughter was going to appear, was she that this person?

It was impossible though. A holy woman had to look holy and celestial. That girl didn’t, she looked like a tease, she just looked hot.

“No. I will do it myself.” said the girl shaking her head. The middle-aged man didn’t force her. He had obtained a precious crystal, that was enough. He was satisfied.

After the girl took the stone, she put it away and left. Many people looked at her, men were drooling.

“That girl must be a beast, but she is quite strong. Otherwise, she couldn’t have a Zun level beast as a protector.” thought Lin Feng. He had paid attention to her the entire time. She hadn’t reacted until the last stone was proposed. She had come for that stone and didn’t care about the price.

“Alright, we’re done.” said the middle-aged man. Everybody dispersed and started leaving.

At that moment, Lin Feng walked towards Gu Qiu Yun. Gu Qiu Yun didn’t need to protect himself against a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer. Nobody dared attack him there anyways.

“I’ve always dreamt of meeting you. I hope you can offer me visit sometime, Brother Gu.” said Lin Feng smiling without releasing any special Qi.

“Where do you come from?” everybody had seen Lin Feng during the auctions, Gu Qiu Yun too. Lin Feng was from a rich and prestigious family, therefore, Gu Qiu Yun didn’t act too arrogantly either.

“I am from the mountains in the northern part of Ba Huang. I am so happy to see you today. I don’t have many treasures with me today, but here, for you, brother!” Lin Feng said taking out a stone and giving it to Gu Qiu Yun. Gu Qiu Yun took it and looked at it, “A demon seal stone!”

He looked surprised. It really was a demon seal stone. He didn’t show how happy he was, but such a gift was already not bad. The whole stone, in the antiquity, could seal a real demon. But now it was broken.

“Brother, thank you for your gift, it is way too precious!” said Gu Qiu Yun.

“It’s nothing for me. I have a few. So, don’t mention it!” said Lin Feng smiling nicely as if he didn’t care about demon seal stones. A few more pieces appeared in his hands.

“He’s rich.” thought Gu Qiu Yun before saying, “Come, please sit, brother!”

Lin Feng sat down and said, “Unfortunately, I had a few dozens of thousands of abstruse crystals, but I bought something else. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the pirates would sell such expensive things today. I really wanted to buy something.”

Gu Qiu Yun looked at Lin Feng enviously. He was an emperor’s descendent and had never had so many abstruse crystals himself.

“What did you want to buy, brother?” asked Gu Qiu Yun.

“The spear, I loved it. I wanted to make a holy weapon back in my clan.” said Lin Feng sounding dispirited. Gu Qiu Yun was astonished, Lin Feng wanted to use such an incredible spear to fabricate another weapon? Didn’t he care about holy weapons?

“I’ll invite you here again.” said Gu Qiu Yun. He hoped to see Lin Feng again.

“This time, I came out secretly. My grandpa forced me to practice cultivation all the time, this time, he’ll probably make me practice for a few dozen more years when I go back. I’m so angry, brother. He’ll tear my flesh and muscles if he continues forcing me to practice like that!” said Lin Feng sighing. Was his grandfather so strong?!

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