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PMG Chapter 1091: Killed by Yang Zi Lan!

PMG Chapter 1091: Killed by Yang Zi Lan!
Gu Qiu Yun smiled unnaturally and his mouth twitched. He actually wanted to be friends with Lin Feng. Lin Feng had demon seal stones, so he was probably from an imperial family. If he made friends with Lin Feng, he would probably obtain even greater gifts.
“Brother Gu, I have a question.” said Lin Feng suddenly. Gu Qiu Yun put his hand on his heart and guaranteed, “Brother, you can tell me anything. I’ll do my best to help.”
“I’m really interested in that spear. I need it to build a weapon. Can you try to get it from that member of the Yang Clan so that I can have it?” said Lin Feng. Gu Qiu Yun looked upset. The pirates of the Island of the Nine Dragons never annoyed people who bought things at their auctions, they always let them go safely so their reputation remained safe.
“Don’t worry, brother Gu. I don’t mean I want you to harm him, I know they are your guests. If he isn’t willing to hand it over, having a look at it would already fulfill my wishes.” said Lin Feng smiling as if he understood that Gu Qiu Yun didn’t want to make things difficult for their guests.
Gu Qiu Yun stared at Lin Feng, thinking. If he guaranteed Yang Zi Lan’s safety, there was no reason for him to refuse such a request.
“Alright. Since you’re now my good friend, I’ll help you.” said Gu Qiu Yun nodding. He walked away and talked to someone. Then, he came back and talked to Lin Feng honestly and freely as if they had been friends for a long time.
After a shot time, Yang Zi Lan and the others came back. They were angry at Gu Qiu Yun this time. Last time, they had wanted to kidnap Yang Zi Ye, the Yang Clan hadn’t forgotten about that yet. However, on the Island of the Nine Dragons, they couldn’t afford acting carelessly so they were now polite and smiling.
“Brother Gu, you were looking for me. How may I help you?” asked Yang Zi Lan. He was worried, but he wasn’t showing it. Instead, he was smiling in a warm and gentle way as if they had been friends for a very long time.
“It’s nothing important, I just have a brother, Brother Feng, who’s interested in your spear. I was wondering if you were willing to…”
The brother he was talking about was Lin Feng, obviously.
Yang Zi Lan looked at Lin Feng and noticed his cultivation level wasn’t high, but since Gu Qiu Yun had called him because of brother Feng, it meant that Lin Feng’s social status was, at least, as high as Gu Qiu Yun’s.
“I’m sorry, I already gave that holy weapon to Xuan Yuan. I hope your brother won’t be too disappointed.” said Yang Zi Lan politely.
“Indeed, that’s mine now.” said Xuan Yuan indifferently and proudly.
Lin Feng looked at him and smiled on the inside. Xuan Yuan still sounded proud and arrogant. Being chased by Yuan Fei wasn’t enough it seemed.
“Xuan Yuan!” Gu Qiu Yun recognized that name.
“Indeed.” said Xuan Yuan indifferently. Gu Qiu Yun looked at Lin Feng in a way which meant that getting the spear would be impossible.
“Well, can you at least let him look at it closely?” said Gu Qiu Yun. He was still trying to make friends with Lin Feng.
Yang Zi Lan remained silent for a second and then smiled, “The pirates of the Island of the Nine Dragons organized the auctions so I’m sure showing it wouldn’t be a problem.”
He was convinced the pirates of the Island of the Nine Dragons wouldn’t dare steal something they had sold themselves.
Yang Zi Lan was seemingly getting ready to show the spear, but Lin Feng shook his hand and said, “Wait!”
“Brother Feng, do you have another request?” asked Yang Zi Lan.
“No.” said Lin Feng shaking his head and smiling, “I also have a holy weapon, it’s extremely powerful and has an explosive power. However, I don’t like it too much. If you like it, maybe we can trade our weapons.”
“Oh?” Yang Zi Lan seemed interested. Lin Feng surprisingly had holy weapons he wanted to trade.
Gu Qiu Yun’s eyes twinkled. He also wanted to see Lin Feng’s weapon and how powerful it was.
“Show it to me.” said Yang Zi Lan. He couldn’t refuse of course.
“But many people harbor evil intentions. If we trade weapons, we must do it somewhere where there’s less eye on us.”
“Where then?” asked Gu Qiu Yun who was even more interested too.
“We should go to a place on the edge of the Huang Sea, that way, if Brother Yang and the others are not interested, you can directly leave. Nobody will say the Island of the Nine Dragons kept you here.” said Lin Feng to make Gu Qiu Yun and Yang Zi Lan. Of course, Yang Zi Lan was interested.
“I never doubted Brother Gu’s intentions. Since you want to go to such a place, I have no objections. Brother Gu can bring a few strong cultivators along as well.”
“It seems like you still feel defensive.” said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile.
Gu Qiu Yun groaned coldly. Yang Zi Lan surprisingly wanted him to bring strong cultivators, ridiculous!
“No need. Brother Feng and I are enough.” said Gu Qiu Yun looking unhappy.
“Master!” said a strong cultivator at that moment.
“Brother Gu, since there are tensions between the Yang Clan and the Island of the Nine Dragons, even if I trust brother Yang, I still think it’s best to bring a few strong cultivators.” said Lin Feng. He mentioned their internal tensions on purpose.
“Indeed, master.” said a strong cultivator behind Gu Qiu Yun. Yang Zi Lan also brought two strong cultivators.
“I said no need.” said Gu Qiu Yun. He didn’t like being forced to do anything. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “Brother Feng, I don’t think anything can happen to me on the Island of the Nine Dragons, if anyone dares attack me, the pirates would immediately destroy the Yang Clan.”
Lin Feng shrugged indifferently.
Concerning Lin Feng, they didn’t even attach importance to him. A cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer couldn’t do anything to them even if he wanted to. Therefore, they didn’t think about protecting Gu Qiu Yun against Lin Feng.
They all walked towards the sea and arrived on a beach where nobody else was. Lin Feng said he had a very powerful weapon, so Gu Qiu Yun chose a good place to look at it.
“Brother Gu, let’s go on the sea, what do you think?” suggested Lin Feng.
“Haha, alright, enjoying holy weapons on the sea, how pleasant.” A smile appeared on Gu Qiu Yun’s pale face. Gu Qiu Yun had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer. He released some Qi and walked on the sea as if the desolate Qi didn’t affect him.
Lin Feng followed.
“Brother Yang, show us your spear.”
“Alright.” said Yang Zi Lan. Suddenly, a monstrously powerful Qi invaded the atmosphere and emitted whistling and howling sounds.
“What a powerful spear.” said Lin Feng happily. Gu Qiu Yun wished he could steal it.
“Brother Feng, show us your weapon too.”
“Alright!” said Lin Feng nodding and smiling, but he didn’t move too fast. He waited for the Qi of the spear to disperse.
“Brother Gu, come here.” said Lin Feng waving. Gu Qiu Yun didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant, but he still approached Lin Feng.
At that moment, Lin Feng put a hand on Gu Qiu Yun’s back and smiled evilly. Both Gu Qiu Yun and Yang Zi Lan were surprised.
“Brother Yang, you’re really cruel. We only saw your weapon for a second. Surprisingly, you want to kill us. After killing us, do you think the Island of the Nine Dragons will let you off?” said Lin Feng suddenly. His voice sounded strange. Everybody was surprised by this remark and no one understood what Lin Feng meant.
Gu Qiu Yun didn’t understand either. Yang Zi Lan wanted to kill them? But they were still there, alive.
At that moment, a terrifying strength crashed onto them.
“Stop him!” shouted two old strong cultivators in the distance. However, they didn’t have time.
“Yang Zi Lan, you’re so cruel, killing me and Brother Gu!” shouted Lin Feng so that he could be heard kilometers and kilometers away. Gu Qiu Yun and Lin Feng immediately fell down into the Huang Sea!

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    Thanks a lot!

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    What happend on the story? It seemed like it had been cut? As i’ve read the raws. It’s nit a terrifying strength that crashed on Gu Qui Yun but sealing strength. -_-

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      Not sure what that’s about, but it could be a translational decision. I usually keep the strengths and energies there, so it’s most-likely not editing!

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